Day 934: Feelers

Yesterday, I found out that Kerri,

a nurse I’ve happily known for years, is leaving Boston for sunny Florida next month. As we were bidding each other a fond “adieu,” I said to her

I always have my feelers out for kind, wonderful people, and from the moment I met you in the Emergency Room all those years ago, I recognized how amazing you were.

Feeling the need, just now,  to looked up “feelers” in the dictionary, I found this:

An animal organ such as antenna or palp that is used for testing things by touch or for searching for food.

I don’t know about you, but my definition-seeking feelers have never previously  touched on  “palp,” before today.

And, my blog-creating feelers would change

searching for food


searching for nourishment

… but otherwise, I feel that definition is fine, for the feeling purposes of this post.

Speaking of feelings, I told Kerri I was glad for her but sad for me and other feeling, Boston-based people who know her.

As you might have felt before, I often have my feelers out for images that strike my feeling fancy, as I feel my way through a day. Here’s what my photographic feelers found yesterday:





What do your feelers tell you about those photos?

My feelers are telling me that other  feelers might assume — from those feeling photos — that I have cancer. I do not. I have a cardiac condition that necessitates my getting antibiotics before I visit my dentist, and I get those antibiotics in a cancer infusion center, where my fine-feeling-friend Kerri works (until August).

Also, there were many things my feelers encountered yesterday that did NOT make it to this post and — as usual — I’m hoping I didn’t hurt any feelings.

Here‘s what my musical feelers have brought back from YouTube:

Bernadette Peters is singing “I Feel You, Johanna” from Stephen Sondheim‘s Sweeney Todd.
Also, my feelers found this:

“I Peel You, Banana” by Robert Adams.

Feeling thanks to Kerri, the Infusion Center at Tufts Medical Center, Cam Neely, Dr. Del Castillo, Dr. Gonzalez and Michel (not pictured) at Beacon Hill Dental Associates, everybody at my high school reunion planning meeting last night (not pictured), Bernadette Peters, Stephen Sondheim, Robert Adams, and you — of course! — for bringing your feelers here, today.

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27 thoughts on “Day 934: Feelers

  1. “I always have my feelers out for kind, wonderful people, and from the moment I met you in the Emergency Room all those years ago, I recognized how amazing you were.”

    That is just lovely 🙂

  2. We can discover and learn so much by putting out our feelers to find things. I think we can also discover more about our feelings by using those feelers. I’m glad I put out my feelers a few months ago and found your blog Ann.

  3. I came out to the patio this morning at 0400 (after being awoken by a call from the exchange). Can’t go back to sleep as I feel if I did, I might oversleep. I saw many slugs – I do not have warm feelings towards slugs. I was surprised to see the slugs – as it has been so very dry here. I read your post on ‘feelers’ and was rather confused on what a “palp” was. Holding back my inherent disgust, I went over to ask the slugs if they had feelers or palps – but in doing so, I discovered they had dispersed. I have mixed feelings about this, on the one hand, I am glad they are gone, but on the other hand, I am sad, because they cannot provide an answer to this pressing question.
    PS. I love the photos. I feel you live in a most lovely environment!!!!!!

    • I just googled “palps,” and I think that slugs might have them, SD, although my feelers aren’t sure.

      I feel the need to tell you that my feelers were also out, yesterday, for some not-so-lovely things. Right before I felt those pink flowers, a bicyclist got annoyed at a motorist and loudly yelled, “Sh*thead!” in beautiful Beacon Hill. I said, “Hey!” to him, and gave him a feeling look.

      That’s the thing about feelers: when we have them out, they’re picking up all sorts of things.

      P.S. I love your comment.

      • How funny, I too went to Google as my on again, off again slug friends failed me, to see what a palp was.
        My feelings towards grumpy people trying to bring the rest of us down, are not good. I am glad you gave that cyclist a feeling look. It is important to let these dark feeling people know, they need to take their bad feelings away and let the rest of us enjoy are happy feelings in peace.
        I hope you have a most wonderful day!!!!!

  4. I first learned the word “palps” when I was very young and reading up about wolf spiders. They use their palps to hold their food. Wolf spiders don’t build webs but chase down their prey. I love spiders, but I understand that others don’t feel the same way. I also love that the internet allows our feelers to be extended so far beyond the range they normally have. We can extend our feelers as far as Pluto, or even to Florida.

  5. Sorry your nurse friend is leaving Ann. ❤
    Diana xo

  6. I feel for you without your Kerri. I like the shot of the woman using her mobile phone

  7. Boston is beautiful and my feelers tell me you love calling Boston home.

    I’m glad you don’t have cancer. Thanks for not keeping our feelers in the dark on that one.

  8. I can feel your loss…Kerri has kindness in her face. Do you ever wonder why Bernadette P. has not been zapped up as a spokesperson for some sort of skin care product ? She is flawless, and a testimony to the benefits of staying out of harmful sun rays. ☺

  9. A lot of feelers today … and the feeling of sadness that Kerri is leaving. When our feelers are out we sense changes ahead … and then deal with feelings that come up. Its been a feeling feeler kind of day today! xo

  10. I feel like feelers may also apply to humans as some kind of intuition or “sixth sense”, or “third eye”. For example, some reptiles still have a “third eye”, and a “forked tongue”. The forked tongue is used as a feeler for finding food and mates. How interesting that this word can also be incorporated when referring to humans. Sometimes the feeler sparks up and gets more acute and sensitive when a person we know and like leaves; or the death of a loved one. The feelers ignite for some reason, why?

    • It’s because our senses no longer work at that time; so intuition steps in; the part in the brain working at a subconscious level. So it’s like we need these “antennas” or “feelers” to digest what’s going on.

      • I appreciate the way you use your feelers to write these comments, Maria. Sometimes, traumatic experiences can “ignite” our feelers (as you so expressively and feelingly put it). Hypervigilance — being on guard — is a way to respond to a world that seems less safe. At the same time, feelers can become ignited by joy, and by other feelings, too. I guess we’re feeling our way to an understanding of feelers.

      • Yes Ann, you’re right, my feelers for this post have worked even better with your insight.

  11. I feel happy to get to you this morning, Ann, from high in the Rocky Mountains!

  12. Luis Del Castillo

    Loved it!! great as always!!….and great pictures too!! 😉

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