Day 1008: From the top

From the top of my head to the bottom of my toes, I hope you enjoy today’s blog post.

From the Top is a radio show I’ve been listening to for years, which features young classical musicians performing and being interviewed in front of a  studio audience.

I was at the taping of From the Top at New England Conservatory of Music‘s Jordan Hall in Boston, yesterday.

From the top to the bottom of the following list, I’m going to tell you some things about all that:

  • The last time I was at Jordan Hall, I was onstage singing Antonin Dvorák‘s Requiem as a soprano in the Dedham Choral Society.
  • Before the radio show/concert began yesterday, somebody on stage told us not to turn off our cell phones.
  • They gave away t-shirts to three people who used their cell phones to email a request for one, but I wasn’t one of them.
  • After the t-shirt give-away, we all had to turn off our cellphones, so I have no photos of the actual radio show/concert.
  • I was sitting in the front row, so I got some close-up-and-personal photos before and after the show.
  • The person sitting next to me in the front row told me that George Li, the special guest yesterday, was in the same middle school class as his daughter, in Lexington, Massachusetts.
  • Besides the amazing George Li,  whose incredible piano skills recently got him second place in the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition, other young people appearing yesterday included a 9-year-old girl, Harmony Zhu, who’s been on the Ellen DeGeneres  Show and who is already a master at piano AND chess.

From the top, here are about 50 photos I took yesterday, in chronological order:




From the top, here‘s (1) George Li in his first appearance on From the Top, when he was 11 years old …

(2) Harmony Zhu on The Ellen Show:

… and (3) George Li competing in the International Tchaikovsky Competition three months ago:

From the top to the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to all those who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — for visiting here, today.

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31 thoughts on “Day 1008: From the top

  1. I love the full colors of this post, Ann.

  2. Boston’s creative lights are indeed burning bright, fanned, I’m sure, by Jordan Hall’s amazing design. Has From The Top ever done something called “The Attentive Ear”? This is something The Academy of St. Martin In The Fields did when I went to see them once. They said audiences don’t always listen carefully to familiar works then played a lesser known work and asked us to guess the title and composer.
    I also wondered about the locks but then a quick search turned up a wealth of information about “love locks”. By sharing pictures of the locks without explanation you created a game of “The Attentive Eye”.

  3. From the top an intriguing post. My fave is the fascinating fence adorned with personalized padlocks!

  4. That must have been a wonderful concert, Ann, with all those talented young musicians – and in such a great venue. Thank you for posting your photos of the event, too. And talking about those photos, what great photos they are, and the piano playing is absolutely awe-inspiring.(or ‘gob-smacking’ as we say round here! 🙂 ) Those two young people are amazing! I’m so glad I found this post in my Reader today.

  5. Wow…Li had that same passion and intensity when he was just 11. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing. Your photos capture the season ! Lovely post, as always, Ann. 💕

  6. amusez798387

    I agree with your above friends. Love the colors so shocking we can’t help seeing them and only just starting. Sat. I listened to the Boston Camerata in a church in Dorchester sing 17th and 18th century songs in Latin and Spanish from Spain and New Spain i.e. South America. It was divine.

  7. Your autumn photography is looking great Ann. I’m still interested in Mary Baker Eddy; just as I’m interested in other spiritual teachers, regardless of religion. A very important woman indeed. Grumpy says she was child prodigy also, except her area was political science.

    • That’s so interesting, Maria. I love that I included another child prodigy here, without even realizing it. Thank you!

  8. From the top to the bottom … Inspiring!! I remember playing this Tchiakovsky piece at a snails pace. I had no idea it was supposed to be so fast 😉

  9. The view from the top is wonderful if we don’t fall then it is not so good, it is also down right terrible if we end up in hospital due to our fall which is why I am scared of open heights I don’t like the thought and falling and ending up in hospital

    • From the top to the bottom, Joanne, I’m with you here. I’m afraid of heights and I definitely don’t like ending up in the hospital.

  10. I love so much about this post but if I were to talk about everything, it would be an essay. Boston is so rich in history and culture and you’re good at sharing that with us, which is because you don’t take it for granted. I have only been to Boston once, and it was just for a few days when I was visiting one of my kids who was at MIT, but even so some of the places in this and other posts, like the subway stations and Berklee Hall, are places I rembember, even though at the time it was a blazing hundred degrees and I was sure that I didn’t see anything. I’d love to go back. Also, aren’t children amazing?

    Please tell me what that reading room suggests I read in order to be able to cast out demons. We don’t have a reading room like that here, and I could use this info.

    • I love so much about this comment, Maureen, that I could write an essay about that, too. I think you should definitely come back to Boston, preferably before I’m out of here because of the weather. I’m not sure about demon-casting-out readings, but I can tell you that photo is of the Christian Science Reading Room, from the top.

  11. I think the lovelocks enhance that netting. They have been removed from Westminster Bridge.

  12. “You’re the top”, Ann!

  13. bravo! love those locks on the fence too

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