Day 968: Interesting

Yesterday, I met with a very interesting person who, interestingly enough, feels uninteresting. Feeling uninteresting causes this person to avoid interacting with other people, for fear of being seen and judged as not interesting.

It’s interesting to me how many interesting people suffer from these kinds of fears. I, as an interested psychotherapist, am very interested in helping people reduce the interestingly common cognitive distortion of labeling themselves

  • uninteresting,
  • unworthy,
  • unlovable, and
  • other harsh, judgmental, painful and interestingly destructive adjectives.

Therefore,  I gave this interesting person two interesting prescriptions yesterday, of different strengths:

As with all my interesting prescriptions, there is an interestingly low risk of

  • overdosing,
  • side effects, or
  • dependency.

Here are some other interesting photos I took during my interesting yesterday.


Which photo did you find most interesting? I was most interested in the last one. I was so interested in it, I had the interesting plan of giving  this interesting post today the interesting title of “No Title.”

Well, as interesting Scottish poet Robert Burns

interestingly wrote:

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men

Gang aft agley

I find it interesting how my iPhone — on which I write these interesting  posts — recognized  the interesting word “agley.”  My phone is more interesting than I realized.

Interested in what interesting music I might choose for this interesting post?

Here‘s the interesting tune that was playing in my interestingly yellow Honda Fit when I took that last interesting photo:

I also think it’s interesting how Weird Al Yankovic parodied “Zoot Suit Riot” by the interestingly named Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, as follows:

That interestingly reminds me that I should probably go on a grapefruit diet before my high school reunion, which is sure to be interesting, next month.

As always, I am interested in what you find damn interesting about this post.

Interesting and interested  thanks to all the interesting people who helped me create this interesting post and to you — interestingly enough — for being interested enough to read it.

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42 thoughts on “Day 968: Interesting

  1. backtowhatever

    I always find it so interesting how interestingly you play with interesting words 🙂

  2. Upon reflection, the wing mirror photo

  3. Pittsburgh has a Burns statue, too. In fact he is all over the world, everywhere. I blogged him in the snow. And a link to the list of memorials to him around the globe.
    An interesting day for sure.

  4. Saw the CPD at the WOW Hall in Eugene years ago–fantastic show! I’m thinking there’s a market for t-shirts, bumper stickers, and big round buttons saying “I’m effing fascinating!”

  5. Burns was interestingly prolific in his writing and getting about with the ladies. Its interesting he died so young … probably from some interesting communicable disease …
    Your wee car is damn interesting too Ann!

  6. The photo I liked the most was the Rx ‘I’m interesting enough’. It’s something I’m working through and it was nice to see that to remind me.

    • I find it interesting that so many interesting people like you, April, need reminders that they’re interesting. I greatly appreciate your interest in this post.

  7. Interesting post!!!! I think my neighbors must be interested in what I do over on my patio in the morning, because thanks to you I listen to some of the most interesting music videos. The Zoot Suit Riot song make me want to take Swing dance lessons, I think that would be most interesting to do and a good way to get some much needed exercise. Have you ever met anyone who thought they were too interesting? Would that be a narcissist – I see that word bandied about quite a bit in some of the blogs I read. Only thing I think of when I see the word narcissist is those little daffodil looking flowers in the spring. Well, I am off to work for another interesting day. Hope your day is filled with interesting people and things!!!!

  8. O find all your posts interesting. I liked the side mirror photo because of the different perspectives.

  9. I used to have a button that said, “What’s this cat’s story?” I wish I still had it–it announced to the world that every cat has an interesting story.
    What’s interesting, though, is how you’ve reminded me of the champion snooker player Steve “Interesting” Davis. He was given that nickname as a joke because he was perceived as being so dull and unemotional. He seems to love the joke and even co-wrote a book called How to Be Really Interesting. His sense of humor is definitely interesting.
    Most people I know find all forms of billiards including snooker really uninteresting, but I find it fascinating. Every time I pass the Hermitage Hotel I remember Rudolph Wanderone, AKA “Minnesota Fats” used to live there and anyone who came in could play a game of pool with him. I never did, unfortunately, but I did regularly play pool at a place called Tom’s Pool Hall. Tom always had interesting stories about Wanderone and other famous pool players, and was quite an interesting character. Some days I spent more time listening to him than I did playing. Tom always kept a special antique table he called “the Minnesota Fats” special reserved for me because I was from Nashville. He would tell me “Minnesota Fats was always a gentleman”, which I find interesting because everything I’ve read about Wanderone suggests he was really obnoxious, but that’s not how Tom saw him.
    I hope the length of this comment hasn’t caused you to lose interest.

  10. Some of the most interesting people I know & have met were initially are so laid-back and easy going that getting to know them was always a treat and I discovered something new ~ much like knowing you and your blog. Wishing you great day Ann.

    • You are always so interesting, Randall. I’m thinking I’ve probably missed some of your wonderful posts so — in case you’re interested — I’m going to visit your blog, now.

  11. By far, those hoses in the street. I like the red attachments to the ends. Flushing fire hoses? Washing the gutters? And someone tending it all. Mysterious.

    • It was mysterious, and I walked by too quickly to get any interesting information about what was going on there. I will tell you this interesting fact: it was taking place outside of Fenway Park, where the Red Sox play baseball.

  12. To me, it’s all about your Rx for being “interesting enough”. What has to have happened to one who views himself as uninteresting ?? It’s sad. No matter what we survive or what negative message we have internalized, we all are unique and different…and that makes us all interesting. Thanks for an interesting post, as always, Ann. ☺

  13. I found it interesting that they would bring me here today.

  14. I alway read your blog with interest Ann. It’s better than a bank account these days.

  15. Lovely, interesting and sad (the stamp) post.

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