Day 978: Loopy

Yesterday morning, I looped by Tufts Medical Center before work, to get fitted for a new loopy mask which loops around my head and attaches to my loopy sleep apnea machine.

While I was at the sleep lab, I saw this loopy sight:

What loopy people would loop a hat and a sleep-apnea mask on a loopy piñata?

After that loopy experience, as I was looping back to my car, I heard somebody say my loopy name. Loopily enough, it was my dentist, Dr. Luis Del Castillo.

We were both loopily surprised to encounter each other in our intersecting  loops through the Tufts Medical Center garage, even though I know he teaches dental medicine there and he knows I get my medical care there.

As we were loopily chatting, my mind looped to my concern — which I had loopily texted Dr. Del Castillo  about — that my recently installed dental filling had looped out of my mouth,  immediately after I had looped through his dental office last Tuesday.   I was loopy enough to ask him, right there in that loopy  garage, if he could check the filling. He said, “I don’t have my loops,” but he was kind enough to look at my mouth, loop-less. Without his loops, he couldn’t see whether the filling was still looped into my tooth, so we both looped over to the Tufts Dental School, where he put on his loops

and told me my filling hadn’t looped out of my tooth. I was loopily relieved that I wouldn’t have to loop by his dental office, any time soon.

Did you know those special dental glasses were called “loops”?  That was news, to loopy me.

If you loop by this blog with any kind of loopy regularity, you know I take loopy pictures in my loops through Boston USA and its loopy environs.  Which of these loopy photos from loopy yesterday seem particularly loopy, to you?

In one of my favorite loopy encounters of the day — as I was looping back to my car after work through lots of loopy fans looping their way to Fenway Park for a loopy Red Sox game — one of the guys who was looping cars into a loopily priced parking lot by looping around a big flag said these loopy words to me:

It’s a beautiful life. I’ve never seen so many happy people. It must be the Prozac.

I wonder if he thought I was loopy when I laughed with loopy delight, loopily replied, “You think?” and then looped back  to  take a loopily unclear picture of him …

… loopy moments after I wrote down all his loopy words, so I wouldn’t forget them.

Is it loopy to admit that I agree with his first loopy sentence? Is it loopy to admit that he seemed better at diagnosing people’s use of a common anti-depressant medication than me, a loopy psychotherapist?

I need to loop some loopy music into this loopy post, so I can loop by to get my loopy hair cut to loop attractively around my loopy face in time for my 45th high school reunion, in two loopy weeks.

Here’s some music I heard last night in my loopy yellow car, as I was looping my way home for quality time looping through a sushi restaurant, a Dunkin’ Donuts,  and a pet store with my loopy boyfriend Michael and my loopy son, Aaron (not pictured, because they’re not loopy about my taking loopy photos for this loopy blog).

YouTube has a loop of Kurt Elling singing “You Send Me,” if you want to loop over there to find it.

Loopy thanks to all the loopy and non-loopy people who helped me loopily create this loopy post, including my loopy friend and co-worker Jan (seen, above, loopily looping a loopily yellow stethoscope at our sometimes loopy hospital). Especially loopy thanks to Dr. Luis Del Castillo for loopily inspiring this post with his loops and his loopily wonderful kindness. And particularly loopy thanks to you — of course! — for looping by this loopy blog, here and now.

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46 thoughts on “Day 978: Loopy

  1. You are one loopy blogging lady, Ann, please don’t change. ☺

    Those bubbles in your frozen yogurt…I’m confused ?

  2. You’re really good at finding photographable moments everywhere!

  3. Luis Del Castillo

    Love your blog and even more when you make me part of it!
    Thank you so much

  4. Ann, It looks like you had a most wonderful, loopy kind of day. I am feeling a bit loopy today because I stayed up way too late cleaning my saltwater tank last night and my Great Dane wouldn’t let me sleep in, so here I am up bright and early and ready to start the day. It is quite chilly here this morning, and in a moment of loopiness I was thinking perhaps I should find my sweats. It is only in the 50s right now which is downright frigid for us, especially when I think last week it got up to 107. My thermoreceptors have gone into loopdeloops.
    Have a stupendous day!!!!

  5. Such a loopy post Ann! What in the loopy world is a drizzly?
    Yours, caught in a wondering loop,
    Val x

  6. You know what is loopy? The post right after yours in my reader has the title Caught in a Loop.
    Seems like WP is riding the loopy train today 🙂

  7. I hate to be pedantic, even though I have some loopy friends who assure me I’m good at it and thank me for sharing my arcane knowledge, but what your dentist put on were loupes. Loupes are also favored by horologists, jewelers, model-makers, and numismatists like me, which is why I often carry a loupe. Once a co-worker asked me if I had a magnifying glass and I said, “No, but I have a loupe.” I gave it to her. She thought for a minute then said, “I’m not going to ask.” She seemed to think I was loopy for carrying such a thing. I am loopy, but I think carrying a loupe is one of the least loopy things I do.

    • As usual, Chris, your loopiness sets me straight. I wonder why Dr. Del Castillo didn’t mention this, above? That was rather loopy of him, don’t you think?

  8. First song I though of!

  9. Nothing quite as refreshing or fun than a loopy day filled with all your great loopy friends involved…the Kurt Elling song a great ending. Cheers to a great weekend.

  10. Back in the newsroom days when the photographers took contact strips of their photographs, they’d hand them to editors, who’d look at them through an ocular device. Yup. It was called a loop, Ann.

    My favorite photo today is of Short Street. I think the sign should say: Short Street Closed. Take the Long Way.

  11. The Boston Floating Hospital? That really is loopy. Love the zebra table and chairs on the court… where do you find such things?

    • I loop and look around and see loopy things everywhere, Hilary. I am loopily thrilled to find you here, visiting my blog!!!

  12. Great that you had fun with looping. I normally do not like doing looping for my work 🙂

  13. With those teeth he has to be a dentist

  14. amusez798387

    Ann you are the loopiest of all. Amazing pictures. I could never choose. Hopefully we will loop together soon.

  15. “I don’t mind moonlight swims. It’s the Loop The Loop that hurts.” Harry MacAfee in “Kids!” from Bye Bye Birdie

  16. Jan Woodruff


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