Day 944: Putting down weights

Yesterday, I put down some weights of past regrets and future fear, which allowed me to be more in the present with painter extraordinaire, Zsolt Pesti.

Zsolt — who had previously done a weightily great job painting the entire weighty exterior of our home, with his weightily fabulous crew — came back yesterday to repair the weighty damage done in March by an insulation company,  which has been weighing on my mind since around the time of my weighty surgery in May.

Wait! Perhaps I should show you some weighty examples of that damage, which I’ve been waiting to get repaired (without the weight of any further money paid out by me):


Zsolt — during our brief but weighty conversation yesterday — inspired the weighty title of today’s post, responding to my telling him I was a group psychotherapist by labeling  me

A weight putter downer

… which reminded me of this

from a few weighty posts back, and which is a label much nicer and less weighty than other labels I’ve written about in this blog.


with his weighty smile, helped me put down weights in many ways yesterday. For example, when I told Zsolt — a short wait after I took that last picture — that he seemed like a guy remarkably  unburdened  by the weights of stress, anxiety, and worry, he told me this weightily great joke:

There was a guy who always stayed calm, no matter what, and one day a friend asked him how he managed that. He said, “Oh, I hired somebody to do all my worrying for me.”

“Really? That’s amazing! How much do you pay him?”

“$10,000 a week.”

“What!!??! How can you afford that?”

“I let him worry about it.”

How would you weigh in about Zsolt’s  joke?

For the rest of the day, I put down weights by taking more photos.

Why wait? Here they are:


To relieve the weight of any confusion here, last night my bf Michael and I  went out to dinner and saw a movie about Beach Boy Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson — who gained a lot of weight and stayed in bed for many years,  dealing  with the weights of  mental illness, over-medication, and a weightily controversial and expensive psychotherapist  — recovered enough to reconnect with his own weighty musical genius and with the outside world.

Here’s Brian Wilson, singing the title song of the movie Michael and I saw last night:

You can watch that weightily wonderful video of “Love and Mercy” on YouTube.

Wait! There are a few more weighty things I want to say, before I put down and publish this post. This weekend, I have been putting down weights of stress about:

  • The cancellation of a follow-up appointment with a sleep specialist this Wednesday, which I’ve been anxiously waiting for, for many weighty weeks,
  • Preparing for my trip to Scotland, now a weighty 10 days away,
  • Preparing for a presentation about my therapy groups, on the first day of my weighty two-week vacation, and
  • Preparing for my high school class’s 45th reunion, in September.

And I’ve been doing all that weight-putting-down without the weighty payments of  $10,000 a week to a worry specialist!

Weighty thanks to Michael, Zsolt, the Zsolt Pesti painting posse, Brian Wilson, Love and Mercy, West Newton in Massachusetts USA, all the weighty and weightless things that helped me write this post, and you — of course! — for putting down weights to read this post, today.

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43 thoughts on “Day 944: Putting down weights

  1. What a weighty post Ann. Wish you a great trip to Scotland and hope you will enjoy 😀

  2. amusez798387

    You have a weighty wisdom I appreciate. And you found a painter you like.

    • You have a weighty wisdom I appreciate, too, Mary, and which I’m going to miss, very much at work. Let’s go look at paintings at the Museum of Fine Arts!

  3. Ann, I have to weigh in on this post so I can tell you that I love that joke about paying someone else to worry! ❤
    Diana xo

  4. I often remind myself that I am assigning weight to things. Therefore…

  5. a light
    to sweeten
    my morning 🙂

  6. I have to weigh in too … and let you know I enjoyed your weighty post today … especially the light weight signs 🙂

  7. i’m doing my best to put down some weight, but then I saw the dream bar…

  8. The dream what???

  9. Magnificent photos today, Ann. Love that you put down those weights. Too heavy.

    And pass your worries on to the same guy that carries Zsolt’s. Maybe he’ll give each of you a heavy discount if he gets a little more work!

    • Your comments always carry a lot of weight with me, Emilie, and this one was particularly and wonderfully heavy.

  10. Put the load right on me, (F)Annie.

  11. I love this post and especially the joke. Thank you.

  12. Yeah a weighty post but a good bloody post if I do say so myself and I do so there……………

  13. I love your weighty humour!

  14. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

  15. Quite a weighty post which has a photo of one of my favorite ever art pieces- one by Sticks! They carry some weight with me!

  16. Ann,
    When a ship at sea is in the midst of a terrible storm the first thing done is to throw the unessential weight overboard. With the ship now trimmed they ride out the storm safely.
    The same is true as you have suggested above. And often we create our own storms with the weighty non-essentials we refuse to let go.
    p.s. enjoy Scotland!

  17. A weightily smart man, that Zsolt

  18. Ann, Zsolt reminds me of Elden off of Murphy Brown – the painter that never left. I am taking Maxie, my Golden Retriever over to the beach to see if he and I can take some weight off together. Should be fun and rejuvenating and uplifting.

    • I’ve been focusing on weighty issues elsewhere, SD, and I missed this beautifully weighty comment from you. I hope you and Maxie are continuing to have weighty amounts of fun!

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