Day 1007: That stinks!

When I met my dear friend Barbara yesterday for (1) brunch at Arlington’s Madrona Tree Restaurant, (2) a visit to the store next door, called The Artful Heart and  (3) a walk to Arlington’s Spy Pond, Barbara suggested that I title today’s post

That stinks!

Barbara didn’t suggest that because anything smelled bad at  Madrona Tree, The Artful Heart, or on our walk.  She didn’t say

That stinks!

in response to any of the many topics we discussed yesterday, including

  • work,
  • health,
  • friends, or
  • my son’s applying to college.

Barbara didn’t say

That stinks!

as I was taking any of these photos when I was with her, yesterday.


Barbara also didn’t say “That stinks!” when I said, “There’s two of my angels!”  when I was taking this photo:

Barbara said

That stinks!

when she sat inside my spankin’ new yellow car and agreed with me that the interior smelled slightly of skunk.

What do I think stinks, this morning, as I’m creating this post?

  1. It’s cold and rainy outside.
  2. I don’t know how long the smell of skunk will stay in my car.
  3. Fellow blogger Irene just commented on my previous post that my blog never appears in her reader any more.
  4. Photos are still not migrating from my iPhone to my laptop, so that creates extra steps whenever I create a post.

What does NOT stink, this morning?

  1. I bought a cool new scarf at the Artful Heart, to help keep me warm.
  2. I have wonderful friends like Barbara nearby and Irene on WordPress.
  3. My son is much further along in his college application process because of a meeting he, his father, and I had yesterday.
  4. I finished writing the Parent Brag Sheet yesterday, so my son can give that to his teachers who are writing his college recommendations.
  5. I’m going to see one of my favorite classical music radio shows, today,  From the Top.
  6. I don’t have the same level of shame I used to have, when something that “belongs” to me smells bad.

Do any of these pictures I took yesterday evening — when I was with my boyfriend Michael — stink, do you think?


Talk about three wicked sistahs!

It stinks that

  • you may have to scroll back up and then down from the top of this post to catch my stinky reference to “three wicked sistahs” and
  • I don’t know what music to include in this “That stinks!” post.

Okay! I found a stinky video on YouTube,  searching for “From the Top.”

Does it stink that I’m rushing through this ending paragraph of gratitude by simply saying “Thanks!” to all those who helped me create this post and “More thanks!” to all of you who are reading it?

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42 thoughts on “Day 1007: That stinks!

  1. The answer to your last question: No, I like endings that are short and sweet and to the point. Nothing ‘stinky’ about that. What I want to know is where all this wind in Toronto is coming from. It’s cold and blustery and I actually had to wear a coat and scarf yesterday. That stinks!

  2. Fun post. Becoming obvious that my Miami Dolphins stink this year. As usual.

  3. Glad you got to the spend the day with your friend Ann! You know what else smells slightly like skunk? Pot! ❤
    Diana xo

  4. I’m sorry that your new car smells a bit like skunk right now, but Loudon Wainwright’s got a song for just this thing:

    • Here he is singing it at Occupy Wall Street.

      • I do like that song, Maureen, and thanks so much for sharing it. The guilty skunk, in my case, was not dead. It was just passing through and had a brief encounter with my neighbor’s dog. We all lived, thank goodness.

  5. PS. Wonderful news that Aaron’s making progress with his university applications, thanks to help from both his parents. I must say that applying to Canadian universities seems to be quite a bit easier. I didn’t have to help my kids with their applications at all and have never even heard of a brag sheet. However, I would have loved the opportunity to brag, if I’d had one. A great thing to put in the memory box, afterward.

    • I did love the opportunity to brag about Aaron, Maureen. I gave the sheet to him in a sealed envelope because I knew he might take issue with my bragging. I don’t think I’m going to have to help him much more, from now on.

      • He might take issue with your bragging now, but not in twenty or thirty years when he’s bragging about his own kid. He’ll look in that envelope and remember how lucky he was.

      • For now, I’m lucky to have this comment from you!

  6. So many fabulous sayings on those walls. I wish I had enough skin to tattoo them on every arm and leg.

    • Madrona Tree Restaurant in Arlington, MA, USA always has fabulous sayings on the walls AND great food on the table. Thanks for visiting here today!

  7. I am not sure it should be called “That stinks” but jumping off cliffs all the time and build your winds on the way does not sound too good too 🙂

  8. Well behaved women seldom make history…that stinks, Ann, except maybe Mother Teresa, Madame Curie, Princess Di, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt…. (okay, maybe there are a few !) ☺

    Wicked awesome post you have here. Thanks.

  9. The dog toy in the shop probably doesn’t stink yet, but give it a few weeks in my daughter’s dog’s bed and I’d be bound to say ‘that stinks’.

  10. There is absolutely nothing stinky about your post, Ann. I’d say it’s all positively sweet-smelling – although I’m not sure what the little animal in the cage (a hamster?) smells like. Your photos are all excellent, as always, and I loved the words about the New England Girls and the quote by Miles Roderick. It can’t be fun driving aound in a ‘skuny smelling’ car, so I hope that wears off very quickly! Best of luck to Aaron with his college applications. 🙂

    • That’s a chinchilla, Millie. It would certainly stink for that chinchilla to be made into a coat. Thanks so much for your sweet-smelling and thoughtful comment!

  11. I am reaching for $2.97. Such a sad expression 😦

  12. Oh so many things stink in life like the toilet after my husband has been in there or my daughter who has a BO problem and doesn’t use enough deodorant if you ask me what doesn’t stink is this post oh yeah you know what else stinks dead people but there are no rotting corpses here either so that is good

    • Because it’s Halloween, there were plenty of things that look like rotting corpses around here, Joanne, but because they’re not real, they don’t smell. Thank goodness for that and for your comment.

  13. Those swans are beautiful Ann.

  14. Skunk smell in the car! That does stink, Ann. You must have driven past a dead one on the road? The smell does get in the car when that happens, but it shouldn’t last THAT long. Or did something worse happen?

  15. That does stink, having skunk smell in your car. This is going to sound kind of weird, but I miss the smell of skunk here in California – don’t think I have smelled skunk since I have been here. I vaguely remember from Organic Chemistry that the smell of skunk and the smell of cut grass come from the same chemical family – I think ethyl mercaptans. Why would I remember such a thing?
    I love the video of the guy playing music to the chickens – very interesting.

    • My boyfriend actually likes the smell of skunk and my son dislikes the smell of new car, so nobody is really complaining about how my car smells. And your comment isn’t weird at all, SD — it’s lovely and interesting.

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