Day 1025: Emotional

What emotions, thoughts, and/or judgments do you have about the word “emotional”?

Is “emotional” …

  • a good thing?
  • a bad thing?
  • a label that’s been applied to you?
  • a label you’ve applied to anybody?
  • a word that applies to only certain beings?

Might anybody get emotional about any of the photos I took yesterday?

IMG_6202 IMG_6203 IMG_6204 IMG_6206 IMG_6208 IMG_6211 IMG_6218 IMG_6219 IMG_6221 IMG_6222

If you got emotional about any of those photos, what emotions did you have?

In group and individual therapy, I find it helps to

  • accept all your emotions, without judgment,
  • identify what emotions you’re having, and
  • express them, in a way that feels safe enough to you.

Any emotional reactions to that?

I’m glad that this emotional video came up first in my search on YouTube:

Here‘s another emotional, “tear-jerking” video I found on YouTube:

Did you get emotional about this post?  I’ll be emotional if you leave a comment .

And it’s all good.

Emotional thanks to all who helped me create this emotional post and to you — of course! — for whatever emotions you bring here, today.

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37 thoughts on “Day 1025: Emotional

  1. kellie@writingmoment

    I’ll bring a bit of happiness here (this post made me smile so I’ll go with that).

  2. I can deal with emotional defined let’s say as feelings of the heart and soul. But when it leads to all kinds of drama, well must then lock it away so as not to overpower everything else.

  3. I’m proud of the emotions, both high and low. It’s being human. Good list of songs, I heard the Living Years on the drive home from my father’s funeral. Have an emotion-filled day, Ann. ❤️

  4. Bless you for your realness, Ann!! I am a very emotional spiritual being, and lately I have been all over the place. Dealing with a biological family who associates “shame” to being emotional, especially being truthful about the emotions one is feeling, and also, dealing with denial and sugar coating, brings situations into my life where the emotions I am experiencing are unvalidated (by family). Did you get that? How do I get through to those minds that just will not accept what is for what is? How do I get them to SEE so that they stop making horrible decisions involving a precious life? I am no therapist. I can advise and talk to hundreds of people here on WP, yet when it comes to my own family, my words and who I am, fall on deaf ears and eyes. Any advice, Ann? Love, Amy ❤

    • Thanks for this emotional and real comment, Amy.

      It can feel so awful when emotions aren’t validated by others. Unfortunately, those non-validators are often family members. My best advice is for you to express your feelings as best you can and try to let go of expectations and your investment in how others respond to your feelings. Easier said than done.

      The first step is accepting all your feelings as valid. Keep on keeping on, Amy!


  5. I agree with Carl. Emotion is fine but leave the drama.

  6. Every one of your posts, including this one, puts me through a whole range of emotions. The emotions overlap and even sometimes seem to contradict each other. It seems to be very rare that we ever experience a single emotion which is one of the frustrating things about them–and one of the joys.

  7. I have been accused of being emotional, but I say I am the way I am , and that’s all there is to it. Besides being emotional means a person is alive and responsive.
    My oldest’s son’s first full sentence was “I am emotional, I need Motrin.” I suspect he said this because I used to say to him all the time, “You are so emotional, you must be teething. I should give you some Motrin.”
    Have a great day filled with lovely emotions!!!!!

  8. Hope. Is that an emotion? It is one of my favourites. I hope all your emotions are uplifting today.

  9. I know two cats got very emotional about Harley!🐱

    • What I don’t like about “emotional”, particularly amongst humans, is the “sexist” overtone. “Emotional” is for the girls, and the boys are not enough. So “emotional” can be very cultural also; even religious. Some religions can and do view emotions as “attachments” or obstacles to attain objectivity. Is “emotional” good or bad, it depends on the context. It certainly can be healing, as your job proves it to be, day by day here in this blog.

  10. The hardest thing for me to express is when I’ve been hurt, so it usually comes out like anger Ann. I think it’s because I think being hurt is weak. Maybe one day hey? ❤
    Diana xo

    • I feel comfortably emotional about your visit here on this day, Diana! ❤ xxoo

    • I’ve been noticing lately all the messages that kids get to stop being emotional – although anger seems to be the most allowable (particularly with boys). So yes, lots of people express fear/hurt/sorrow as anger, because that’s what they’ve been taught to do. Good for you for being aware of it, Diana – a huge first step!

  11. I have been trying to get into “mindfulness” , in order to understand and be ok with whatever emotional state I am in. Phooey! The only emotion I can sit in an be happy with is a happy emotional state. Anger, fear and worry are a different matter. So I get emotional thinking about trying to be mindful!! And my voice get louder and I use more exclamation points. Thanks for your post, though.

  12. What is that grid with the happy face in one corner? I am curious!

    • Is curious an emotion? Here’s my emotion, right now — I am happy to encounter your curiosity and happy to explain that grid. I was talking, in a therapy session, about ways to identify emotions. That grid is my very incomplete drawing of a pictorial representation of all the emotions.

  13. The biography of former cabinet minister Lord George Brown was entitled ‘Tired and Emotional’, a UK euphemism, coined in 1967 by the satirical magazine Private Eye, for the state of inebriation attributed to the said gentleman.

  14. Thank you for being you, Joanne!

  15. It’s easy to believe in you, Joanne.

  16. Emotional is all good as long as there’s no drama or hurt feelings.
    Most people think I’m not emotional because I don’t show my emotions the stereotypical way that’s expected of women. It’s all good though. I know who I am & how I am. Some people wear their emotions on their sleeve. I prefer to keep most of mine in my heart & express them differently when I do.

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