Day 964: Who has the time?

Who has the time to do what’s important?

Who has the time to even figure out what those important things are?

Specifically, who has the time to:

  • read blog posts (besides you)?
  • write blog posts (besides me and several other people who read this blog)?
  • take lots of  photos of things that evoke personal memories and associations and which might be interesting to others?


  • go to the movies?

  • wear unusual hats at work (e.g., on the anniversary of the publication of Alice in Wonderland)?

  • play?


  • take much-deserved rests?

  • celebrate birthdays?

  • write clever, eye-catching marketing materials (besides these guys)?

  • attend to aches, pains, and sprains, taking the time to choose among different cold-delivery systems?


  • and, finally, express appreciation (for new shoes and everything else)?

In the end,  we all have the time to get better at setting priorities and making choices. Not unlimited time, but all the time we need.

Who has the time to choose the music for this post?

Thank goodness, the Beatles had time to write timeless music like “The End.” I also have the time, right now, to notice that 3K people had the time to like and 59 people had the time to dislike that video of “The End” on YouTube.

I have the time to make one more point: now that we know that 59 people can go out of their way to take the time to dislike THAT, why do the rest of us take any time at all worrying about what other people might dislike about us?

Who has the time to express any thoughts and feelings about this post?

I now have the time to thank the Beatles, my boyfriend Michael, my cat Oscar, my downstairs neighbor Karen, Faxy the dog who loves and lives with Karen, Mingus the dog who’s visiting before he leaves to love and live with Karen’s daughter and new son-in-law, the staff person who was wearing the Alice in Wonderland hat at Heathrow Airport, Marathon Sports, the produce department at Whole Foods, Penny from Pop Pop! at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (who threw small potatoes at the audience), and you — of course! — for taking the time, today, exactly the way you are.

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50 thoughts on “Day 964: Who has the time?

  1. Everybody has the same amount of time but so many decisions about what to do with it, Ann. You spend yours in interesting ways, thank you.

  2. Interesting exchanging from markbialczak. +1.

  3. i have enough time
    to enjoy some durian
    if someone has time to prepare it
    in a fruit salad or cake
    while listening
    and dancing
    the end 🙂

  4. I have time to say this: I love the food photos – except for that first one which looks way too much like a caterpillar I saw yesterday! Looks like it’s going to crawl right off the plate. But I have to admit the person who made it did did a very good job and probably spent a lot of time doing it.

    • That is my current favorite order at our local Sushi restaurant, Emilie. I’m glad that I had time to visit there for our first dinner in the USA after our adventures in Scotland.

  5. The first picture harks back in time to The Magic Roundabout

  6. Love the post, and I always have the time to read your posts. I get up in the morning, every morning and read your post and Mark’s post. I love the sushi – is that the one with the caviar in it? My kids are into sushi (getting the gains food) – they always get me the something called Booty-Booty (I am sure that is not the way it is spelled). I took the time to Google the name of that sushi to see if I could find the correct spelling, but all I found was a National Park in New South Wales – called Booti-Booti Beach which if I had the money, I would take the time to go see.
    I also enjoyed the pictures of the produce, I had the time to really look at it – my son LOVES Saguaro fruit (also took the time to Google the spelling on that). I also spent time wondering how your foot was doing. One last thing that I had the time to do – is find this song for you – that I thought would be quite appropriate for a reply to todays post.

    Have a lovely Saturday!!!!!!

    • I shall now take the time to tell you, SD, that my foot is getting better, I love the band Chicago, and I am humbled and happy that your read my posts every day!

      • I love your posts and it is my pleasure entirely to read them every day. I am so glad we met at that blogging party thing. That was a most fortuitous meeting!!!

      • I’m glad we had the time!

  7. I believe there’s enough time but none to waste… I read that somewhere lately Ann. ❤
    Diana xo

  8. I love being reminded that I have the time to slow down and hang out with you Ann! Thank you 🙂

  9. Time is a candle burning. You think you have enough, but then it goes dark. I admired the “Alice in Wonderland” style hat! I think I could rock that in a Johnny Deppish sort of way.

    • I wish we could all rock hats like that, Greg. I was happy to see that hat and to see how Heathrow airport was rocking the 150th anniversary of the publishing of “Alice in Wonderland.” Many thanks for taking good time here, today.

  10. Oh Oscar, remember me? I have time to speak to you.

  11. Ann, meow, I don’t know her, meow.

  12. I’m glad I took the time to read this. I recognize jackfruit in one of those pictures. I’ve never tried jackfruit, but that’s a reminder that I should–there should always be time taken for new experiences.

  13. You share your everyday world with us,Ann,and it is a delightful world. I’ll take the time to enjoy, sometimes saving it for the end of my reading session…just to savor the goodness. Thanks for that.💕

  14. Taking time to read your blogs and all the comments is definitely worth it. Hope your ankle/foot feels better.

  15. Absolutely nobody! 🙂 But you can always find a little time if you want to. Many thanks for the follow. I’ll be back but not sure when 🙂

  16. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay i like to tayk time owt to snif and play and also sleep a lot!!! but i think dada missd the hole poynt heer all he kan say now is he wants to find time to go get a caterpillar roll!!! ok bye

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