Day 975: Steps

In my work as a psychotherapist, I encourage people to identify and take achievable steps, towards where they wish to be.

Last night, I noticed several steps (some more achievable than others).


These days, steps — if they’re going up — remain a challenge for my very unusual heart, despite surgical steps we took six months ago. I’m not sure what the next steps are for me and my doctors, but I’m sure we’ll all be stepping up to address those, during my four hours of cardiac appointments and tests this afternoon (which may include climbing hospital steps to see how my heart and implantable cardiac device step up to that challenge).

Before I step into any meetings with my very in-step medical team,  I always take the step of writing down questions and concerns.  I believe that kind of preparation  helps people take next steps, wisely.

Step up — before I step out the door — to all the notes I’ve taken steps to write down, so far,  to prepare for stepping into lots of appointments and tests today:

Next steps?

By the way, this is not one of the doors I’ll be stepping out of today:

My next step is to share a song about steps.

“Step One” from Kinky Boots was what I was listening to last night, when I was taking steps to capture steps (and one door)  for today’s blog.

I shall now take another achievable step, and include some steps from a performance of “Step One” on Broadway:

What steps might you choose, today?

I need to step up, now, and thank all those who helped me take the necessary steps to create today’s post and you — of course! — for stepping up to read it.

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40 thoughts on “Day 975: Steps

  1. Great post, Ann! One step I take most workday mornings is reading your blog as I savor my breakfast. Gets me in a positive frame of mind. Thanks for your ongoing commitment to write a post every day!

  2. I love the steps you always take to create such joy and wonder in the world Ann. And, I love how I get to step along with you through your words and photos. Such a gift.

    Good luck with your steps this afternoon. Hugs

  3. I’ll be ‘stepping’ out the door for my daily run shortly! 🙂

  4. Ann, I hope your appointments go well. My first steps today, after reading your post, are to go and get my boys up for school. And then begins the multitude of steps I will take today before I can come home and rest. Have a wonderful day!!!!!

  5. I’m glad that dropping by here was one of my first steps this morning. My own gears are spinning after listening to “Step One”. I hope your own steps lead you to a higher plane.

  6. I think all the images are looking good. Last night I was using the NightCap app for the iPhone and it’s easier than the Pro version. I’ve yet to try it in a real starry sky. The tricky part is that if you use “manual mode” with these apps, you will need a tripod, because they become long exposures. It’s best to turn the “manual mode” off so the camera does the adjustment so you can shoot them handheld. You will still need to hold the camera a lot steadier at night, because since it’s darker, the camera is struggling to focus in dimmer light, even with the help of the App. I suppose you’ve noticed how slow is the focus at night? It’s a lot slower.

    For those in love with iPhones, this is what’s coming soon: the iPhone 6s. It will have an improved 12-megapixel camera. Since Androids have 16 megapixel cameras, I don’t know whether to upgrade, or wait for the iPhone 7 (which might have the 16 megapixel camera). Read about it here:

    Ann, your steps have been so steadily uphill because you keep yourself so emotionally and physically healthy. What an inspiration you are!

    • Wait a minute, I meant “your steps have been so rewarding” (not uphill, because you’ve been able to do it) Something ‘uphill’ means in a way ‘difficult’. I used the wrong word.

      • I have to step up here and tell you (1) I love your comments, Maria, and (2) I get confused by the words “uphill” and “downhill.”

      • For some reason ‘uphill’ confused me, thinking it was something else. I can see the confusion with downhill also.

  7. I find photos of stairs and doors among the most beautiful. Thank you for sharing yours.

    I will be thinking of you today. Good luck.

    • I wonder if anybody will take steps to have that cat evicted from the White House?

      • Poor Bo, he’s a beauty of a dog, no joking here. Nevertheless he must now face the consequences himself. He must find a valid reason and justify that cat’s presence. Wait, I think she might stay after all.

      • She had long said she was up for the challenge.

  8. Enjoyed this.

  9. I hope your appointments go well for you today, Ann. I enjoyed your post very much, and your photos of the different sets of steps and doors are particularly interesting. So many things in life seem to involve a series of steps, whether physically or mentally. Thank you for the reminder about that.

  10. I hope all the physical steps and mental stairways led to a meeting of the minds and a cause, effect and solution, Ann. I’m with you in spirit.

  11. Love the cordoned off steps up to the Police station. A crime scene?

  12. I hope the steps you took yesterday turned out to be worthwhile and reassuring Ann! My next step is to read today’s post to find out! 🙂

  13. Unfortunately, sometimes steps have false bottoms and we fall.

  14. No matter the climb, it’s always one step at a time, Ann. ❤️

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