Day 986: Reminiscing

Maybe it’s because I’m planning and attending a high school reunion next week.

Maybe it’s because of the time of the year.

Maybe it’s because my participation in different kinds of therapy often focuses on people’s pasts.

Whatever the reasons, I am reminiscing, big time.

Reminiscing can

  • help us move on,
  • keep us stuck in the past,
  • connect us with other people,
  • bring up memories we haven’t accessed for years,
  • cause all sorts of feelings (including joy, regret, anger, and contentment), and
  • be healing, at times.

Next week, there’ll be lots of reminiscing with my classmates from my hometown.  I’m thinking of questions to invite some reminiscing, such as:

  • What’s a favorite memory from school?
  • What’s an important lesson you’ve learned in life?
  • What’s something you’re grateful for?

I wonder how I’ll be reminiscing about that reunion when it’s over, on September 20th.

As you reminisce about that moment when you first read the title of today’s post, did you reminisce about this song?

I’m reminiscing, now,  about how I used to listen to that Little River Band song in the 1970s.

I’m also reminiscing about some photos I took yesterday.

IMG_4778 IMG_4788 IMG_4789 IMG_4790 IMG_4791 IMG_4792 IMG_4795 IMG_4796 IMG_4800 IMG_4803 IMG_4804 IMG_4805 IMG_4802

IMG_4806 IMG_4807 IMG_4811 IMG_4813

This photo …


… might cause regular, reminiscing readers to reminisce about Day 978: Loopy.

One more moment of reminiscing.  Last month, in Edinburgh Scotland, I met Anthony Rapp from the musical Rent.


Today, my son Aaron and my excellent relatives Deborah, Laura, and Victoria are accompanying me to see Anthony Rapp in a one-man show, where he’ll be reminiscing about his experiences in Rent.

What are you reminiscing about, now?

Reminiscing thanks to Oscar and other cats, to the Little River Band, to all those I love to reminisce with, to Anthony Rapp, to Play Time in Arlington, Massachusetts, USA (which is reminiscent of other great arts and crafts stores I’ve seen), to wonderful homes everywhere, and to you — of course! — for reminiscing with me here, today.

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36 thoughts on “Day 986: Reminiscing

  1. I love how you designed this post and displayed some of the crafts you saw. I love the word ‘reminiscing’. Somehow I feel reminiscing is involuntary at times because our brain is trying to bring back stored memories throughout our lives. It is almost as if trying to bring back the essence of the moment in a positive and meaningful way. I also remember how reminiscing is also used a therapeutical tool with the elderly.

    • Oscar, are you okay? How come I only see a little bit of you in that picture?

      • Calm down Samantha, you need to stop reminiscing. That little tabby you’re holding in one of your photos is just not Oscar. Why don’t you rescue those orange tabbies I see there? You can have a wrestling match as part of your fashion show!

      • You’re right Abbey, they do look like they are wrestlers; that would add a spark to my fashion shows!

      • Stop reminiscing you two!!! Those cats are cuddling up with one another. That is a love scene, which apparently you cannot recognise because of your ambitions. “,

    • Love your thoughts about reminiscing, Maria. These cats seem to be reminiscing each other into a frenzy.

  2. Thanks for sharing your reminiscences as you prepare to attend your reunion, Ann, and to facilitate reminiscing. I found those houses very intriguing, reminiscing about how I loved doll houses, which I though they were until closer examination. I never had one, but I realize now that I find them compelling!

  3. Now I’m reminiscing about reminiscing, about times I remembered something–a place, perhaps, then went back and was surprised to find it wasn’t exactly as I remembered, but in a way that gave me a chance to discover it all over again. With people it can be even more amazing because we always have something new to share with each other. That makes it easier to balance the desire to reminisce with the need to move forward.

  4. I have an old love I sometimes reminisce about Ann. ❤
    Diana xo

  5. My whole blog has turned out to be reminiscence therapy. Enjoy the reunion

  6. Like Derrick, I am shocked and pleasantly surprised by the amount of reminiscence that has come about by writing/blogging. Healing and revealing ! I love your question posed to those at the reunion, the one about what one has learned in life…that would make for great reading, Ann. ☺

  7. Another question you might want to ask is ‘How different is your life compared to the one you envisioned when you were in high school? Some of my friends changed careers, went back to school, remarried, and moved out of the country. I always thought I would be debt free and a grandmother many times over at my age. I’m neither and I’m still working. I also thought that I’d long be retired and travelling the world. I’m not complaining. I love my job and my life but it is different from where I thought I’d be.

  8. Hi Ann. The “Reminiscing” post is apropos as I am sitting here thinking about when my kids were younger and I could tell them something and it would sink in. That does not seem to be the case now. I just talk and talk and we go round and round. Ahh, wishing for those simpler days.
    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!!!

  9. I love those victorian houses. High school reunions bring the reminscing on big time- I have my 40th next year. Brings the melancholy on too- lots of water under the bridge, many not here in this world anymore, and if you were to ask my favorite memory from then, I would come up short. I rather like the question mama above posed 🙂

  10. Pingback: Day 987: Sweet Babies | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  11. Here’s what you might hear from your school mates, Ann, paraphrased by one great band from The Day:

  12. Did you make those houses?!?! I ask, because I just ordered some on Etsy (ornaments) of a custom house!

  13. Hey Anne, I went to my reunion last year and I was a nervous wreck. I had a great time and wished I’d stressed less about it all. Have a great time.

  14. Sometimes my reminiscing becomes so vivid that I feel that I’m there. This is especially true with my recollections of staying at the Obstinate J Ranch on the Rogue River where I’m stretched out reading comics. Alas, life will never be that carefree or simple again.

    • Thanks for that vivid reminiscing, Robert. I wish I had reminiscences involving a place called the Obstinate J Ranch and reading comics!

  15. Love all the kitty photos:) Makes me reminiscent of my lovely black kitty, named Salem. Such beautiful memories you brought up, Ann:) May he rest in peace.

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