Day 954: Baggage

We’re in amazing Edinburgh!

I’ve got plenty of

  • scenery, outside our hotel room,

  • interesting things to notice in Boston, London, Scotland, and in-between,



  •  love  and concern — from caring people around the world — and
  • easy ways to continue my venerable tradition of blogging  955 days in a row (although probably at different posting times, while my son, my excellente ex-sister-in-law, Deborah, and I are here).

At this writing I do NOT have plenty of

… baggage.

But who needs baggage in this beautiful world of ours, with so many great sights and sounds?

Plus, Deborah just messaged me — on my iPhone — that “delivery process has been initiated” for our bags.

I got plenty of gratitude for people who initiate solutions, my son Aaron, my excellente ESIL Deborah, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, brilliant and stupendous people in London, Scotland, and elsewhere, and you — of course! — no matter what baggage you’re carrying around, today.

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40 thoughts on “Day 954: Baggage

  1. Hope your baggage all arrived with no problems!

  2. Where, or where, can I get crab pretzels? That’s second only to wishing I could see “Kind Hearts and Cormorants”. Of course that’s an allusion to “Kind Hearts & Coronets”, the film in which Alec Guinness plays eight different parts. All that should come second to concern about you getting your bags, but it looks like you’re having a wonderful time in Edinburgh, and these things will come in time.

    • Everything will come in time, Chris, including great comments from you. And you can get crab pretzels at Logan International Airport in my hometown of Boston. Who knew?

  3. This may be my favourite blog entry ever — the Smiling Ann post. Have a wonderful time with Aaron!

  4. nothing more
    along with this
    great music 🙂

  5. Baggage and luggage can seem so different sometimes, can’t they?With baggage, you are dragging the past. With luggage, you are going places.

  6. Love the text — delivery process initiated! Beam me up Scottie!


  7. I hope you are enjoying the trip

  8. Oohh … you are so happy looking. I hope the smile is still there and your bags have arrived by now!
    I have some pangs for home seeing the sites in Edinburgh! I know exactly where you are. Handy for the station and everywhere you need to get to!

  9. Welcome to Edinburgh, the land of déjà vu’s, and this is all the baggage I need!! And I’m not interested in love and concern, from caring people around the world! No!

  10. Abbey, my own student called me a cougar, this is unacceptable!

  11. what wonderful images- especially your smile and your view from up in the clouds!

  12. Glad to hear you made it.
    Enjoying your first impressions.

  13. As though you’ll have enough time, there’s this wonderful sculpture of a giant hand, oh dear, north and west of the castle…Just ask. Great for climbing to pose…

  14. I’m so excited for you and Aaron on this trip Ann – I hope you’re having great fun! ❤
    Diana xo

  15. I love feel good, no baggage, no sadness posts! 🙂 Have fun!!!!

  16. No crab pretzels, please and thank you. It look cold, Ann, but what the hey, it is Scotland. I hope you brought warm clothes in your baggage that will arrive. 🙂

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