Day 957: Unforeseen Circumstances 

Yesterday morning, my son Aaron, my excellente ex-sister-in-law Deborah, and I walked over to the New Town section of Edinburgh,  to try out a highly regarded breakfast spot named “Urban Angel.”

When we got there, we found this:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we ended up at a fine breakfast establishment next door, with more unforeseen circumstances, including:

Deborah ordering six shots of Espresso and cream and getting whipped cream instead of regular cream on the side,

white AND pink marshmallows adorning a glass of fine Italian hot chocolate,

my foreseenly breakfast-shunning son eating most of his hearty breakfast (except for the more than forty seen beans), and

four unforeseen backpackers at the next table unforeseenly  singing German Christmas songs, out of season.  When those four seemingly German singers  asked us if we had any requests, we then had the unforeseen circumstance of my being serenaded —  in Scotland on August 14 — with “O Tannenbaum.”

Other unforeseen circumstances, yesterday, included an extended walk around foreseen Edinburgh, where all the unforseen-ness of the following unforeseen scenes were seen:







Here’s an unforeseen circumstance: I’m going to ask you to guess what all those unforeseen flavors are for, above.

After the unforeseen circumstance of over forty seen flavors at a restaurant, there was yet another unforeseen and un-four-scene circumstance:


Unforseenly, Aaron and I totally disagreed about a Festival Fringe performance of Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd. While I LOVED the unforseen and flawless navigation of a complex score by all the singers and musicians,  Aaron disliked the acting.

Then, we encountered a few more unforeseen circumstances, at this foreseen Fringe Festival venue:

Lote —  who was handing out unforeseen  flyers outside the world-famous and formerly seen Frankenstein establishment — told us, unforeseenly, that she:

  • was given the name “Charlotte” at birth,
  • chose the name “Lote” for herself because it’s Elvish for “blossoming flower,”
  • is of Russian Jewish descent, and
  • was convinced  we would all love a stand-up comedian who was (1) performing at the Frankenstein in four minutes and (2) a master of punning.

Then, this unforeseen circumstance: none of us enjoyed the foreseen punning of that comedian.

Two more unforeseen circumstances:

  1. My red eye is NOT fading and
  2. My purple hair extension is.

That foreseen red eye may look bad, but it is unforeseenly and completely painless.

Is it unforeseen what music I’ve seen as seemly for this unforeseen post?

Perhaps it should have been a foreseen circumstance  by the three of us that —  directly after seeing  “A Little Priest” in a scene from Sweeney Todd — we were all punned out.

Unforeseen thanks to all those who unforeseenly contributed to this unforeseen and circumstantial post and foreseen thanks to you — of course! — no matter what your circumstances, today.

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47 thoughts on “Day 957: Unforeseen Circumstances 

  1. As always it was interesting to visit your blog again Ann, nice post 😀

  2. I’ll best you could have foreseen the rain

  3. bet, not best

  4. You have great unforeseen events. I like those kinds of unforeseen things.

  5. I couldn’t have foreseen such beuatiful pictures and commentary when I awoke this morning. My wife and I have been discussing a trip to Scotland in two years. This whets my appetite. Thank you.

    • I couldn’t have foreseen that I would miss your comment and reply a a whole week later, Ray. Great to see you and PLEASE GO SEE SCOTLAND WITH YOUR WIFE.

  6. You did get around a lot yesterday!! Now that was unforeseen by me. You really are capturing the feel of Edinburgh during the Festival Ann! Love it 🙂


    I love the photos. I remember that beautiful garden announcing Edinburgh. I am so glad Deborah is with you and you seem to be having a wonderful time. Why not? The home fires are burning and waiting for your return. Love, Karen

  8. Those pics of you and your son are priceless…your red eye does not show; your joy does. Lovely.☺

  9. Exllent rolling with the unforeseen punches and surprises along the way in Auld Reekie! Sorry about your red eye. I had one too after my second cataract surgery, but it’s gone now! May yours resolve soon too.

