Day 962: Cream of the Crop

On our last day in Edinburgh, I saw this on a stage at the Festival Fringe:

When I saw “Cream of the Crop” (the name of a fictional game show), I thought, “That’s a creme de la creme title for tomorrow’s post.”

That post title rose to the top, for me, because:

  • this vacation/holiday has been the cream of the crop in so many ways,
  • on our last day at the 2015 Festival Fringe we had many cream-of-the-crop experiences, and
  • that title allows me to just post the best-of-the-best photos I took yesterday, before we leave the hotel to catch a really early  plane to return home to Boston, USA.

Here’s the cream of yesterday’s crop:




I don’t have time to separate out and explain each of those cream-of-the-crop photos, but I will tell you we saw wonderful performances yesterday — including Sanctuary and Pop Pop —  and we ate some great food at the Vittoria Restaurant (owned by Tony on the right, above).

One thing that was missing, before yesterday, was the cream of the crop local Edinburgh comedian, Tom Joyce, whom my son Aaron and I had luckily encountered during our two previous visits to the Festival Fringe.

Yesterday was such a cream of the crop day, that we ran into Tom when we left the restaurant … 

… and then got to see him on stage as a member of The Improverts.

If you’ve read a bumper crop of my previous posts, you’d know that I LOVE fireworks. Sure enough, on our final night in Edinburgh, i saw those, too:

Here’s to next August in Edinburgh, lads and lassies, and Auld Lang Syne. 

Top thanks to my son Aaron, to my ex-sister-in-law Deborah, to Susanne Sulby for Sanctuary, to Penny Greenhalgh for Pop Pop, to Tony and Angela at Vittore, to Tom Joyce, to the Improverts, to the Scottish people, to the wonderful city of Edinburgh, to all the performers and other folk who helped make our stay here so magical,   and to you — of course! — for being Cream of the Crop readers, every one.

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38 thoughts on “Day 962: Cream of the Crop

  1. sweetly creamy
    low fat 🙂

  2. I see Aaron got his favourite ice-cream dessert

  3. Safe travels and what a fabulous ending! Aaron sure knows how to order dessert- I consider all the yummy drinks and desserts to be the cream of the crop in my book!

  4. Ann, I had no idea this festival was so artistic, cultural, and avant garde, with the best in theatrical and street performing arts from all over the world. Thanks so much for this virtual tour you have offered because I learned about it and experienced it almost as if being there. What a beautiful gift to your talented son which will make his mind flourish with memories and ideas that will nurture his mind for a lifetime. Thanks to you for disclosing this event from this beautiful country.

    • They send me to Scotland every year! See ya!

      • That’s because I’m the Cream of the Crop, of course!

      • There she goes again! I’m glad she went to Scotland! She would have ruined my show anyway. I also had time to sign the papers to adopt Oscar while Ann was away. He is my legal grandson you know. He can help me with my agency.

      • You are a cougar after all. You have absolutely no legal rights over Oscar. Stop living in a fantasy world and thinking you’re a diva!

    • Thank you for responding back with your beautiful perspective, Maria. Maybe we’ll see you and Grumpy and the rest of the crew in Edinburgh next August!

  5. You are the creme de la creme, the cherry on the top and the cream of the crop all rolled up into one delightful festival of words, every day!

    Safe journey home.

    • Thank you,Louise. As I like to say, it takes one to know one. (And something I forgot to say in yesterday’s post about the play STYX — that was a catch phrase in that play!)

  6. Delectable melange, of sights, sounds, and creamy delights…

  7. You’ll drink a cup of kindness, yet. Happy Trails, Ann 💕

  8. I am so bummed our, whoops, I mean your vacation is over. It seemed to just go so quickly. I really enjoyed myself vicariously reading about your adventures. Have a safe flight. Elevate your poorly foot while en route (If you can)!!!!!

    • I couldn’t elevate my foot on the flight, but my whole body was elevated into the air, so maybe that helped?! Anyway, I’m feeling fine today to be back home safely, and reading your wonderful comment, SD.

  9. All good things…thank you for sharing the cream of the crop and have a safe journey home. You can take tomorrow, dip it in a dream, separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream.

    • Thanks for your scrumdiddlyumpshish comment, Chris. And by the way, one of the student sketch comedy troupes we saw in Edinburgh did a nice spoof of Willy Wonka.

      willy wonka skit

      I think that photo shows the Durham Revue’s nice spoof of “The Sound of Music,” but you get the idea.

  10. Was that Aaron on stage with the rollerblader?

    • You are a cream-of-the-crop observant reader, Maureen!

      The rollerblader was Penny Greenhalgh, a good friend of our friend Josh Ladgrove/Dr. Professor Neal Portenza. We went to see her show “Pop Pop” on his recommendation and it was adorably zany and inventive. She got Deborah and I in the act, too, helping her do her costume changes (I have no photos of that, of course, because we were too busy) and she also called Aaron up on stage. After the show, when we expressed our appreciation and explained why we were there, she said, “Oh! You’re the Americans!” Somehow, the way Penny said that, I was particular proud about that label.

  11. Pop Pop go the fireworks. This year’s Festival Fringe burst with color for me here in Syracuse, Ann. Thank you for bringing it to us, red eye, bum ankle and blue hair be damned. ❤

  12. What a cream of the crop ending to this trip Ann. So much fun 🙂 Happy landings back home!

  13. Puppet fiction haha. Let me know if you stop anywhere near London.

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