Day 952: Red I’s

Red is a color I look good in, by most accounts.

However, I don’t think this is a good look for me:

That red I cannot change. Red-eyed I just needs to wait, patiently, until that red eye fades away.

Red eye is helping Red I make some decisions, though, about what to wear:

Red I wonders if those reds are making my red eye less, or more, obvious.

Red I might not care so much about that red eye, especially since well-read I am on vacation. However, you may have read I am giving an important talk today about the therapy groups red-white-and-blue I have created.

Red I will just have red-eyed faith that other things will be more interesting at my talk than my one red eye.

That one red eye noticed lots of reds and eyes, yesterday:




That redhead — whom red-eyed I photographed yesterday — is my favorite (and only) son Aaron, who is the red apple of his mother’s red eye. Yesterday, after the final red-white-blue-and-green performance of Green Day’s American Idiot, somebody said to me, “Aaron looks exactly like you!” I’m sure that red I blushed even redder with surprised happiness  (making even more of a match with my red eye).

Here’s something else my red eye read among all those reds and eyes I snapped yesterday.   Whole Foods Market in Cambridge seemed not at all red-in-the-face that so many of their green vegetables

… look exactly like green onions.

Red I now needs to use my red eye to prepare for my talk today and also for my and my redhead’s red-eye flight to Scotland, tomorrow.

I wonder if any eyes will focus on my red eye at my talk or during or after that red-eye flight to the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh? Red I will let you know, when ready.

Is red I ready to choose a Red I song for this Red Eye post?

Red I could use “Green Onions,” but I’ve all-red-y done that, in a previous post.  Red I chooses “Favorite Son” from Green Day’s “American Idiot” (which my favorite redhead was singing, pictured above).

Red-eyed I hopes to have read  comments — left here by red, blue, brown, green, or black-eyed you  — before my red eye sees all those Boston psychotherapists attending my talk,  this afternoon.

Red-white-and-brown eyed gratitude  to my green-eyed red-headed son, to all the eyes I saw at Green Day’s American Idiot performance by the Arlington Children’s Theater, to the oh-so-green-and-red Whole Foods Market in Cambridge, and to you — of course! — for casting your eye here, today.

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34 thoughts on “Day 952: Red I’s

  1. Gene Phillips

    Delightful post, especially those sentences that seemed to have come from a mind nurtured on Dr. Seuss and Gerard Manley Hopkins.

  2. Captivate them with your speech, Ann, no one will notice the red eye. So funny about the not-so-red onion abundance. Love the cleaning/oreo quote. 💕 Red hearts for you.

  3. My eye went right to the misspelled word “radish”, the sort of simple grammatical error that makes some people see red but instead sent me to the Oxford English Dictionary which gave me surprisingly little information about the origins of the word “radish”. So my inner eye turned to the stories of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle who helped red-eyed parents deal with unruly children–in particular a little girl who refused to take a bath until she was so dirty her parents planted radishes on her.
    All the children pictured here seemed perfectly ruly, so I’m hoping your red eye is better soon.

    • It’s funny that I didn’t notice that radish was misspelled, Chris. Maybe that’s because “raddish” looks like “reddish” which would have fit in so beautifully with this post. I also enjoy investigating word derivations. That makes me reddish with regret that you couldn’t find more information about radish, but I am also reddish with delight about this Information about Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, parents and children.

  4. My not so red eyes went right to the reflected photo of you taking a photo of the not so red leafed lettucee (making just the curly edges counts?)

    Hope the talk left you blushing redly in pleasure at all the compliments you received.
    Hope the flight to Scotland is predominantly blue skies.

    Wishing you a day of bright red and shining hearts!

  5. I hope your talk goes well. Yay redheads with green eyes (I am one, well until my hair started changing from red to this freaky blond color). My youngest son has that dark red/auburn colored hair as it seems your son also does. My son used to hate his red hair, but I told him it was the hair color of royalty and he seems ok with it. I hope your red eye feels better, perhaps a lie down with some tea bags on your eye will help. Good luck today!!!!!!

    • I red-dily join in with the Yays for redheads with green eyes, SD. My eye feels fine (it just looks like it feels bad) and my talk went great. Thanks for the good luck; it worked.

      • I’m so glad. One worry put to bed. Now onto the trip and the reunion and an unred eye!!!!!!

  6. I particularly like the red cabbage in ghostly grasp

  7. Good luck with your speech today. I hope the red eye heals quickly and doesn’t interfere with your trip to Scotland.

    • Thanks for the perfectly colored luck and hope, Carol. The speech went very well and the red eye will not interfere with my trip — I won’t let it!

  8. Oh, my gosh! What happened to your eye? I wonder if you can get some drops from the pharmacist? I love the way that you are always red-eye for whatever comes your way.

    • Nothing actually happened to my eye. Eyes can go red at any time — even from something benign as a sneeze! That’s what one of the doctor’s at my practice told me on Friday, and the red eye doesn’t hurt at all. I love the way your comments can inspire me to improve matters: I asked the pharmacist and he said that eye drops may very well get rid of that pesky red more quickly. Thanks, Maureen, from both of my eyes.

  9. Me and my sister have had the red eyes, I believe they are called ‘Subconjunctival Hemorrhages’, several persons get them. They take anywhere from 7-10 days to clear (so I’ve read).
    Ann, here’s to you Goddess Durga in Red:

    via DURGA_MAA_by_VISHNU108.gif
    Oh Ann, Goddess Durga, meaning “the invincible”!

    The word Durga has been derived from Sanskrit language which means a fort. Durga is visible in the female form, wearing red clothes. Goddess has eighteen arms, carrying many items in her hands. The red color symbolizes fierceness and it suggests that goddess destroys evil and protects people from pain and misery caused by evil forces. Durga riding a tiger shows that she holds infinite power and uses it to save virtue and destroy evil. The eighteen arms holding attributes signify the unattainable energy that Maa (Mother) Durga possesses. Different symbolic attributes suggest the idea that she can face any evil force without consideration.

    • Thank you for the fierce power of this comment, Maria, and for turning my red eye into something wonderful and powerful! Now, that’s good energy.

      • You’re welcome goddess Durga, you have your tiger, and all is well and you’re relaxed.

  10. I simply read every word, Ann. I think you’ll be a star at your talk this afternoon, red eye and all.

  11. Thinking about you in your talk today!
    I hope the red eye resolves itself.
    I’m excited for you and the upcoming trip!

  12. I’m sending cooling inflammation-reducing waves of goodwill and good-luck for your talk. Love all those shiny, fresh vegetables.

  13. I hope your eye clears up quickly and wish you and Aaron a fantastic holiday in Scotland Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  14. I have a thing about eyes, I don’t know how I would cope with sore eyes and hope I don’t have to find out that said I hope your eye clears up nice a quick though

    • You are a sight for sore eyes, as usual, Joanne, but my eye isn’t even sore (even though it looks like an eyesore). Thanks so much for the nice visit.

  15. Pingback: Day 953: If you want to find the good in anything or anybody … | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

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