Day 973: The New Cool

The new cool for this blog is to get right to the point, so here’s the new cool I saw yesterday:

Cool! Who knew?

Here are other kinds of cool I saw yesterday. Are any new to you?



That’s Al, our friendly neighborhood supermarket cashier, looking kind and cool.  Al is retiring after 23 years, which is cool for him but not cool for me. Yesterday, Al was kind enough to tell us that his first and last days are, coincidentally, the same — September 6. That’s kind of cool, don’t you think?

I think it’s kind of cool to discover new kinds of music. I shall now be kind enough to include one new result of searching for “cool kind” at YouTube:


“Cool Kind Daddy Blues” may not be new, but it sure is cool to share that with you.

Since kind is the new cool, please be kind enough to leave a comment. Whatever you write, it’ll be cool to me.

New cool thanks to Al, to Anna Lee Chisholm, to Blues Girls everywhere,  to the kind of cool boutiques they have in Belmont Center, to Star Market, to everything new and not-so-new I saw yesterday, to cool and kind thoughts when it hits 90 degrees Fahrenheit today, to whatever kind of cool sign-in book I decide to use at my 45th high school reunion, and to you — of course! — for the new kind of cool you are, every day.

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35 thoughts on “Day 973: The New Cool

  1. ooh, this is cool, because
    i like the socks with the fox…
    And what is also cool is that, like Al’s,
    my first and last day of work fell on the same date as well! 🙂

    (is it just me or is there a lot of rhyming going on in those two sentences?) 😀

  2. This reminds me of the English comedian Ben Elton who responded to Tony Blair’s “Cool Britannia” campaign by saying, “You can’t buy cool and you can’t create it with a label…And what, I should like to know, is so great about being cool anyway?” Maybe that’s why I find the things that aren’t intentionally cool to be so groovy. Admittedly “Cool Kind Daddy Blues” sounds pretty cool to me, but after that the coolest thing is your purple shoelaces.

  3. When did kindness go out of style it now has to come back as the new cool? Oh my. I’m so uncool I never knew it wasn’t cool! 🙂

    Love the socks.

    Love how cool you are, kind and funny — the best kind of cool always, even in 90 degrees!

    Stay cool!

  4. An upbeat song for your new cool Monday Ann,

  5. Or a Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress.

  6. I have two grandchildren born to different siblings on the same day a year apart. That is kind of cool because it serves as an aide memoire

  7. Definitely think the Be the Weird You Wish to See in the World is cool!

  8. I’m with Sonnische on this one.
    Those flavors of Lay’s chips and plastic eyes really do stretch the limit to what is cool in my mind! Funny? Sure! Cool? Not so sure!

  9. Ninety degrees and almost September! Our long, hot summer has dissolved into cool rain and so naturally I assumed summer was over everywhere. Your blog is a good reminder that the world, even the relatively nearby world, is bigger than I think it is.

    Congratulations to Al on his upcoming retirement.

  10. Groovy Ann! I think you’re cool. 🙂 Hey Ann, remember this?

  11. Kind is the new cool, I like it ~ fits you well. It was great seeing the Caliber composition books in your photos, memories of picking one up to write in so many years ago. Wishing you a great week ahead Ann.

  12. You’ve been cool as long as I’ve know you, Ann. You have something new and interesting every dang day.

  13. How cool is this post?!!!!! I love the socks. I am a total sock freak. I have cashmere socks, socks with Great Danes on it, striped socks, polkadot socks. I am okay with the new cool, but why must they add all these strange flavors to things that tasted great just the way they were? It’s quite puzzling – boggles my mind!!!!!

  14. My kids LOVE the singing cards with the eyeballs on them! The first one I ever got them was the Hamburger one, and we all still know the words and melody by heart. Obviously, we think they’re very cool.

  15. Thanks for the follow, Ann. Some interesting images indeed. I think that life over there is very different from my quiet existence here in Norfolk.
    Best wishes from England. Pete.

  16. Very cool post. “Be the Weird you wish to see in the world”…my life’s motto. And, can someone please tell Lay’s to stop messing with their chips ? Original…still the favorite. ☺

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