Day 982: Father

Some thoughts about “father” on September 9, 2015.

  1. Father is the word for male parent.
  2. Bostonians, because of their accent, say “father” when they mean “a greater distance.”
  3. People who did not have adequate fathers sometimes find other people to fill that father role, which often helps them move father along in life.
  4. Today is my late father’s birthday.

My father — who went father with humor and consideration for others than anybody else I’ve known — was far taller than me than appears in that father-daughter picture.

I have nothing further to express today, besides love and gratitude for my father.

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48 thoughts on “Day 982: Father

  1. And that . . . is enough.

  2. yeoldefoole

    Someday I’d love for you to go a little father into this.

  3. I love that photo and I love this post. It is a special relationship between daughters and fathers.

  4. Happy Birthday to your father Ann. I know he looks down on you with joy and pride. ❤
    Diana xo

  5. wonderful post!

  6. You went the distance for dear dad, Ann, who obviously went to the ends for you. Cheers on his day, in his memory, my friend.

  7. He deserves his own post. Lovely picture for the memories

  8. What a great photo of you and your Dad!!!! Having an amazing father is a true blessing!!!!!

  9. I can relate. So glad you have fond memories of your father as you remember his birthday. It is truly a blessing to have had a good one!

  10. A sense of humour! That is one skill I thought I would never acquire, but thankfully I did. Having sense of humour is a sign of good mental health (or emotional intelligence) because it leaves the gates open for communication when you talk about yourself. One will probably not trust a stern father, but a mother with humour (or vice versa), because they have lowered their expectations or judgement. Beautiful post Ann, and fortunate, you are!!!

    • My old man, my father:

    • You’re welcome, but lesson learned: never go with the first impression. I thought this song was written to his father, and it was actually written to a caregiver of a ranch, an older man whom Neil Young apparently identified with. Sorry if it didn’t fit the post that well. 😔

  11. Such a beautiful photo, and when you have love and gratitude, Ann, you need little else. Well done. ❤️ I wrote a post today for my daughter, who shares the Sept 9 birthday. Good things come to us in September. ☺

  12. Amen, Ann.
    Nothing more is needed.

  13. I’m so sorry for the loss, but so glad you shared this wonderful tribute with us.

  14. Your father was a lucky man.

  15. Lovely picture. It’s good to remember and be grateful and reflect father.

  16. Happy Your Dad’s Birthday Ann! I love the picture, or is it picksha?

  17. Yes I have a father as in a male parent but what I really have is a dad as I am sure that is what you had a dad

  18. Beautiful.

  19. He seems like a kind and warm man with a wonderful sense of humor. I share in your loss.

  20. Hi, like you, I look like my father. So cool. Thanks for sharing the picture.

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