Day 951: Packing light

Whenever I travel, wherever I go, I like to pack light. I don’t like lugging a lot of weight with me.

Starting yesterday, I’ll be packing a smaller, lighter-colored car:

Here’s a closer look at the light sign the Honda dealer packed into my new car. It says

I don’t know about you, but when somebody is really packing care about me (and other people, too), I feel lighter. And, according to that sign, an entire city in Massachusetts cares about me!

According to my friend Deb (who lives in caring Cambridge)

… my new Honda Fit (lighter than hers) can fit and carry around a lot of weight inside. Nevertheless, I am NOT giving all those caring Cambridge people a thank-you ride (although I did give one to Deb, who is very light).

I like carrying around people who care with me, because it helps me feel lighter. For example, WordPresser David Kanigan authentically cares and lightens the load of his readers, and I carried him lightly in my thoughts when I saw this, last night :

Maybe I should have gotten that light-weight t-shirt for David at the Burlington Mall, when I was lightly shopping, with my boyfriend Michael, during a non-Humpday.

Speaking of Humpday,  my son Aaron, my ex-sister-in-law Deborah and I will be arriving in Edinburgh this Wednesday (known as Humpday, in case you weren’t carrying that around with you). Indeed, I was at the Burlington Mall last night  to figure out how I might lighten my load about this trip, especially regarding blogging.

At the Verizon store

Robert (left) told me I could pack light, leave my laptop at home,  and blog easily from Scotland with just the lightness of my phone. Robert was so helpful in enlightening me that I told his manager Bill (right). Bill was so helpful that I told HIS manager (not pictured, because he was camera-shy). Thanks for lightening my load last night, guys!

Phew! That was a load off my mind, about my daily blogging. After that Verizon visit, I could just enjoy being at the Burlington Mall with Michael, taking in the light sights.





That t-shirt’s message, above, is obscured by the weight of its tag. It lightly says “Sorry, not everyone can be me.” I don’t think everyone actually would want to be me,  since I carry the load of

  • Sore thumbs, from excessive phone blogging and
  • Sleep problems.

One of my major decisions about packing light for my trip to Scotland is whether to take my sleep machine, which is different from this one:

Michael said, lightly, about that machine, “You smash it against your head and you’re out like a light.”

I considered buying this t-shirt

for my son, Aaron, because he’s lightly appearing this weekend in a production of Green Day’s American Idiot.

Earlier yesterday, when the sky was lighter, I gave Aaron a lift to American Idiot in my new light car, and saw this:

Those thanks lightened my load, as did seeing all these other light things in the light of the day :


… none of which I’m packing, for Scotland.

When I was riding  in my new light car with Aaron, we heard this song:

… which reminded me of this YouTube video, which lightened my mood when I watched it last week:

One more light thing I want to pack in here, before I end this light post. I told Michael that my new light car would be easier to find, no matter where we packed — I mean, parked — it …

… and I was right.

To lighten the load on my blogging thumbs, I’m not going to pack too much into this gratitude paragraph, simply thanking Aaron, David, the two Debs, Michael, Verizon’s Bill and Robert,  dondrapersayswhat (for all the movies packed into that “Uptown Funk” video), and you — of course! —  for helping me pack lighter, every day.

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40 thoughts on “Day 951: Packing light

  1. I loved the mannequins packing bonbon heads, and the tiger backpack and the Hump Day references which makes me hear that lovely voice, “MikeMikeMikeMikeMike!!!” Pack my best wishes for an awesome Scottish excursion, land of my paternal tribe. Safe home, too. 😉

  2. You’re on a roll today, Ann, must be the pre-trip adrenaline ?? So many images to love here. But the favorite is that curious baby girl and her smile. 💕 Hope you don’t buy those snow boots…bad omen for Boston. I’d have gone for the chalk mug.

  3. I love your little yellow car – just waiting for you in in a sea of silver and taupe colored cars. I enjoyed all of your photos – especially the ones of the guys in Verizon.

  4. I think the new yellow Honda Fit’s you to a T, Ann, for your jaunts around your thankful city, travelling light.

  5. I hope you guys have an amazing trip Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  6. me and my
    6 yr old
    honda fit
    your taste
    in vehicles
    and lightness
    of being 🙂

  7. Yesterday I was wondering which Honda did you get. That Honda Fit received a 5-Star overall vehicle score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and was also named a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Honda has always been known to make safe cars, plus that yellow color will surely make you more visible. Congrats Ann!

  8. Wow, Ann! You did not pack lightly with this post. It is crammed full of wonderful stuff. I’m very excited for you because of your trip. Also, your car looks like the sun, which packs a lot of light.

    • Thank you for packing in such wonderful sunshine in your comment, Maureen. I’m looking at the beautiful yellow of your avatar, lighting up this blog.

  9. I’m happy you will always find your car in any packed parking lot Ann!
    Did you buy the tiger bag? It was so you!
    Delta waves are packed with the goodness of relaxation.
    Travel light, bright and easy my friend!

  10. Remember I also pack very light Ann! See you on Wednesday!

  11. love your new car!

  12. I want a new small car in a nice bright colour, Tim however, doesn’t want such a car…………….I do try to travel light but so often I fail, just saying

    • It’s not easy to travel light, especially when you’re considering the needs of others. Thanks for bringing your light here today, Joanne.

  13. I love to travel as fat as possible! I bring everything. Choice is comfort for me.

  14. Happy travels. Can’t wait to read about them.

  15. Congratulations on your new card!

    You really captured the ‘essence’ of the Mall.

    Great post.

    Enjoy Edinburgh

  16. Can you guess I’m lightening my backlog?

  17. Pingback: Day 1160: Celebrity | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

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