Day 970: Just the ticket

Here’s just the inspiration for today’s post title, taken after a day at work when I was speeding around doing so much that I could have easily gotten a ticket from a pedestrian patrol officer, if there were such a thing:

Maybe it’s just me, but I wonder if it’s just or fair for any one car to accumulate so many tickets.

That photo may be just the ticket, but is today’s topic  “Just the ticket” just the ticket for me to create a just and righteous post for you this morning?

Or am I just giving myself a one-way ticket to nowhere?

How could my ticketed title relate to the stories I heard and the lessons learned in therapy sessions yesterday?

It’s not like anybody needed a ticket to get into those individual and group therapy sessions.

Also, how does “Just the Ticket” relate to the other photos I had time to take yesterday?

Hmmm. I suppose that truck — up on the sidewalk to make a delivery near Fenway Park in Boston — deserves to get a parking ticket. Also, I might pay for a ticket to see lots of bold characters in one play.

That photo could also be ticket-related, since clothes on sale have tickets attached to them.

Hearts are just the tickers, I mean tickets, for keeping us all alive. I hope that — for one of my non-ticketed patients yesterday  — using a jeweled, ticker-shaped “worry box” will allow  her put to her worries away at night and get some sleep.

“Learning” was just the ticket for a discussion topic at one of the non-ticketed therapy groups I facilitated yesterday.

I should probably buy a ticket to a hand-writing improvement seminar (and perhaps an art class, too). Here’s what I wrote on one side of that flower:

The flower doesn’t have to learn how to grow.

And on the other side:

Certain things we learn get in the way of growth and we have to unlearn them.

When I saw the moon during my walk away from work last night, I thought, “There’s a spectacular full moon coming up soon. Thank goodness I don’t need a ticket to view that. ”

I don’t know how and when I took that photo, but isn’t it just the ticket for a post like this one?

I don’t know what was going on at Fenway Park last night. It was definitely not a baseball game, but something was playing on the Jumbotron. I’m assuming that

  • people needed to have tickets to get in there and
  • I deserve a ticket for using the word “Jumbotron. “

I wonder if the person who posted that sign  on their car has the authority to give out tickets to people who park too close?

Okay! I managed to come up with tickets for each of those photos. Isn’t that just the ticket?

Now, are you — my non-ticketed reader — ready for a one-way ticket to a ticket-related tune?

The Beatles sold lots of tickets to that 1965 performance of “Ticket to Ride” at Shea Stadium, another famous baseball park in the U.S.

What do you think was just the ticket, in today’s post?

Ticketed thanks to the Beatles, to everybody who helped me create this “just the ticket” post, and to you — of course! — for being just the ticket, for me.

P.S. Here are some more tickets I remembered to include after I published this post:

  1. I bought tickets last night for my son and I to see Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music in Boston next month and
  2. my son, my ex-sister-in-law Deborah, my niece Laura,  her daughter Victoria, and I  have tickets to see Anthony Rapp from Rent (whom I recently saw at a ticketed show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe) in a one-man show in September.

Just the ticket for a great September!

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24 thoughts on “Day 970: Just the ticket

  1. You always choose such great music at the end of your posts. Your first post reminds me of that line on getting complimented on your driving. The note said paper fine haha.That clothes sale pic is super stylish.

  2. Your post is just the ticket this morning Ann! Never seen so many in one place 😉
    Hope your friday is just the ticket for you too!

  3. Gotta tell you about my tickets! My friend and I I got round-trip tickets to San Francisco for an amazingly good price. Then my magical travel agent got just the ticket for getting us out of town – a very affordable car!
    From SF we will blast north then noodle our way down the coast for sixteen days. We even have the tickets to visit the islands off Washington!
    I was a bit worried about how to pay for this whole trip when I got an unexpected job – TWO new books to edit! Just the ticket for helping me make my way down the coast.That means I have a lot of work for the next ten days before I leave.
    Can’t wait!

  4. This is post is just the ticket for getting me started this morning. I watched that video of the Beatles and the girls swooning and screaming and wondered where all the emotional intensity has gone in our society. Do we spread all our emotions so far out and about now that we don’t have any left to focus it all on one thing that gives us joy? This has given me a ticket for a day of pondering about that. I hope you have a lovely day!!!! See you tomorrow!!!!

  5. The only time I’ve ever been ticketed was when I parked in the lot next to a small art theater. When I discovered the ticket I went back to the theater lobby and apologized profusely. “Oh no,” said an employee. “Theater patrons aren’t supposed to be ticketed. I’ll take care of this.” I’d been there to see “House on Haunted Hill” with Vincent Price. Her kindness was just the ticket–as was the film.
    Thank you for this post–it provided a ticket back to that memory.

    • Somebody might want to buy a ticket to see how amazed I am that you’ve only been ticketed once, Chris, with such a pleasant outcome. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten parking tickets around Boston. Maybe you’re better at keeping track of time than I am.

  6. It was Movie Night at Fenway Park, Ann!

    And the flick was Fever Pitch. Even though I’m a Mets fan, I found the chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon in that one to be just the ticket. Furthermore, the Red Sox are playing the Mets at Citi Field for the first time ever tonight through Sunday. Will Neil Diamond buy a ticket, or show up on the field to sing Sweet Caroline, perhaps?

  7. I’m loving your choice of theater tickets, Ann, especially the Sondheim play. I too, have often believed I should get a pedestrian speeding ticket…hard habit to break, that running around ! Your post is always “just the ticket” for my a.m. ☺

  8. Amazing, Karen Carpenter playing drums!

    • You are just the ticket, Maria! I had considered including that video in this post. I am very glad that you shared it in a comment.

  9. Love the moon shots. I’m always trying, and failing, to get them. It was amazing to see that Beatles film. I love the song, but I had totally forgotten about the hysteria.

  10. When I bought newspapers I regarded the reading of them as a route to the crossword. So it was with this post. It is no reflection on its quality that, from the outset, I knew it would be a route to The Beatles’ masterpiece. You did not disappoint. Just the ticket.

  11. I got a ticket to ride….right through this post! 🙂

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