Day 977: Super Guilty

Yesterday, in a therapy group, people talked about feeling guilty AND super guilty.

Because I am guilty of having messy handwriting and super guilty of writing many themes on the white board during a therapy group, you might not be able to see “guilty” and “super guilty” in that photo.

I would be guilty of negligence if I did not tell you that the people in that therapy group were neither guilty nor super guilty of any crimes at all, even though they suffered from feelings of guilt and super guilt.

I would be super guilty of negligence if I did not explain that traumatic childhood experiences can cause people to feel guilty and super guilty, even though the experiences were NOT THEIR FAULT.

I was guilty of almost crying in group, yesterday,  as I listened to wonderful adults describe the on-going suffering caused years ago by awful parents and caretakers.

I am super guilty of often wanting to cry in therapy groups.

I am definitely guilty of taking all these photos recently, although I don’t feel super guilty about any of them:

I feel neither guilty not super guilty about sharing this music, with the word “forgiveness” prominently featured:

Don Henley is guilty of singing, with all his heart,  “The Heart of the Matter” at the charitable event Farm Aid  in 1990.

Please don’t feel guilty or super guilty about anything you want to express about this post.

Pure thanks to everybody who helped me create this and to you — of course! — for reading and (I hope) letting go of unnecessary guilt, as best you can.

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33 thoughts on “Day 977: Super Guilty

  1. My handwriting is messy. Small too. Really good post too btw.

  2. yeoldefoole

    I’m SHAMELESSLY excited about it being Friday, the cusp of a three-day weekend!!!

  3. People have often said to me, “I can always recognize your signature. It’s the one I can’t read.” I don’t feel guilty about that, and I don’t feel guilty about enjoying Don Henley’s song. I also don’t feel guilty about chiding others when they describe something–usually a genre of film or music or literature–as a “guilty pleasure”. If it makes them happy they shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

  4. Ann, I hate feeling guilty. I obsess about the things I have done that made me feel guilty. So, I taught my children a long time ago to avoid any actions that might potentially lead them down that “feeling guilty” path. I told them if you are about to do or say something that you know in your heart and mind you may potentially feel guilty about – don’t do it! You will save yourself a great deal of heartache and fretting for years to come. It seems to have worked well for us.
    I hope you have a most excellent day!!!!

  5. I love SD’s comment — very wise!

    I gave up guilt — it made me feel awful! 🙂

    I feel happy being here this morning. I feel grateful for your photos and words and song and for Don Henley’s singing. And, I feel as long as I’m doing my best, I don’t have to feel guilty about any of it! 🙂

  6. From a simple remark made during a time of crisis, I held on to guilt that was not mine, but led to a psychological challenge decades later. There is so much more to the infliction of guilt, especially to an innocent child, than any of us are willing to admit. Thanks, Miss Ann, have a guilt-free day. ☺

  7. My parents were always loving and supportive, but I know not everyone is lucky enough to have this kind of childhood. I feel very sad about people being traumatized into feeling super guilty about things that were really not their fault.

  8. I don’t think I should feel guilty for wanting Oscar to be in my movie.

  9. Guilt is one of the heaviest burdens to carry around.
    I am grateful that I was able to let it go … after learning how to forgive, and some wonderfully tough psychotherapy!

  10. I am actually guilty of much that I regret. But here I am, anyway, indulging myself without guilt, in your blog.

  11. I’ve never heard the term super guilty before Ann. And I hope I never do again!

  12. I have no shame in keeping my super guilt to myself

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