  10. I’m sorry to disagree, but I see it a little bit less red, I also read it can take a bit longer, that is from two weeks on. Also, there is a brownish tint that remains when the red starts clearing. Unforeseen circumstances have it that Grumpy is raging that a cat was shown “upside down”.

    • As far as I know, only one cat is allowed to appear upside down, and that’s me, Grumpy, the only female cat running for president of the U.S..


    • This all seem foreseen to me, and I appreciate every word.

      • Oh yes, you’ll start seeing a brown tint as it dries up. I’m so sorry about Grumpy, that was an exaggeration, why would being upside down bother anyone?

      • This is as far as I’m willing to go. Just a bit inclined.

  11. One thing I’m sure you must have foreseen is that there would be so much to enjoy in Edinburgh. I noticed Aaron’s breakfast included a grilled tomato, a traditional part of a British breakfast which reminded me of Julian Barnes’s A History of the World In 10 and 1/2 Chapters. In the final chapter the narrator has an unexpectedly heavenly breakfast, including a tomato unlike any he’s ever had before. It’s a strange book where every chapter is a stand-alone story so there’s no way to foresee what’s coming next. I hope Edinburgh continues to provide unforeseen delights.

    • Here are some things perhaps unforeseen, Chris: (1) I’ve been eating all of Aaron’s breakfast tomatoes because he won’t touch them and (2) I love that Julian Barnes book.

  12. Lovely photo’s Ann. It’s unforeseen that your eye would still be so red, hope it clears up soon. What lovely hair, though belonging to your SIL, I assume? ❤
    Diana xo

  13. I am so much enjoying being a fly on the wall during your fabulous overseas vacation. Your photos were of things never-before-seen by me, and your tales were unexpected. What could be more fun than debating the merits of a production with one’s well-informed and brilliant teen, in Scotland?

    • I foresaw that that you would see lots of positives in today’s post, Maureen. It’s always so wonderful to foresee you here.

  14. I bet it wasn’t an unforeseen circumstance that it was going to be cold and dreary in Edinburgh, as evidence by Aaron et al being appropriately togged. I am worried about the unforeseen circumstance of your perpetually red eye. I hope it improves. You seem to be having a lovely time. I like that you were serenaded – I used to be able to sing “O Tannenbaum” in German, now all I can say in German is something about a person resembling a large pile of manure(bet my parents are so glad they sent me to private school for that). Can’t wait to see what you guys have been up to next!!!!!!
    How is that one guy sitting on that other guy’s head? I think the flavor on the poster are for jams.

    • I couldn’t have foreseen such a rich comment, even though I always foresee great things coming from you, SD. I couldn’t foresee how the magic was done in these photos. And I don’t foresee anybody guessing correctly about those flavors.

  15. Unforeseen circumstances tell me I can only pose on this one, but I also like to participate!

  16. The human totem pole is the wildest thing I’ve ever seen, Ann! Aside from your non-fading red eye, that is. Those flavors are for licorice sticks? And a non-funny punning comic would be a long act, indeed. 😦

  17. But we all could have foreseen, that you, being such a lovely and positive person, would be having an amazing time in Scotland! The pictures are wonderful!

  18. So many happy, smiling faces! Lovely. I guessed those flavors to be ice cream, but that seems unlikely. 🙂 You seem to make the most of wherever you go, Ann, and that’s a lovely trait. I hope your eye just takes care of itself. It may not be painful, but it must be sensitive? This is what I call a happy post, and I enjoy “happy” wherever it appears. 🙂

  19. Hope that eye clears up! I love those pink plaid purses!! Wonderful photos again!

  20. Jan Woodruff

    Someone should look at your eye
    I hope you went on the carousel

  21. Sorry you didn’t have better weather but we’ve had a very wet summer this year, but that never seems to lessen the enthusiasm around the Fringe.

    • The weather was perfect for the Fringe, I thought. This is my third Fringe in a row with my son, and all the sunshine was much appreciated. And I greatly appreciate your commenting here!

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