Day 1017: Just one

Yesterday, because there’s just one of me and I had so many things to do, I took just one photo.


I shall take just one moment to explain just one photo:  Asking just one question beginning with “What was your intent when …?” can be a helpful and effective way to respond, when just one person says just one thing you find puzzling, upsetting, or concerning.

I will give just one example of that:

Somebody: You look terrible.

Response:  What was your intent when you said that?

Before  I thought of that just one example,  I visited just one website titled “Random Rude Things People Say.”

I shall now allow my just one brain to free-associate about “Just one.” I have more than just one association:

  • I have just one child, a 17-year old son, who is just one year away from leaving for just one college.
  • I have just one of myself, so I like to take as good care of myself as possible.
  • I have just one boyfriend, because I’m monogamous.
  • I have just one heart, which I take care of with the help of more than just one doctor, so I can see my just one son blossom and grow.
  • I publish just one post every day.
  • I have just one life to live, so I don’t like wasting just one minute on toxic people or experiences.
  • If I make just one mistake, I tend to judge myself harshly, which is just one of the many unhelpful ways of thinking I’m trying to change.
  • Just one person in just one of my therapy groups yesterday said, “Attending this group has helped me a lot.”
  • I have just one song to share with you today.

I made just one mistake there — I remembered the title of “Just a Song Before I Go” as “Just One Song Before I Go.”

It took me just one second to forgive myself for that.

Just one comment from YouTube about that song:

“The Crosby, Stills, and Nash song “Just a Song Before I Go” was written on a dare by their limo driver that they couldn’t write a song before getting to the airport. It went on to become one of their biggest hits.”

Just one quote from that song:

Travelling twice the speed of sound
It’s easy to get burned

Because Crosby Still and Nash sing just one verse more than just one time, I think that’s just one piece of advice I’m going to take today.

What’s that just one piece of advice I’m going to take? Just two words:

Slow down

What’s just one thing you’d like to say about this post?  If you leave just one comment, I’ll leave just one response later in the day.

Just one person I’d like to thank today — YOU!

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33 thoughts on “Day 1017: Just one

  1. Just one – fair enough

  2. What!?! I get just ONE thing to say about your post?


    And this is just one comment about the song, not your post — I didn’t know that about how they wrote it! Cool. (hmmm…. is that two things?) 🙂

  3. Gene Phillips

    My just one song is just, “One Love.”

  4. Three Dog Night told me when I was growing up the One was the loneliest number. I like your view today better, Ann.

  5. What an interesting theme Ann, “just one”. What I find extremely difficult is to just say “one comment” in your blog. However, I wonder, philosophically speaking, is there really just “one” in life? Could there be several versions of “just one”? Is there really “just one” always? You’re right, there is, because the moment is really all we have. “Tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone”, as a quote I read somewhere! The “just one”, however, also raises some spiritual and even religious concerns, as to the veracity of the statement. The fact that you only have “just one” heart is not technically correct; you have air, you have a team of doctors, you have a body; so you see, everything is interconnected. We think we have “just one” moment”, but that moment is connected to so many other things. Is it really “just one??”
    Nevertheless, I only see one thing now, a lady as strong as a tiger!!!

  6. Their limo driver forgot the one rule for dealing with performers: never dare them to do anything because they will do it. Or maybe he remembered that rule and wanted to see them in action.

  7. Hi Ann – I love the Crosby, Stills and Nash song – did not know that it was written on a dare.
    I wonder about people a lot – do they not have any filters? Is there not the voice in their head that says “You should not really say what you are about to say, because it might hurt someone’s feelings, it might make them feel bad, or insult them.”
    Kids have do not have filters. I was examining a little girl in clinic one day, she looked at me and said “You look just like Elsa (from Frozen). But she is not fat.” And I said to her “Elsa is not real either.” Her Mom just laughed nervously and didn’t say a word.
    Hope you a wildly wonderful Wednesday!!!!!

  8. Brilliant.

    p.s. I didn’t know the CSN song origin…thanks, Ann. 🍁 🍂 🍃

  9. Just one word.
    For just you.

  10. “…just one second to forgive myself.” If I could do this just one time I’d be ecstatic. You are just one of a kind, for which I have just one word: Thanks!

  11. Thank for this ONE reminder to say positive things to people.

  12. Wish I’d read your advice to slow down in the morning Ann, cause then I may not have been such a spaz today! ❤
    Diana xo

  13. No not just one, just two, just three, just four, nust five, oh I give up

  14. I love when you give little bits of wise advice: “what was your intent…?” Brilliant. CSN brilliant too. More than one comment!

  15. Adam

    I have Just one thing to say; fab post !

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