Day 969: Hooks

Yesterday, while I was walking to work, I was hooked by the title and by the music of a Sting song, “Sky Hooks and Tartan Paint.”

If you are hooked by that song, you can find it here on YouTube, which contains a lot of musical hooks.

Immediately after I was hooked by that tune, I was hooked by the sight of an actual hook in the sky:

When I got to work, I was hooked by my Wednesday morning therapy group, especially by their expressed relief and gratitude about my return from a two-week vacation.

I was also hooked by some anxiety, because:

  • I felt a little out of practice, facilitating a group, and
  • I had a 2 PM appointment with my wonderful dentist, Dr. Del Castillo, and — for the first time in years — I  would NOT be hooked up to an IV an hour before a dental procedure to receive endocarditis-preventing antibiotics.

Lest you be hooked by any concern about that, my doctors have decided that taking a single oral antibiotic is enough protection to prevent my heart from the dastardly hooks of endocarditis-causing bacteria (which have gotten their hooks onto my heart valve three times in the last 18 years).

As I am writing this hooky post, I’m being hooked by an unpleasant reaction to the oral antibiotic which is “off the hook, as the kids like to say” (which my boyfriend Michael likes to say). I shall be ringing my doctors’ phones off the hook, and  I won’t let them off the hook until we find an oral antibiotic with fewer yucky side effects.

I’m going to let you off the hook, now, and quit writing about my antibiotics. Instead, here are some other images that hooked me, yesterday:


Which one of those hook-y shots hooked you?

I am now going to unhook myself from writing this post and take some more probiotics. I wonder if one can get hooked on those?

Sky-hooks-and-tartan-paint thanks to Sting, everybody playing musical hooks in that video,  Michael, Dr. Luis Del Castillo (who is hooked on reading this blog), my therapy groups, PetSmart, Whole Foods Market,  probiotics, every single hook I encountered yesterday, and you — of course! — for getting hooked here, today.

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33 thoughts on “Day 969: Hooks

  1. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for your wonderful blog and for getting me hooked on it


  2. Your newbie Honda Fits in the nook! I’m glad you did not stumble upon a crook! Your backpack won’t be left hanging there, will it, Ann? 🙂

  3. I too am hooked on your blog. I love all your photos but got hooked on the Pet Dophilus picture. I wonder when bacteria that is considered normal flora in one’s intestinal system became so expensive. Then I started thinking about the fact that they are now doing fecal transplants, which is so amazingly gross, it makes my tummy flip flop. Who are the donors for these fecal transplants and how do they determine a good donor from an unacceptable donor – now I am hooked on thinking about that and the need to Google to find the answers. Turns out they have been doing something like this in China since the 4rth Century – used to make a concoction called “yellow soup”. There is even a foundation – the Fecal Transplant Foundation. See what you have started with the photo of puppy probiotics. Thanks for getting me hooked on this rather gruesome subject so early in the morning.

  4. Thank you for hooking me on that Sting song first thing this morning. It brings back memories of camping trips and being sent for skyhooks, left-handed smoke shifters, and tent locks. I hope your doctors can hook you up with a better antibiotic soon.

  5. I was hooked just from the photo of Sting. Thanks for the catchy tune this a.m., Ann ☺

  6. I was on tender hooks waiting to see what would hook me today. It was Sting and then the hats for pets – on their hooks of course!

  7. Oh Ann! I got hooked on Bo…. The president’s dog. He’s a Portuguese Water Dog… He’s so furry and soft. He started playing with me so I’m finally going to the White House.

  8. Leturos

    I saw this post as I while waiting for the light to change. I was on my way home from a weekly appointment with a woman who is helping me from getting too easily hooked on another idea then another. As I drove I thought 969, why that’s 3*17*19 and for some reason, maybe because I had a 30 minute drive, i started to play. I’ll write about it later.


    Bob 770-670-8043

  9. Maureen

    I love, love, love the baby kitten. As for the plants in glass bubbles — well, they make me feel like gravity has disappeared. I hope that you stop reacting to the antibiotic and that it’s effective.

    Did you follow the directions to the zoo?

  10. Ann, I’m hooked by those glass ball planters – how cool are they! ❤
    Diana xo

  11. So much cool stuff all in one place. I took the hood 😀

  12. Gotta be the pirate – Captain Hook

  13. yeoldefoole

    wow! you’re already back? I’ve been out of it!!!

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