Day 937: Everything’s falling into place

My boyfriend Michael, who fell into place in my life five years ago, likes to say

Everything’s falling into place

after I’ve fallen into relief after being in a place of

Michael has been saying

Everything’s falling into place

a lot lately, as I’ve been doing my best to let go of scary, health-threatening experiences that were falling into place in my life, starting in November of last year.

Since May, when an Implantable Cardiac Device fell into place in my heart, I’ve been gradually falling into a place of hope about the future.

Now that Michael’s oft-repeated phrase

Everything’s falling into place

has fallen into place in my blog, I’m wondering what Michael means, exactly, when he says those words, a smile falling into place on his face.

For example,

  1. What are these things that are falling?
  2. Where is this place they are falling into?
  3. Will they break when they land?

I can’t ask Michael those questions  (because he’s fallen into a place of slumber) but this is falling into place for me: Question #3 , which fell into place above, reflects how catastrophizing — and other automatic cognitive distortions  — can so easily fall into place in the human mind.

Do unhelpful, fearful, and unnecessary thoughts fall into place, sometimes, in your mind?

If so, let them fall into place where they belong:

The trash.

Let’s see if any other photos fall into place, in this post.

Lots of chocolate candies have fallen into place in that display case.


Two pieces of candy and coin have fallen into place on that countertop.


Harley has fallen into place on that rug, which — if my memory is falling into place correctly  — also has fallen into place somewhere in the home of WordPresser Diana Schwenk.


Oscar seems glad that some water has fallen into place in his dish.

Because I was so busy, yesterday, making sure that informational messages about my 45th high school reunion were falling into place for my classmates, no other photos fell into place on my phone.

However, here‘s some music that falls into place, right now:

The Beatles song “I’ve Just Seen a Face” fell into place quite nicely there, don’t you agree?

Which parts of this post fell into place for you?

My thanks are now falling into place for Michael, my Implantable Cardiac Device, our cats, chocolate,  the Beatles, the Loading Dock, and faces I like to see, including yours!

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49 thoughts on “Day 937: Everything’s falling into place

  1. I am always nervous when things I want to fall into place are not falling into place, or “coming together” When they begin to fall into place then I can breathe a sigh of relief. But sometimes even when things do fall into place, there is still apprehension on my part of the unknown that may still lie ahead. I wish I were one of those people who just roll with the flow and deal with things as they come up, but my controlling nature needing to plan ahead and be prepared does not allow for that usually. Sorry I hijacked your post with own falling into place conundrum Ann 🙂

  2. TheBraceletWriter

    Good post, it reflects the way you think how the future my be. Through common sense and examples being given.

  3. Great post Ann and good that you have Michael 😀
    I love to see your beauties 🙂

    • I love to see you here, in this place, Irene!

      • I love to be here Ann, but my Reader is very often teasing me, so I don’t see your posts very often…

      • I don’t understand why WordPress doesn’t allow posts to fall into place in people’s readers, Irene. I hope you know you’re always welcome in this place!

      • Thank you Ann. Most of all it is annoying, when I see 10-20 posts by the same blogger, not that the posts are not good, but it would be wonderful to be introduced to several bloggers, when we are online.

      • Something fell into place for me, Irene, with your comment: I realized I hadn’t seen you in my reader lately, either. So I just paid a visit to your excellent blog.

      • Thank you very much Ann 😀
        I hope the people working at WordPress will find a better way for us to use the Reader.

  4. Thanks for falling into my ken, with your falling into place, Ann. This ‘falling’ is part of an idiom, so it will not break, only edify. Stay blessed with your heart’s implant and your home’s wishes.. Raj.

  5. I like that phrase, “Everything is falling into place.” What else could be happening? Each adventure, interaction and thought is pushing us toward something. Even if everything isn’t perfect it can always be appreciated and enjoyed. Great to see you Ann!

  6. Oh, The Beatles, definitely The Beatles.

    • I’m so happy whenever you fall into place here, Maureen. Thank you for posting that wonderful “falling into place” video, which inspired me to post this one, in response:

      • Wow! Jackie Chan fell into place most impressively. And he did all his own stunts, too!

  7. Many things can just seem to fall into place, Ann, but your wonderful blog fell into place a long time ago. I think Michael’s use of the phrase is just what you need – in fact, what we all need – when things seem to be going a bit haywire. The Beattles song fitted the theme of your post perfectly. Lovely to talk to you again. I’ve scarcely been on my Reader for a while …hope to get back on track soon. Glad to hear the arrangements for your reunion are falling into place, thanks to a lot of hard work on your behalf.

    • Somehow, things seem to fall into place — beautifully and peacefully — whenever you visit, Millie.

      • Hugs, Ann. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. It’s 8pm here now, so not much of Sunday left. (It’s pouring down, too – but that’s nothing new!) 🙂

  8. I am glad that I fell into place, reading your lovely blog everyday. Other things, however are not falling into place. I am trying to book a vacation rental in Malibu – just when I think I have it all figured out, the dates are not available, they won’t consider pets, there are not enough beds, it is not close enough to the beach, the photos of the place are not quite right, or it costs too much. UGH. Why is it always me that has to plan these vacations? By the time the pieces fall into place, and we are on our way, I am so pissed off, I just want to stay home and go to work!!!!!
    I always thought the expression “pieces falling into place” had to do with a jigsaw puzzle pieces.

    • I’m so glad when you fall into place here, SD, no matter what you’re feeling. You inspired me to find this song, “Jigsaw Falling Into Place,” by Radiohead.

  9. Things always fall into place for me when you use Beatle’s lyrics in your blog, Ann. Just lovely. 💕

  10. Your blogs always make me feel good. With all my ups and downs — ALL of our ups and downs — you find the light that flows through the tunnel..and share it with us all.

  11. Everything falling into place

  12. Hello? A lost call just fell into place here.

  13. Michael is so wise .. In order to fall into place we must trust that there is a place… This is a place of knowing. Its more than feeling comfortable. It’s trusting in a world where we have become fearful.
    P.s. Whole grain goldfish? There must be a place for them too!

    • There’s always a place for you in our world, Val. And Michael says those weren’t whole grain goldfish (that’s an ad on the package) so they haven’t found a place here, yet.

  14. It is great when things fall into place, although often things just miss falling into place in my life

    • I often feel that way, too, Joanne. Maybe things never really fall into place … they’re just in progress, continuing to fall towards that place.

  15. Failing into place is fine as long as folks don’t expect the tribe I travel,with.

  16. Those artfully created chocolates fell right in to place of being appreciated !!

  17. Love that Beatle tune. Forgot how quickly those words are sung. It was easier to sing from memory than trying to follow the words on the screen.

    • I’m glad that song fell into place for you, Carol, and it’s always great to see you falling into place here.

  18. I love that your pieces are falling into the right places, Ann! And your faces are all beautiful, too. If Diana somehow got your rug, does that make her a carpet bagger? ❤ Got ya, Diana!

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