Day 945: Yellow

At first, I thought I’d be naming this post

Green and Yellow

… because I saw a lot of green and a lot of yellow yesterday.

Here are some of the greens:




Ahhhh. That was restful. Do you feel as green and renewed, now, as I did yesterday?

Yes, “Green” could easily be a part of my post title today, especially since the last photo I snapped yesterday was of a green cashier who was in training at the green supermarket Whole Foods at Fresh Pond in Cambridge (very close to all those green shots I’d taken earlier). Here is that  wonderfully green  cashier, Helena:

Helena, despite being green, bravely guessed that I was a psychotherapist and that my boyfriend Michael was a professor of Philosophy, just by engaging with us for five minutes. I, a psychotherapist, was green with envy at Helena’s powers of observation and guessing. Although Michael never went to college, he told Helena that an online IQ test  said he should be a “Visionary Philosopher.” I thought both Michael and Helena were the opposite of yellow (which can mean “cowardly”) and, before we left Whole Foods, I sought out Helena’s manager to praise Helena’s green and impressive skills.

Getting back to the point I made, above (when this post was still green), a green reader of this blog might insist that I include “Green” in the title of this post. Indeed, I even have some perfect images for “Green and Yellow”:

… assuming people know that “green” can also mean “money.”

However, I very recently published a post titled “Greens” and non-green readers know that I don’t like repeating myself.

Anyway, here are some more yellows I saw yesterday:

… before my non-green-and-yellow cell phone ran out of power.

It’s occurring to me now that, in  the English language, the word “yellow” doesn’t have a lot of positive connotations. My immediate associations with “yellow” are

  • Cowardly and
  • A “lemon” of a car.

Maybe that’s why I’ve never even considered getting a yellow car, before yesterday. However, this man

… Neran, helped me feel much braver about doing something green and new. Also, when I mentioned to Neran that I was a psychotherapist (even though Neran is less green than Helena, he didn’t guess that about me), I found out that Neran

  • also works with people with mental illness and
  • Neran’s supervisor, for that other job,  is MY long-time and brave supervisor, Ross, from a previous job.

Anyway, perhaps I could tie up this “Yellow” post with a perfect ribbon, but I need to get to work where — among other things — I have to find out if I have really have  the green to buy one of those yellow beauties, above.

Before, I do, what music matches the colors in this post?

How about “Me and the Boys” — performed by redhead Bonnie Raitt — from the album Green Light?

Yellow thanks to Bonnie, Helena, Michael, Neran, and Ross*, to colorful rides everywhere,  to all the boys in my life (including my 17-year-old son, Aaron), to the Fresh Pond area of Cambridge Massachusetts USA, and to you — of course! — for coming along for this green and yellow ride, today.

  • in alphabetical order, because I greenly and yellowly felt like it.
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33 thoughts on “Day 945: Yellow

  1. I believe I’ve quoted Robert Frost’s “Nature’s first green is gold” recently–maybe it was even in response to the “Greens” post, and I also hate repeating myself. So I’ll mention that I believed the use of “yellow” to mean “cowardly” derives from the same belief that gave us the phrase “lily livered”–the belief that a pale liver signified cowardice. But some checking reveals that “yellow-bellied” to mean “cowardly” originally referred to soldiers from Lincolnshire who wore yellow waistcoats. I’ve been to Lincolnshire and wouldn’t call anyone there yellow, but it does remind me of one of my favorite songs by my favorite band. Dave Davies wrote this when he was still quite green.

  2. I think of Van Gogh’s sunflowers

  3. Nice greens and yellows 🙂

  4. I think that green cashier is a wise woman, Ann. Going to college/university doesn’t make you who you are. You are who you are regardless and she saw that in Michael. Brava! ❤
    Diana xo

  5. Green can mean everlasting, which is quite good when considering which car to buy, Ann, and yellow can mean caution, which also can be quite good in that process. Good luck getting the perfect auto to replace your beloved Mazda. May she run long and safe.

    • Yellow is the safest color for a car, Mark, and that’s why some rescue vehicles went yellow from red. Thank you for the colorful luck and your everlasting empathy.

  6. I like hearing about your encounters with people in your life. They are usually vey warm.

    Yesterday I went to Vancouver’s Pride Parade with one of my kids. We were colourfully dressed and so was everybody else. We had a great time.

    • I’m glad you and your kid had a great time at Vancouver’s Pride Parade. I know that this blog gets warmer, greener, and brighter when you appear.

  7. I love the green pictures in your yellow post… and those lovely great yellow boulders… and Helena.

  8. I remember having lived in an apartment all painted in yellow, and I know that for me this color has a very calming and soothing effect.

  9. Could the lovely green you captured be the result of all that (lovely?) white from the serious winter?? Just saying. Maybe it was all worth it. ☺

  10. Green and yellow such nice colours, they are full of life colours

  11. I’m a very likeable cat, and I’m yellow!

    • Who couldn’t love this face?
      Ann, your images of the park are lovely, seems like such a quiet and peaceful place.

    • Likable and lovable yellow beauties! And thank you for your colorful and beautiful compliment, Maria.

  12. What fun this post is! Perhaps we should try to rehabilitate yellow, which is the color my bedroom is painted.

  13. Yellow and green are refreshing and calming … Just like this post Ann!

  14. Pingback: Day 946: Putting worries to bed | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  15. I have a yellow dog, and he is the most wonderful dog ever – he is actually called an English Butter Cream Retriever – I love butter cream. I love all the green. We are short on green over in our neck of the woods. Lovely post as always!!!!!

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