Day 947: Too many

I wonder if too many people, like me, have too many days when they have

  1. too many tasks to do and
  2. too many things going wrong.

Yesterday — during too many minutes of very severe weather — we lost too many services, including our

  1. Internet,
  2. phone, AND
  3. cable TV.

After waiting too many hours after losing those too many things at 4 PM, I called too many Verizon phone representatives, only to be told after too many minutes that it would take too many days before a technician could come to restore our services .

Now, before too many more moments go by, I am going to dial too many numbers on my cell phone to make too many demands that a technician arrive here before Friday.

As has happened too many times before, this  inexplicable and sudden loss of too many machines evokes too many memories, for me, of other machines breaking down (including pacemakers, when I was too young).


Too Many Images?

Too many cupcakes, team?

I took too many photos, yesterday,  trying to capture too many giant pieces of hail that were making too many loud BANGs outside my supervisor’s office.  Don’t spend too many minutes trying to see too many hailstones in those photos.  Instead, here are too many photos of the aftermath:

It’s taken me too many years living too many miles near Boston to realize there are way too many days of ridiculous weather around here.

(too many sighs)

Not too many hours after I took too many photos of too many giant hailstones and too many fallen leaves, my son, my boyfriend and I spent too many hours without any internet or TV. However,  we didn’t waste too many words complaining. Instead, we had too many moments of fun and connecting together.

Because Michael and Aaron think I take too many photos, I took just two too many when I was with them last night:

Too many snowmen?

Michael, Aaron, and I had too many conversations about too many topics that too many people might think were too many standard deviations away from normal,  including which American presidents our two cats resemble. Too many of us agreed that

Oscar looks like James Madison and

Harley looks like Millard Fillmore.

I assume there are not too many people who are going to understand all the too-many words of this post because, again, I didn’t get too many hours of sleep. I also assume that my readers have too many manners to express judgment.

Now, there are too many tunes to choose from, as usual.  Would I be making too many demands if I asked for musical help from too many of my readers?

I doubt too many of you would suggest this:

“Hail to the Chief” is available in too many versions on YouTube.

Too many hails to my* son, to my* boyfriend, to my* supervisor, to my* cats, to my* eyes, to my* ears,  and to my* readers — of course! — for too many things to mention.

* Too many “to my”s?

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61 thoughts on “Day 947: Too many

  1. I can’t get over the feeling that Oscar looks more like William Henry Harrison. Hail always reminds me of a brief but funny exchange from the British cartoon Dangermouse:
    Penfold (Dangermouse’s sidekick): Hail!
    Dangermouse: No need. The silent admiration is enough.
    Penfold: No, I mean it’s beginning to–
    [There’s a loud “thunk!” as Dangermouse is hit by a large hailstone.]

    Also I loved that in your first attempt at photographing the hail in the window there’s a light reflected in it–and what appears to be a large wine bottle. Maybe that’s what made me think of this as an appropriate song:

    • Never too many comments from you, Chris. I see your point about William Henry Harrison and I greatly appreciate the quote from Dangermouse. Also, my late father used to sing “Show Me the Way to Go Home” to me. I thought that song made an appearance in another post too many months ago, but now I can’t find it. Thanks for hitting home, as usual.

  2. Cute! Not too many 😉

  3. Leturos

    Too many unread emails


  4. not enough 🙂

  5. Ann, I actually thought I looked like a very famous American admiral to you…:

  6. Too many teardrops…96 of them. From too many years ago…

  7. Maureen

    I love this post! What crazy weather you have had there in Boston — but what a great post you got out of it. I hope that after the storm you had enough light or electricity so that you could read some of the books you recently picked up from the visit to the bookstore that you blogged about.

    By the way, I have never heard of Millard Fillmore. (Not being American.) I will have to look him up. But I think that Millard bears a resemblance to Hilary Clinton.

    • Now that we have our internet back, Maureen, I added a link to the Wikipedia page about Millard Fillmore, above. Sometimes I wonder if you’ve read too many of my posts, but you always find too many encouraging and kind words to say.

      • Thank you for the extra information. He was president at a difficult time. Very interesting!

      • Am I asking too many questions if I inquire whether you see the resemblance to Harley?

  8. Maureen

    I mean — I think that Harley, as Millard, resembles Hilary. (Can’t comment on Millard the First, as I have never seen a picture.)

  9. definitely too many laughs and too many groans while perusing your too many words and too many photos. I always thought that too many pets resemble their owners. You are too many times too clever for me! 🙂 Who would have thought too many bad Boston weather days would lead to this. Elouise

  10. What awful weather to knock out all your internet, phone and cable. You have my sympathies, Ann, because we lose internet and phone connection quite often in our village and it’s maddening!. I love the post that the losses inspired you to write, and your photos are great. All in all, definitely not too many words, or too many photos … just too many hailstones.

    • The perfect amount of words, Millie, to make me feel too many moments of happiness as I’m reading your comment. Also, it didn’t take too many efforts to get too many repair people in today, and the too many benefits of TV, internet, and phone are back on board!

  11. My what an incredible storm and yes. I have too many things to do every day of my life. I like your sanity list. I have two minutes left to my computer-off bedtime curfew.

    • Not too many readers commented on that list on my whiteboard, Hilary. I love reading too many insights from you.

  12. Not to many photos Ann 😀

  13. Too many topics Ann, so I thought I’d focus on presidents and years, so here for your pleasure:

    One thing’s for sure, I couldn’t possibly come here too many times. ❤
    Diana xo

  14. I have too little TV (none) because I don’t have cable and live too far from a city to get TV with cable or a dish.
    I also have too little internet. When I do have it, it is almost always too poor to watch videos. Again, I live too far from good services.
    But my phone works most of the time! And that makes me too happy.

  15. Oh Ann, too many presidents…My contract with Friskies is ending, this is a dream come true…

  16. I often feel like I have too much to do and never enough time to do it all in

  17. Even though it seems like a dream, I got a letter in the mail yesterday that I was going to run for president. Well, at least I can say “NO” to more people. Oh Ann, would you vote for me? They are even changing my name to Hillmary Grumpton! I don’t know if I like that!

  18. Bad storm be damned, you are still a power blogger, Ann. 🙂 Who knew that your cats were presidential doppelgangers? Oh, what happens when our minds are freed to explore.

  19. When the phrase “too many” becomes overpowering, I slip in the word “tomorrow”.

  20. NotAPunkRocker

    All these too manys feel like the last two (too?) weeks for me.

    Here’s to calmer days…relatively speaking of course.

  21. Maureen

    Just heard this song (today) and it made me think of your rain & hail post (from yesterday):

    • You make me think of how I can never get too many comments from you. Thanks so much for the great song, Maureen.

  22. All that equipment needed for your posts breaking down. That was just too much

  23. Pingback: Day 949: Taking a break | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  24. My best friend had a Siamese cat named Oscar, but for some strange reason, we called him Tittens. We had a most unusual thunderstorm here in July, and lost our power. It is amazing how silent things are when nothing is running. I loved it!!!!

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