Day 963: How to choose the title for a post

 1. Check recent photos for a good-enough  post title. 

Which of those photos might inspire a post title, for you?

 2. Acknowledge a special event.

For example, today is my and my son Aaron’s first day home after an incredible vacation in Edinburgh, Scotland with our excellente relative Deborah. Plus, it’s my boyfriend Michael’s birthday.

 3. Go with your first instinct. 


Before I end this well-enough-titled post, here’s a song inspired by one of my photos, above.

Everything IS awesome, sometimes.

Awesome and aptly titled thanks to Aaron, to Michael, to my ex-sister-in-law Deborah,  to everybody else appearing in this excellently-titled post (mostly from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015), and to you — of course! — no matter what your title is.

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37 thoughts on “Day 963: How to choose the title for a post

  1. Welcome back! Thank you for the vacation. I feel like I’ve been to the Fringe Festival and had cocoa with pink marsmallows by deep lakes.

    I am back in the US, too, today. Sitting at the border on the 5:30 AM Amtrak bus, heading for the three day Gender Odyssey conference in Seattle where I hope to meet one of my favourite memoirists, Kate Bornstein. Plus,many other warm-hearted people.

  2. My favorite movie — my favorite song. Makes my family cringe. But when you are down, stuck, lost, you can always sing: “Everything is Awesome! Everything is Cool When You’re Part of a Team!”

  3. I think I would choose – Fair Enough. I like that, it is good a title for a post. I am glad you are safely home. I hope Michael has a most excellent birthday day and you and Aaron are able to recover from your travels. I must now go earn my honest crust (go to work). No rest for the weary as my dear old Dad says.

  4. Every one of those pictures inspires me. Now that I think about it “Everything Is Inspiring” would be a great title.

  5. Honestly, I thought the title of this post would be “Oscar de la Renta”.

  6. Poking a Dead Frog sounds good enough me. But I won’t. It might be asleep. Still, it sounds good enough….
    Welcome back, Ann!

    • How wonderful to see you, Elouise. And thanks for the welcome and for your kindness towards that possibly alive frog.

  7. Fair enough questions Ann. Everything looks awesome! xo

  8. Welcome home ! I’d be inspired by the lost Nick Drake recording..another artist gone too soon.

  9. I’d like a title – Sir 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I really think my latest post will make you laugh at least 3 times.

  10. Poking a dead frog offers potential

  11. I’m Home but the Aswum Humour and Ham Hock Croquettes Remain in Scotland

  12. Very carefully!

  13. Love #3. Go with the Gut.

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