Day 955: What catches my eye

My right eye is still bright red, faithful readers, but I’m not complaining. That brilliant red color fits right in, here at the Festival Fringe.

There are a lot of things in Edinburgh that caught my jet-lagged and very red eye yesterday, after our Red Eye flight from Boston through London (where our baggage was especially lagged, but finally arrived last night  by 1 AM, festival time).


I took that last shot at a Midnight Show of creative and absurdly nice comedians. The guy on stage had just said this about the venue: “Isn’t this like being in the inside of a coffin? This is like the last thing you’d see before you got cremated.”

What catches your eye most, here today? I have to especially call your attention to Edinburgh’s proclivity for bragging about being THE SMALLEST:

… which perhaps explains another reason I fit in here:

… with the world’s smallest hairbrush.

Gotta go get ready for another perfect day at the Festival!

But first, here‘s the prologue  from “Into the Woods” (which I watched on the plane and which features a festival:

Eye-catching thanks to the cast of thousands we saw yesterday during the first night of our 8-day festival and to you — of course! — for bringing your eyes here, today.

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34 thoughts on “Day 955: What catches my eye

  1. Welcome, welcome, there’s room for everyone! (when do I get down, where is my manager?)

  2. I think I’ve missed why your eye is red. I hope it is OK

    • See what I told you Abbey, how humiliating, and they want to nominate her for president. All she does is sell cat foot, beer, kitty bags, and we’ve been working all our lives just to show there’s dignity and gracefulness in being a cat. How disgraceful!

      • I see what you mean. Well, they are saying that they want honest, straightforward answers, and she does that. The problem is that she suffers from Narcolepsy, a chronic sleep disorder characterized by overwhelming daytime drowsiness and sudden attacks of sleep, and it could disqualify her. Also, she needs to come to our modelling agency and acquire some etiquette, which she desperately needs.

    • I thinks she’s doing her best.

  3. There’s so much eye-catching in Edinburgh and I can’t imagine how much there is within the Fringe Festival itself. Everything in these pictures catches my eye, and I’m reminded of seeing “Into The Woods” when I was in college and some of my fellow students performed it. Then a short time later a comedian came to do his act and quizzed Cinderella about why she’d cut her hair.

  4. Eye, yeye, eye, Ann, what you can spy on the Fringe, small and grand. I think the guy two over from the dummy drummer reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield. Enjoy your baggage!

  5. Did you catch the “red-eye” in order to travel to Edinburgh? (Tee-hee). But in all seriousness, I hope your eye is feeling better. Why was that guy laying face down? Was he okay. Just taking a wee nap? I hope you are having a lovely time!!!!

    • I did catch the red-eye, SD. Good one. That guy lying face down was distributing flyers for a show; so while he looks like he was lying down on the job, he really wasn’t.

  6. World’s smallest kite! Perfect thing to pack on a trip. I will be noodling down the West coast (US) soon and it would be fun to have one.
    Keep your eye on all the fun things and lovely places, Ann.

    • It’s fun keeping my eye on things in Edinburgh and on my blog, Emile, because chances are you’ll noodle by here!

  7. Congrats on getting your luggage … and being out and about in my home city!!
    Wee is what we aspire to 😉

  8. That looks like so much fun! I am so happy for you.

  9. Ann, what caught my eye was that video, I loved it. Was that from Stephen Sondheim?

  10. I love this one, it speaks about the trees:

  11. About that guy in the street with the dirty seat ??? Couldn’t tell what he is promoting ? ☺

    • We couldn’t tell either, Van. He was trying to stand out — by lying down — among the huge crowd of people promoting the hundreds and hundreds of performances here at the Fringe. Nobody was paying any attention to him, so I just went over and grabbed one of the flyers from his hand.

  12. My eyes delighted in all of these!

  13. I like what I saw but not sure what I saw of the fella lying face down???? I figured he must be okay with his hand held there with the papers. But……

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