Day 949: Taking a break

Last night, in a therapy group, we focused in the concept of “taking a break”‘(among many other issues).

I am taking a break in this post, already, to interject my belief that “taking a break” was on people’s minds last night partly because their friendly neighborhood group facilitator (that’s me) will be taking a vacation break for the next two weeks.

During the group last night, we discussed how difficult it can be for people to

  1. take breaks, to get some much-needed rest, and
  2. get breaks, from bad luck and other unfortunate circumstances beyond their control.

When I start my two-week vacation tomorrow, I hope I can get breaks from

… but I work hard at getting breaks from those, even when I am not on vacation.

I am taking another break, in this post, to wonder why taking breaks from worry, fear, etc. is SO difficult for me and other humans beings. Geeesh!!! Can’t we ever get a break?

At this point, I am not sure how I am going to get breaks during my trip next week to Edinburgh, Scotland, to send my daily posts to you, through WordPress.

But, PLEASE do not suggest that I take a break from WordPress during my travels, dear readers! I hope I’ve broken through any doubts about something,  by blogging daily, since January 1, 2013,  through

  • rain,
  • snow,
  • hail,
  • sickness,
  • health, and
  • other trips (to Edinburgh and elsewhere):

I don’t WANT to take a break from blogging. 

So, as I like to say, in individual therapy, group therapy, and elsewhere:

We’ll figure it out.

I just hope my thumbs don’t break, with all this typing on my friggin’ iPhone keyboard.

Let’s see what other images I captured on my iPhone, during breaks in the action yesterday:

I took a break during a mindfulness exercise in my 3 PM group to notice that this Buddha on my desk looked like he was laughing. That gave me one of my most delightful breaks of the day.

I took a break during that same group to respond to a group member’s request for guidance in dealing with a difficult family situation.

Then, when my day was done, I took some breaks during the walk to my work garage to snap these seven photos:

I know that Fenway Park in Boston (glimpsed in most of those photos) ,  was filled last night  with thousands of lucky people taking breaks to enjoy two of my favorite musicians — James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt. While I would love to see them both performing live some day, I would never take a break from my therapy groups to do that.

I am taking another break to inform you that WordPress, this morning, is taking MUCH longer breaks than usual, uploading my photos. I wonder if — after posting so many photos for so many consecutive days — I’ve finally broken WordPress.

I just took a break from writing  this post to create more storage space for my photos on WordPress, by breaking down the number of pixels for several old pictures here (including some I took during a previous visit to Edinburgh). That gave me a wonderful break to remember how beautiful Edinburgh is.

That’s not one of the photos I just broke down, but I’m sure that my son Aaron (breaking into a smile on the left), my ex-sister-in-law Deborah, and I will soon be seeing Professor Neal Portenza (right) in his new show titled “Catchy Show Title” at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe (which opened last night!!).

I’m going to take one more break for myself to post one more photo here, of cats taking a break:

Let’s take a musical break, now, to see and hear the two amazing performers I missed last night:

A beautiful break of thanks to Bonnie Raitt, to James Taylor,  to Cin CA (for posting that video on YouTube),  to Aaron, to Deborah, to Dr. Neal Portenza, to all the people in my therapy groups, to everybody who took a healing break yesterday, to cool cats everywhere, and to you — OF COURSE! — for taking a break to visit me here, today.

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48 thoughts on “Day 949: Taking a break

  1. Sneaky! You had me worried you were taking a break.

  2. It’s good to know you won’t be taking a break from blogging while you’re in the lovely city of Edinburgh. Otherwise you might leave something out, or break WordPress. Hopefully you’ll continue your unbroken blogging streak, but get a break from some of the things you don’t need.

  3. I like that video.. Have a good break

  4. Lovely post. Definitely have different definitions of “break!”

    All my best to you.

  5. I simply cannot imagine typing all of this on your phone! I can never seem to hit the right letters and have to repeat so much to get it correct.
    Love your Buddha!

