Day 1003: Not a choice

After all these months of my blogging once a day, it’s not a choice whether I’m going to create a post. It IS a choice what I’m going to write about.

It’s not a choice that I sometimes have trouble realizing what my choices are and then deciding what to choose. It is a choice that I tolerate that discomfort and eventually choose.

“Not a choice” was a lyric I heard yesterday, as I made the choice to listen to “Loving You” from Stephen Sondheim’s musical PassionIt’s not a choice for me — at this point in my life — to love Stephen Sondheim’s musical choices. It was a choice, though, which version of that beautiful song to share with you all, today.

I just made the choice of showing you that version by Donna Murphy, from the original cast of Passion.

I’m also making the choice of including this quote, from the first comment on that video of “Loving You” on YouTube:

Today we celebrate Broadway from the 80’s and a few shows from the 90’s. “Passion” ran for 280 performances, making it the shortest-running musical ever to win the Tony award for Best Musical! There is a fine line between obsession and passion. Obsession connotes the feeling that the person is emotionally and mentally ill. Passion, conversely, is supposedly the healthy emotion which two people reciprocally feel for one another.

What might you choose to say about what David’s Broadway Station chose to write there?

This is what I choose to write, here and now. It’s not a choice for me to be:

  • a little obsessive about making my blog posts — and other things in my life — “good enough” to meet my own standards,
  • passionate about this blog, my work, and the people I love,
  • living in Boston, Massachusetts, despite my feelings about the weather here, because my son is a senior in high school and I get all my medical care in Boston for some complex health issues, and
  • going to see my Primary Care Physician, Dr. Laura Snydman, today, after a morning at work facilitating a therapy group.

Actually, most of those things ARE a choice. And I’m making the choice, right now, of making that choice point in this post.

It’s not a choice (or is it?)  that I’m going to include some photos here. It is a choice how I present them.

Hmmm.  My Apple devices have been making some unexpected choices, lately, regarding how they choose to share photos between them.  These kinds of unexpected choices  resulted in my blogging from my iPhone for several months earlier this year. I REALLY don’t want to make that choice of typing on that friggin’ phone keyboard any time soon, so let’s see if there’s another choice for me, now, to access yesterday’s photos quickly and easily.

It’s not a choice that I tried to prepare adequately for this last night — those choices are in the past.   Is it a choice how much anxiety, concern, worry, disappointment, or frustration I might feel about this unexpected blogging wrinkle, in the moment?

I’m making the choice to breathe, right now, and let go of any investment in how this post is going to turn out, photographically and otherwise.

I am now choosing to replicate the steps I took, last night, to make photos from yesterday accessible to this blog when I’m on my laptop. Therefore, I am making the choice to save this draft and restart my computer.

Drat! My photos from yesterday are NOT there when I choose “Add Media” and “Upload Files.” I don’t know why WordPress, my iPhone, and/or my laptop are choosing to limit my choices this morning. And I don’t have the choice to figure out that unexpected problem, if I choose to be at work on time this morning.

Actually, one photo from yesterday is available, for unknown reasons, so I shall choose that one:


That’s a photo I took during a therapy group yesterday, when we were all making choices about what topics to discuss.

I am also making the choice to include the first few photos from my choice of available photos, this morning:


IMG_0039 - Version 3 Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 11.12.14 PM img_12721 photo (57)

You have a choice, as always,  to make whatever comment you choose about my post.

Choice thanks to all who helped me create this post this morning and to you — of course! — for making the choice of visiting here, today.

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33 thoughts on “Day 1003: Not a choice

  1. Love the toes. Senior in high school, eh? Getting ready to be launched! Wow.

  2. Wow, what a choice in selecting that clip from Sondheim…beautiful and poignant, from a musical I really never heard of before…Thanks, Ann. ❤️

  3. Marvellous clip. I love the toes as well; the varnished ones aren’t bad either

  4. Ann, I made a choice to read your blog while eating my wheat bagel with cream cheese. All were scrumptious (blog post and bagel)!!! Did Aaron make a choice to shave his beard off? He looks lovely either way!!!.
    I hope you have a super-duper day and that your doctor’s visit goes well!!!!!

    • Great choices, SD. I made a choice to post photos of Aaron from a couple of years ago because I couldn’t choose from photos from yesterday (which, by the way, included several of those mysterious tables and chairs near Fenway Park).

      • I wondered, because he did look younger and his hair seems longer. I guess I will have to wait for more photos of the mysterious dining set up. Oh, well…..

      • More photos tomorrow, SD, although I choose to guess they won’t help with the mystery.

  5. with so many choices
    i’m happy to
    let you decide 🙂

  6. What beautiful son you have, Ann! I love autumn fashion. You have so many nice choices!

    • How nice of you to say so, Maria! I love the choices you make, too. And those are photos of my beautiful son from a few years ago.

      • He had a totally different look! He looked more hippie-like then

      • He’s chosen different lengths of hair and different types of beards over the years. He’s figuring out the look he wants to choose, I suppose.

  7. I’m so glad you made a choice to share daily thoughts and pictures. Choosing to come here always sets a positive tone for the rest of my day.

  8. So many choices … when did Aaron choose to take off his beard? I like the clean look 🙂

    • The last time Aaron chose to take off his beard was over a year ago, Val, between his appearing as John Wilkes Booth in Sondheim’s “Assassins” and our 2014 trip to Edinburgh. He hasn’t chosen the clean look since then. I chose those two photos from 2012 for this post because I had no choice of photos from yesterday.

  9. I love the photos you chose to share with us today, Ann. Especially the ones of Aaron at, what, 14? 15? Wonderful!

    • I love this comment and how observant you are, as always, Maureen. I don’t think that’s a choice for you. And, yes, Aaron is 14 going on 15 there. That’s what he looked like a month before I started blogging!

  10. Yeah there are many things in life that are not a choice, I get that like it is not a choice to wake up we just do,it is not a choice to keep breathing we just do if we didn’t we would be dead and who wants that not me still have so much to do in my life

  11. Aaron looks years younger without his beard, Ann. Your foot looks sizes larger compared to Oscar’s cat paws.

    And I choose to mildly suggest that when Apple won’t share the photos between them — I hate when that happens between my iPhone 6 and iPad Air — you could type all your text on your laptop, save draft, call the file up on your iPhone, and add the pictures last.

    You can choose to not take this mild suggestion, as always. 🙂

  12. I love your foot and Oscar’s paws.

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  14. Looks like you had no choice but you write a post full of the word choice.

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