Day 980: Dash

If you dash by here regularly, you know that I dash off a post every day, whether I am feeling particularly dashing in the moment and/or whether my hopes have been — temporarily — dashed.

I’ve even dashed off some posts about a favorite punctuation mark: the dash.

But I’ve never been dashing enough — before dashing to dash out this dashing post on my dashed iPhone keyboard on this dashing Labor Day — to use the word “dash” as a title.

Why am I dashing to do that today?

Yesterday, I heard the poem “The Dash” by Linda Ellis– for the first time — at a funeral.

I shall now dash over to Google to see if I can find “The Dash” there.

When I dashed over to Linda Ellis’s website, I found that she had dashed off a request to NOT post her poem “The Dash.” I hope you dash over to her website, now, to read “The Dash.”

I will dash off this explanation, here, of the title of “The Dash” — it refers to the dash between the date of birth and the date of death, on a tombstone and elsewhere.

Besides reading “The Dash” at yesterday’s funeral, the loved ones of the deceased shared many beautiful memories of their wonderful family member, neighbor and friend, whose birth year  — before her dash — was 1921. Her son sang — with deep and moving feeling — some of this song:

That’s Judy Garland, singing a dashing version of “Embraceable You.”

Dashed if I didn’t see Judy Garland earlier yesterday, when my friend Deb and I had dashed over to a dashing and darling  restaurant in Lynn, Massachusetts.



Judy Garland is in two of the photos I took dashing around Mildred’s Corner Cafe yesterday. Above, she’s dashing around on stage and is next to the dashing Gregory Peck.

After the funeral, my dashing friend Deb and I dashed around Swampscott, Massachusetts, where Atlantic Ocean waves are always dashing up on the shore.

After Deb dashed me back home in her dashing Honda Fit,  I dashed over to the stairs to take photos of our dashing cat, Harley.

Then, my dashing boyfriend Michael and I dashed over to our dashingly local supermarket (which has many dashing products) — for our weekly shopping and to say goodbye to dashing cashier, Al.



That’s dashing Al, wishing us a dashing “Adieu.” Usually, Al dashes off a “See you next time” as we dash out the door. Last night, embraceable we embraced in some dashing hugs.

Then, Michael and I dashed home, and I took more shots of dashing Harley.

What about this post is most dashing, to you? Do not dash my hopes — dash off a  comment, please.

Dashing thanks to Linda Ellis (for the poem “The Dash”); to Mrs. Ruth Epstein and her beautiful family and friends; to Deb; to Michael; to Mildred’s Corner Cafe; to Judy Garland, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Katherine Hepburn, Gregory Peck and all the other dashing movie stars Deb and I  saw at Mildred’s yesterday; to the dashing city of Lynn and the dashing town of Swampscott; to Al our dashing cashier — who is dashing off to focus more on hospice work; to our cat Harley — who dashes up and down stairs and, usually,  off of tables; and — of course! — to you, for dashing over here today.

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45 thoughts on “Day 980: Dash

  1. Ah yes, The Dash. Heard it at least a hundred times and also have been told that they take their copyright very seriously, as you learned. Not wanting to dash ahead, but I’m already looking forward to #1,000.

  2. Linda Ellis has found a dashed good way of improving her viewing figures

  3. Enjoyed this post before dashing out the door to enjoy my day off! 🙂

  4. Enjoyed ‘The Dash’, the old photos and quotes from old movie stars. Bette Davis was quite the character. I wouldn’t call her dashing but Gregory Peck and Al certainly are. Thanks for a ‘dashing’ good time.

  5. Jan Woodruff

    I really should be dashing out of this room to do the million or so things I need to do today but after reading this poem, hanging out outside in a lawn chair reading a book or writing a note to someone sounds better!!

  6. This was a dashedly good post!!! I would dash out right this instant if I could get my hands on a proper English breakfast!!!! Yumm!!!!

    • And that was a proper English breakfast, SD — with baked beans and tomatoes. However, I chose to dash towards the Fit & Healthy breakfast, so I might dash more lightly toward my high school reunion in two weeks.

      • Good thinking!!!! I always give my baked beans to my dad, but I will take everyone’s fried tomatoes. An English Breakfast certainly isn’t for those watching their figures. Only 2 more weeks to the reunion? How exciting!!!!

  7. Ann,
    We my have an example of a small world here.
    “The Dash,” you said you heard at a recent funeral. Was Paul, the name of the deceased?
    If so, he was the brother-in-law of my niece’s boyfriend.

  8. I’m fascinated by the baked beans for breakfast…must try soon. Love the Hepburn quote, and always fond of Judy Garland…my young mother looked so similar to her. Crawford and Davis deserved each other, I think. A truly dashing post, Ann. ❤️

  9. Here’s looking at you kid!

  10. Harley, Harley, take that off, that’s Abbey playing a trick on you, be careful!

  11. She left it in a package and I had to trying it on! Don’t I look dashing!

  12. Harley, Harley, Abbey is dangerous, please be careful, she even has you smoking! OMG!

  13. Seriously Ann, that last picture of Harley is dashing. He’s a lovely cat! I love them with their pupils like that!

  14. Such a dashing post Ann! The proper breakfast is on Don’s list for when we arrive in Scotland on Wednesday! Although eating lots of them won’t make him quite so dashing… or able to dash about 😉

  15. I didn’t realize that Linda Evans authored the famous “Dash”. Thanks Ann.

  16. I will indeed dash off a comment here, just so you know I was here, and that I liked the post dash it all, the only time I don’t like to dash is when there is nice food in front of me

  17. I kind of crawled in here but absolutely loved all the dashing around. It was like being a fixed point in a spinning galaxy of stars.

  18. My answer to Ms. Hepburn, if I had been amid that tacky crowd: Well, dashing lady, we perhaps did not make you, but we certainly did make you rich. I think that Crawford-Davis feud dashed any hopes of an amicable off-camera relationship, Ann. Bye, Al! Happy dots and dashes to you, sir.

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