Day 972: Intentionally Different

Yesterday, right before I intentionally met my friend Barbara in downtown Boston for an intentionally different brunch and the intentionally different  musical Kinky Boots, I saw these two signs outside an intentionally different theater:

In this intentionally different post, I shall show you MANY intentionally different things I encountered during an intentionally full Saturday — which included intentionally different types of transportation and an intentionally different trip with my boyfriend Michael to Nantasket Beach in Hull, which is intentionally different now than it was when we both visited the long-gone amusement park that was there when we were both kids.

Before I intentionally proceed with this intentionally different post, I intentionally will share this with my different readers:   my being intentionally different is often  linked to how I was unintentionally different from birth (because of an unintentionally different heart).

And because I believe we are all intentionally and unintentionally different AND the same, I will intentionally ask you these intentionally different questions: Are you ever intentionally different? What are your intentions in doing so?

Okay! Here are lots of intentionally different photos from yesterday, intentionally presented (1) in intentionally chronological order and (2)  with no explanation (which is no different from several of my close-to-1000 previous,  intentionally different daily posts). If any of the photos seem intentionally different enough to you, I intentionally (and not so differently) would like to know about it.

Also, I intentionally included more photos than in any of my other intentionally or unintentionally different blog posts, so you might want to do something intentionally different while this intentionally different post is loading.





I am now going to intentionally repeat one of my intentionally different photos from above:

… because Lola is one of the main characters in Kinky Boots. 

Here are the same two amazing performers  Barbara and I saw yesterday in Kinky Boots, singing about intentional and unintentional differences:

And here‘s intentional footage from the first intentionally different rehearsal of the intentionally different and fabulous musical Kinky Boots:

Intentionally different and not-so-different thanks to Kinky Boots, Barbara, Michael, Boston, Nantasket Beach, Paragon Park, and every other intentionally different and similar person, place, and thing I intentionally noticed yesterday. Intentionally special thanks to you — of course! — for intentionally visiting here, today.

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35 thoughts on “Day 972: Intentionally Different

  1. This morning, I intentionally read your blog and was reminded of an intentional visit to Boston in the early 1990’s when I presented at a convention. While there, I unintentionally accepted an invitation from some guys attending the convention, who lived on the beach in Hull. By not connecting the dots sooner, I unintentionally spent a very awkward 12 hours at the beach. I did intentionally have my camera and got some great photos of the sunrise there, which I intentionally was able to sell. Thanks for the unintentional reminder.

  2. I really like the ‘stay on the path’ photo. Not so much its literal meaning but what it means to me figuratively Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  3. Never been to Boston – hope to visit someday – but I took in quite a bit on this post! We intentionally do all sorts of things, sometimes we do different things and sometimes we stay safe and go with the flow. The flow is BORING! Thanks for reminder to get out of the current and be intentionally different. Have a great week!

  4. “Are you ever intentionally different? What are your intentions in doing so?” What an interesting question Ann. I’m intentionally different with some of my photography because I Photoshop many images, so that makes me “intentionally different”. I think I do that because I discovered humour late in life. I used to take things so seriously. As I’ve aged, I’ve realised that being “intentionally different” makes me laugh. Those are my reasons.

    • It is my intention to let you know, Maria, how glad I am that you so intentionally read my blog, create your own wonderful blog posts, do amazing photoshops here, and intentionally grow and improve!

      • Ann, thanks so much for giving me that space, and for putting up with my feline Dissociative Identity Disorder.

  5. It was no accident that I read this post to which it was impossible to react with indifference

  6. Its my intention to let you know how fun your day looked yesterday! Love the Merry Go Round characters!

    • I love the way they are intentionally preserving all those different Merry Go Round characters. Thank you, Val, for your intentionally helpful and loving words, as usual.

  7. Oh Harley, there you are, so unintentionally different…

  8. I looked through all your photos very intentionally, Ann. Thank you for the outing.

  9. Ann, I enjoyed all of you images on this post, particularly the ones of the moon by the pathway on the beach. I also loved the perspective on this one:

    I love that plant growing on that pole, making it so intentionally different!

  10. All previous posts were a mere shadow of this one, Ann. I think you broke the Internet today.

  11. THAT…was a busy day!

  12. I have several thoughts on these photos. First of all, why is there a picture of a pair of scissors on the bike path, is that where you are allowed to intentionally cut? Secondly, if one was to find that dog on the poster, would one have to intentionally, but looking completely unintentional, follow the dog while calling the owner. Would one have to pop behind bushes so the dog did not know they were being followed, maybe just tail the dog until the owner was able to come to one’s ever changing location? And why so many strange names..Alewife…Minutemen – were the namers of these places TRYING to be unintentionally different. These are my thoughts and I am sticking with them.

    • Hi, SD! I wanted to tell you that I wasn’t trying to be intentionally different in not responding back more quickly — I unintentionally missed your comment. I think your questions and other thoughts are excellent, intentionally or unintentionally.

      • Hi Ann, I knew you were not being intentionally indifferent. I figured you were just pondering about my pithy responses, and coming up with your own excellent responses to my responses.

      • I love these intentional thoughts of yours, SD.

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