Day 1018: More positions

Four day ago, I wrote a post called “Positions” in which I took a negative position about being positioned next to medical machines at night. As I positioned in that post, my negative position about medical machines is positioned by (1) past experiences  when I was a child positioned next to cardiac monitors in the hospital and (2) recent experiences positioned next to CPAP and BiPAP machines for sleep apnea.

If you position your cursor to read that previous “Positions” post, you’ll discover the position that my being positioned in a side position is a good-enough treatment for my positional sleep apnea. WordPress reader Maureen was kind and helpful enough to position a comment after that post,  suggesting that I position a side-positioning  pillow next to me.

Because I respect my readers’ positions, I ordered and received one of those pillows yesterday. I’m glad I’m in a position, through this blog, to thank Maureen for her help in positioning me for a better night’s sleep.

Thanks, Maureen!

Yesterday, Chris  — who has been positioned before in posts including this one and this one (and who is usually positioned in the Bay Area of California ) — got into this position very close to where I hold a position as a group therapist:


Now, you might position an assumption that I asked Chris to take that position, in order to position today’s post. Actually, Chris assumed that side-plank position (also known as the yoga Vasisthasana position) on his own.  He took that position spontaneously as I positioned him in front of some chrysanthemums to take that photo.   Chris takes the position that mums position themselves everywhere in New England during the fall, so we both wanted to position Chris with mums in the picture.

While I was in the position of teacher and Chris was in the position of student when we first met at Boston University in the 1980s, I am now in a position to learn from Chris. Yesterday, he taught me  that “asana” means “position” (or “how you sit”) in yoga.

Also, both Chris and I positioned a pun as a possible caption to that photo of him, positioned above. What caption might you position there?  I’ll position our pun, later, in a comment positioned below this post.

After I saw Chris, I positioned myself, several times, to take more photos. During the afternoon, the Pat Metheny tune “Afternoon” (which has already been positioned in this previous post) positioned itself in my earphones.


IMG_5948 IMG_5949IMG_5950 IMG_5951 IMG_5952 IMG_5953 IMG_5954 IMG_5955 IMG_5956IMG_5957

After I took that last photo (which shows a position I share with William James), I positioned myself in a room with my EMDR therapist, George, to discuss repositioning my present reactions to old and difficult experiences (especially those I had when positioned in the hospital as a little girl). EMDR  (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy uses  lights to position your eyes, with a machine like this:


While we didn’t use that eye-positioning machine in yesterday’s EMDR session,  here’s an important position George and I discussed:

Sometimes it’s difficult for people  (especially women)  to be in a position to connect with their personal power. I am positioning myself — through therapy, this blog, and the work that I do — to discover, own, develop, and position what power I have.

What position might you take about any position taken in this post?  I hope you know where you can position a comment.

I can’t position enough thanks here for Maureen, Chris, George, Pat Metheny, and all the other people — including you! — who position themselves along my personal journey of discovery and growth.

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38 thoughts on “Day 1018: More positions

  1. Luis Del Castillo

    Dear Ann,

    The position I take is in front of my computer every morning enjoying your wonderful blog.

    take care


  2. Caption: ‘Do you like my hat, Mum?’

  3. My position is to not take a position on my personal ‘power’. Instead, my position is to take a position through my personal potency — potency is a more feminine position, or is that asana?, for me — and more reflective of the position I want to take in the world. 🙂

    Love Derrick’s caption!

  4. I’m in a position of admiration–as I always am for the wonderful outlook you have on each day, and on this particular day also for Chris’s ability to put himself in that position. I’d caption it “The world always looks better sideways”. Or perhaps “Everything’s coming up chrysanthemums.”

  5. The caption for Chris’ photo should be – “Hooray – I found my contact!!!!!! See this is going to be a good day.”
    I would like to position myself on one of those chaises overlooking the sea in the Pat Metheny picture.
    It is raining here today (Yippee!!!) – maybe El Nino is finally in position to give us that much needed rain.
    Have a beautiful day Ann – see you tomorrow (I will be in this same position on the patio with my Golden Retriever position around my feet).

  6. Can’t come up with a caption for now…love Derrick’s entry above. And I so agree with William James.

    Whatever position you find yourself in today, make it work for you. Thanks, Ann. ❤️

  7. I love that photo of Chris (even though I have never met him). His side-plank position and big grin makes him look like the poster boy for intentional living and behavioural health. That picture could be a greeting card.

    That’s an interesting version of the side sleeper’s pillow. I hope that it works for you. 🙂 If not, then maybe Oscar will take to it?

  8. Another great post, Ann! Loved that side plank! My body isn’t in the position to do yoga, prohibited by my neurologist due to risk of worsening pinched nerves in knees.
    But I wish I could do that! Love the William James quote too.

  9. I like that little origami elephant. I am finally taking a position seated in front of my computer reading through my reader!!

  10. It’s impossible to stay mum about his love for the side position, says Chris.

    Yes, great photo, Ann. That’s my caption without looking down at what you wrote.

    • Love your position on captions, Mark, and I’m going to position the pun from Chris and me here:

      “Mum’s the word.”

  11. My position is to agree with William James. And I love that photo of Chris! May try to position myself that way this evening…

  12. I knew where to position my comment! About ten years ago, I positioned myself in front of my computer and read William James “Varieties of Religious Experiences”. Heavy duty.

  13. The position I take is that I’m also liking this!!

  14. I love the intentionality of positions … on and off the mat. 💛

  15. Why, just this evening, I attempted to position myself in the side plank position. I failed to include the fancy tree leg and extended arm however. Hopefully I’ll be able to position myself in that position soon. 🙂

  16. Like the duck crossing sign and Chris’ position. Hope that pillow helps.

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