  6. I love that video. Thanks for posting it. I took a break from my morning to view it.

    I worry about how you will manage to post while on vacation and I am one of the people who has suggested you take a break from your blogligations. But I am confident that you will find a way to blog if you want to. You are very resourceful. Experience as a reader of your blog has taught me that I can take a break from worrying about your internet connection. I will put my energy into hoping you have a great time.

    • Thank you for seeing resourcefulness in me, Maureen. This inspires me to go to Apple and Verizon stores this weekend, where somebody will probably have the answers I need to guarantee that I’ll get something out each day during my trip.

  7. Ann, I honestly don’t know how you post each and every day! My hat is off to you! It is just not possible for me especially seeing how many peeps leave comments for me to answer. I in fact am looking at a mountain of comments right now but it is all my doing because I posted 2 posts yesterday! Hence the reason why I am so late in answering you over at Petals. I don’t get here often enough, which is sad to say, but when I do, i really do enjoy reading and viewing your post of the day. You are amazing, Ann!! Just amazing!!! Have a great vaca!!! Wishing I could join you! I SO need one too!!!! Love, Amy ❤

  8. To give you a break, Ann, I googled “Free WiFi in Edinburgh” and came up with a post that said hot spots there are increasing. Here’s the link to the story, which includes a list of the cafes and other spots with free WiFi in the city you want to post from, my friend.

  9. Enjoy your break Ann. I’m with you on the daily posting. Set yourself a target and come what may……

  10. We each have find the right way to take breaks. I cannot keep up with all my fellow bloggers and have to take breaks to keep sane. Enjoy Edinburgh!

    • Thank you, Hilary! I have started taking a break from work, and I’ll be breaking away to Edinburgh in a few days.

  11. I love Bonnie and James too Ann! Enjoy your trip! ❤
    Diana xo

  12. Thanks for sharing the break in the talent on that Fenway stage…love them both. Have a great trip, Ann, relax and enjoy. ☺

  13. Ann, another podcast I like listening to is ‘The Philosopher Zone’ by Joe Gelonesi (from Australia). I find podcasts so relaxing when taking a break, because although they can treat serious subjects, one just listens to what is being said and relax, and you can also give your eyes a much needed break. This podcast is just plain philosophy:

    • Ann, you have a beautiful son, how great to love and enjoy these musical theatre productions together! It will be great and so relaxing to take a break this way.

    • Thanks for the links, Maria. I’ll keep them in mind as I’m taking breaks over the next couple of weeks.

      • Some of these podcasts are addressed to philosophy students; but the one I thought was amazing was a recent one called “On consent: no means no, but does yes mean yes?”- that is one amazing podcast.

      • I will have to check those out, Maria. I think my new car lets me easily listen to podcasts while I’m driving.

      • I wouldn’t listen to podcasts while driving Ann. Music is another thing, but podcasts are a lot of information to digest while driving. I found an article on that OS feature on Honda cars:

      • It’s funny you should post this helpful link right now, Maria. I just got back from my first extended drive in the new car, and I’m having trouble figuring out how to use these features. I’m sure I’ll get better at it, when I have some time to take a break and really study the manual.

      • Oh Ann, those are (for me anyway), secondary features. The best is that Honda is one of the safest cars around! The “HondaLink” is just software and all other car brands have their own now. The truth is that an Apple OS system for cars does not yet even exist, only these “software clouds” that transmit through the software of the phones. There is also the safety issue of distraction, so putting iTunes on the dashboard of a car is simply not realistic.

      • And yellow is the safest color for a car! I’m going to be very safe, which helps me take breaks from worry. Thanks, Maria.

  14. I usually take a break from blogging over the weekend, and I will be taking a break for my normal day to day life when Tim and I go to New Zealand at the end of the month for a week a break can always be so relaxing

  15. I have long advocated we all need to take a break…including a break from our passions. Its like overload. You just can’t ride at that intense level all the time. Sometimes we just need to stop and breathe. If only for a moment.

  16. Thank you for this post Ann! It gave me a delayed but very worthwhile break 🙂

  17. Ann, I took a break and went down the lane of memories back to when this song came out – 1989. A not so great year for me, but it got better, and there was definitely some good music back then. Thank-you for that stroll down memory lane!!!!!

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