Day 992: Wait People

Rather than use the words “waitress” and “waiter” these days, I often use the term “wait people.”

You don’t have to wait, people, for me to tell you why. I tend to avoid gender specific labels, like waitress.

If you want more examples of that, you don’t have long to wait, people.  Instead of saying “Chairmen,” I’ll say “Chair People.”

You don’t have to wait, people, for me to show you two pictures I took last night, which “Chair People” is now bringing to mind:

IMG_4970 IMG_4971

Chairs AND people, right?

My posts are like the New England weather. If you want them to change, just wait, people. And you don’t need to wait, people, for some more photos from yesterday.


That’s the first photo I took yesterday, after some people waited to see me for therapy. I saw that at the hospital gift shop, where there’s often a short wait, people. If you want me to explain exactly what a “Littlest Red Sox Fan Den” is, you’ve got a long time to wait, people.


People I work with in therapy sometimes wait, people, before letting go of unhelpful, critical, and judgmental things other people have said about them — like “She is taking up too much space.” Yesterday, people waited no more and let go of some of those internalized, toxic messages. Why wait, people?


Wait, people!  I usually don’t swear in these posts, but that was a helpful phrase for a person I waited for in therapy, yesterday.


Good health care is not something people should wait for, people.


Those waiting for fall around here don’t have too much longer to wait, people.


It’s been a long wait, people, since I last posted about the faces there are in pansies, if people wait long enough to see them.


Bostonians need to wait, people, for reasonably priced parking for events. If you ask me what event people were waiting for at Fenway Park last night, you have a long time to wait, people. But wait, people!  Our friendly fellow-blogger Mark Bialczak might look that up and tell us, after a short wait.

Speaking of reasonably priced parking, last night I found a free parking space in Harvard Square without a wait, people!  I went to Harvard Square to see this new musical.


I won’t make you wait, people, for a great song from the wonderful Waitress.

While I was waiting for the play to start, I revisited a lot of places where I used to wait, people, when I was in college and (afterwards, too).


IMG_4987 IMG_4988

I used to wait, people, in those three locations to

  1.  have meals with friends,
  2. see Jackie Chan movies and
  3. take several adult education classes, including percussion, jazz theory, cartooning, and “Stand Up Comedy” with Ron Lynch (and if you can’t wait, people, to read more posts about Ron Lynch, see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

I rarely wait, people, to get chocolate or to connect with sweet people.

IMG_4992 IMG_4994 IMG_4995 IMG_4996 IMG_4997IMG_4998

That’s Lina. She was kind enough, as she waiting on me, to tell me she took the job at L.A. Burdick in Harvard Square because “I like the way people talk about chocolate here.” As I was waiting for her to ring up my purchases, I took this photo:


and said to Lina, “I’m always taking photos for my blog.”  Lina didn’t wait to say this, “That’s the way art works.”

I didn’t wait, people, to eat the chocolate Lina sold me …


… while I was waiting for Waitress to begin.

IMG_5002 IMG_5003

After I saw Waitress, I couldn’t wait, people, to see my boyfriend Michael, who was waiting for me in Harvard Square after helping his brother wait on people for five long days. While I was waiting for Michael last night, I took pictures of places we waited and where wait people had waited on us on our first date, five years ago:

IMG_4979 IMG_4982 IMG_4983

Wait, people!  There’s one more thing I want to say, before I publish this Wait People post.

Tonight, after five months of planning and 45 years of some people waiting to see each other, I’m going to my high school reunion.

No more wait, people!

I won’t wait, people, to thank all those people who made this post possible. And special thanks to you — of course! — for waiting, people, for the end of this post.

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36 thoughts on “Day 992: Wait People

  1. Hi Ann, although I said I wouldn’t be around, I couldn’t wait until we arrived home to read your blog. We are presently in Las Vegas, got here last night. Had to wait a gazillion hours to go to the Heart Attack grill downtown for dinner yesterday because of the unbearable traffic. Awful – I hate waiting in traffic. I will make sure to come down to the office place in the hotel tomorrow morning to check and see how your reunion went. I can’t wait to hear. Hope you have a wonderful time.
    PS. May you please send me one of those dark chocolate mousse things – Yumm.
    PPS. There were actually people near the dining set up – more clues as to what it is all about – guess I will have to wait until you give us some more.

    • I can’t wait, people, to read wonderful comments like this one from SD!!!

      SD, I’ll give you another clue about the dining set up — it’s in a separate space from the other one that had people waiting. Wait for this, SD: you and I are both equally clueful and clueless about what’s going on there.

      • But are you sure they are not connected? They seem to follow the same color scheme. AARGH ( shaking my hands in the air) – I must have more clues!!!!!

      • I think the color scheme is a coincidence. I am sending you the clues as I find them, SD!

      • Ok – I will be waiting for them – But are there are any real true coincidences in this world we live in? I sometimes wonder……….

  2. Waiting for fall weather, Ann, this may be the last day of summer heat. Whew ! I’d be happy to wait to get one of those lemon/chocolate penguins. ☺ Have fun at your reunion ! 💕

    • Your comments are always delicious and worth waiting for, Van, just like that lemon/chocolate penguin! This summer heat will be good for our reunion tonight. ❤

  3. Eleanor

    Ann, How did I miss you?
    I saw Waitress last night also — fun, moving, and so good I had to listen to the songs this morning while waiting in bed — just waiting until I felt it was time to get up.

    • Eleanor! If I’d known you were there, I’d have waited to talk to you, for sure. (Although I flew out of there to meet Michael in Harvard Square.)

  4. Luis Del Castillo

    One of the things I love about your blog is that I always learn something new, I didn’t know about LA Burdick until today, thanks a lot and have fun in your reunion, hope you don’t have to wait for people

  5. Yeah wait staff or wait people are part of life but what is wrong with the old terms waitress or waiter, just saying and I hate waiting for stuff but we all spend time waiting for things which sucks

  6. Wait! server! I couldn’t wait to suggest it.

  7. You never keep us waiting for your insightful posts. I hope you had a wonderful time at your reunion.

  8. I want want want those chocolate penguins!

  9. What’s good about waiting is that something is expected; what’s not so good is not knowing what in the world it could be

  10. Sheila Hancock, British actress of my generation, is clear that she is an actress. What is wrong with gender specific words? I wonder, and wait for the anticipated responses

  11. I’ve been flitting about doing this and that, Ann. I don’t know what went on in Fenway that they could and did charge 50 bucks parking and get away with it, but I do know that I think that’s too much for any gender!

    • Mark! You really had to wait for a response for your comment, here. I’m over a month late, people!

      • Speaking about late, Ann, I’m several days late in appearing at your place. I got a new job and have been working the past few days. Good news for me but bad for reading other blogs.

      • My blog can always wait for you, Mark. Congratulations on the new job!

      • Thanks, Ann. First two days of orientation, I like it. I’ve been hired as a cashier at a big box store, part-time. I’ve decided not to blog about the job. 🙂

      • I’m looking at the title of this blog post, Mark, and I’m thinking that the people you’ll be waiting on at your new job are very lucky. ❤

      • You are too corteous to me, Ann. 🙂

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