Day 966: Call me lucky

Call Me Lucky is an amazing movie  — about the beloved, much-respected political humorist/children’s protection activist, Barry Crimmins — that I was lucky enough to see yesterday at the Somerville Theater, near Boston USA.


I hope  you are lucky enough to see this great film, which I believe is now available on iTunes.

You could call me lucky because:

  • my 17-year-old son Aaron — after spending lots of time with me recently in Edinburgh, Scotland — was still happy to spend the afternoon with me watching that funny, wrenching, illuminating and, ultimately, life-affirming film,
  • in the 1980s, I got to see Barry Crimmins and all the other great  Boston-based comedians who appear in Call Me Lucky, many times,
  • in the 1980s, when I performed my own stand-up routine at two Open Mic nights, one of those nights was the Boston-comedy-club debut of the director of Call Me Lucky, Bobcat Goldthwait,
  • I have seen and heard many wonderful films and performances at the Somerville theater over the years, including several shows by my guitar hero, Pat Metheny, and
  • like Barry Crimmins, I am passionate about my chosen work, to which I am returning, today, after a two-week vacation.

You might also call me lucky because yesterday I could see

with non-red eyes, all these other interesting and wondrous things around me:


Might you call any of those shots particularly lucky?

Call me lucky for so easily finding the trailer for Call Me Lucky, on lucky YouTube.

Are there any reasons why you might call yourself lucky, here and now?

Lucky and copious thanks to Barry Crimmins, to my son Aaron, to Bobcat Goldthwait, to stand-up comedians in Boston and elsewhere, to all the brave children’s protection advocates in the world, to the Somerville Theater, and to you — of course! — whom I am lucky enough to call “my reader,” today.

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25 thoughts on “Day 966: Call me lucky

  1. Welcome home, you lucky globetrotter, you! The ripe tomatoes were waiting for you, lucky girl! Methinks your eye looks better, too.

  2. Welcome home! That shot you took of the electric box with the word sorry and the man sitting next to it is terrific!
    Gratitude is deeply underrated as a lens changer and mood elevator and motivator . I bet that’s because it’s closest relation is Love❤️

  3. Nice post, Lucky

  4. I am glad your eye looks better! I too was lucky enough to go to a movie this weekend with my sons. I would like to go see this movie of which you speak. I am also lucky that I wake up every morning to look at your great posts. I like the “Sorry” photo too – I wonder why sorry is written on that box. You are very lucky to live in a place that is so green and lush, of course you probably don’t feel that lucky during the harsh winters over on your side of the country. I also wonder about that thing that pulls dishes out of the oven, it seems if your casserole was a bit full, one might end up sticking it into the casserole and then one would be unlucky enough to have another thing to wash up.
    Have a lovely day.

  5. No matter the colour of your eyes, I feel lucky that you share what you see so generously here! You light up my mornings with your more than lucky photos and words because the way you look at the world expands what I see when I look at the world! And that makes me very very lucky!

  6. Call me lucky that this blog is so much fun to read and has given me so much laughter and joy, and let me be myself, a case of multiple personalities feline disorder.

  7. I am lucky enough to know both Ann Koplow and Bobcat Goldthwaite. I don’t think there are many people in the world who can say that. So Soorry to gloat a little, as that one photo of yours today spells it.

  8. I feel lucky to have read this and feel that you’re lucky to have been so close to both Bobcat Goldthwaite and Barry Crimmins. And I feel you’re lucky to have the Somervile Theater which looks like it dates back at least to the early ’30’s when theaters had “dish nights”.

  9. Somehow, it is not surprising that you once had a standup routine. Your sense of humor comes through all the time. ☺☺ And “Get in here and eat” cracked me up…something I heard all the time growing up. We never wanted to come inside.

  10. Mixing your tartans isn’t considered lucky in Scotland … but hey – you’re back in the US! 😄
    I feel so lucky to connect to you today Ann!

  11. Welcome home. Aren’t old theaters beautiful? Always lucky to see a film in one!

  12. Call me lucky that Dad is still alive and mentally alert at 93!

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