Day 931: Dedication

Because of my dedication to my high school class of 1970 — and to planning a 45th reunion for September — I found this junior high school program from 1967:

And that got me thinking about dedication. For me,  “dedication” evokes

  • My 17-year-old son, Aaron
  • My boyfriend Michael
  • My sister Ellen
  • My work, as a psychotherapist
  • My friends
  • My daily blog
  • My doctors
  • Machines

Machines? Doesn’t that seem like a strange dedication, compared to the others in that list?

Perhaps not, because for most of my life, I’ve relied on dedicated machines (especially cardiac pacemakers) to keep me happy and healthy.

Also, my mind is more dedicated to machines, in the moment, because our dedicated central air conditioning on the top floor of our apartment stopped working yesterday, during 90+ degree weather.

As dedicated as I am to my readers who use the metric system, I think all my dedicated readers know that 90+ degree weather could really use a dedicated air conditioner, on every floor.

If this post seems more rambling than other ones you’ve dedicated your precious time to reading, remember that today I have an excellent, dedicated excuse.

As I promised my dedicated readers yesterday, here’s another machine that kept me happy on Saturday:

IMG_0261 IMG_0263

Those two pictures were taken by my dedicated boyfriend, Michael.

Speaking of dedication, my friend Deb — whom I met in Junior High School — spent dedicated time with me yesterday, in a part of Boston dedicating space during summer Sundays to a big outdoor market.

Here are some images  I showed dedication in capturing, yesterday, during my time with my dedicated friend Deb:


The last seven shots are dedicated to showing Deb’s backyard, including her dedicated garden, plus a beautiful glass piece she made in a dedicated kiln AND the metal holder she created during a “welding weekend.”

If that isn’t dedication, what is?

I have lots more I could write about dedication, but I need to update this dedication post, pronto. Why? Because this dedication post was prematurely published due to the dedication and the paws of this dedicated, omnipresent creature:

But first, here‘s a dedication song for you all:

Dedicated thanks to everyone who helped me publish this post (including Oscar) and dedicated thanks to you, for your dedication in reading it.

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30 thoughts on “Day 931: Dedication

  1. The dedication Deb shows to her garden is obvious in these photos- it is just beautiful. It is amazing that all that chocolate didn’t melt in the heat where those dedicated sellers stood all day. Oscar is so dedicated he just has to be in on everything with you, now how sweet is that.

  2. God luck planning the reunion 🙂

  3. I love Deb’s garden and the dedication she has for it. I admire your dedication to you high school class.

    I skipped my 50th and instead got together with my three best high school friends in Florida in January (see my January blog postings.) Fifty years of dedication for us! Actually more. We were all friends in junior high, too!

  4. What a beautiful garden your friend has! I love gardens like those because they reflect dedication for sure. Ann, was that you on the Vertigo machine? Did you have to raise your legs at some point during the ride?

    • That was me, Maria, in both pictures. I raised my legs because I was having so much fun! Thank you for your beautiful dedication to your blog and mine.

  5. Looks like a fun weekend! I love little outdoor markets like that!

  6. You always make me think about things a little differently. It never occurred to me before that, for all that we may criticize machines for being unthinking objects, they are dedicated to what they’re designed to do. And this is especially important when that means keeping us alive. Also I appreciate Deb’s dedication to many things but especially her dedication to that cocktail.

    • I appreciate your dedication to great writing, Christopher. And my dedication to life-saving machines sometimes causes me to have a little too much dedicated anxiety when less important machines — like ACs, telephones, or computers — fail me. Then, I remind myself that losing that machine is NOT going to kill me.

  7. I love these posts!!! Almost “loose associations” which I totally get. Deb’s garden obviously has required an immense amount of dedication – it looks perfect. And why didn’t the chocolate melt? Hoping you are having a fabulous day – from your dedicated blog follower!!!!!!!

  8. This is another dedicated recording I found Ann, the same song by the Mamas and the Papas!

    • Love both versions of the song…but I had a friend who was so dedicated, she named her first child Shirelle. Love your dedication to this blog, Ann.💕

      And I would have been happy to rescue those chocolates from the 90 degree temps at the open market.

    • Thank you for being dedicated and finding that great version! I love both version and your comments, Maria and Van!

  9. Ann,
    I can see you are dedicated to your post as well. I also noticed that your final program and my H.S. graduation were both in 1967.

  10. I like the shots of Deb’s plants. That young lady must have been dedicated to wear that T-shirt

  11. That’s a lot of chocolate, Ann. You’d have to be very dedicated to eat that much. Love your dedicated friend’s lovely garden!

  12. What am I dedicated to………………my family, and living

  13. Dedicating this quote to you!
    I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence. ~ Aryton Senna
    I enjoyed reading this post. Decidedly dedicated dedication! 👍🏻

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