Day 930: A Super Fun Day

I had a super fun day yesterday.

What would make a day super fun, for you?

Here are two reasons why yesterday was super fun, for me:

  1. I saw my favorite hair artiste ever, Mia (who is super fun to talk to) , at her Watertown, Massachusetts, USA hair salon, where she trimmed my hair and  my  three super-fun, colorful hair extensions.
  2. My boyfriend Michael and I stumbled upon a super fun festival/carnival, where I saw this:

That was actually the final super fun photo I took yesterday, moments before my super fun iPhone died.

Who wants to see more super fun photos?

I’m going to take that as a “Yes,” super fun readers!



As I told Michael yesterday, it doesn’t take much for me to have a super fun day. Indeed, after eating the super fun home made gnocchi (made at somebody’s super fun home, I assume), I engaged in only one super fun carnival activity (pictured above, in a super fun shot). It was, truly, super fun for me.

If any one of you super fun readers guesses that super fun activity, I’ll include a super fun photo that Michael took, in tomorrow’s post.

Is that a super fun deal?

Oh, and here’s a super fun fact about me: I’m afraid of heights.

Here’s some super fun music, which a fun band was playing at that super fun festival/carnival yesterday:

I think that 1950s video of the super fun song “Rockin’ Robin” with Bobby Day is super fun. Do you agree?

Now, I’m off to have another super fun day, including brunch with my super fun friend, Deb.

Super thanks to Mia, to Michael, to MiAlisa Salon, to the St. Mary of Carmen Society, to all those I saw having super fun yesterday, to Bobby Day,  to robins and others who are rockin’, and to you — of course! — for making my day super fun, every time you visit.

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44 thoughts on “Day 930: A Super Fun Day

  1. That sounds like a good plan for your fun day today. My fun time lately is having conversation among friends – agreeing, strongly disagreeing (at conflict level 4+) and laughs.

  2. Apart from eating the gnocchi, I can’t imagine any super fun activity you might want to take part in (but you may be braver than me. I have a super fun activity tonight, we are going to see the finals of Placido Domingo’s Operalia competition for young opera singers.

    • I don’t know if I’m braver than you, Hilary, but I did go on one of the rides, which was super fun! Your opera competition activity sounds super fun and exciting to me, too.

  3. My super fun days are when I’m out with my camera and I discover a new bloom. It’s just very exciting for me. I believe this is the ride you were in:

    • When you have a super fun time, Maria, we all benefit by seeing your super beautiful photos. And you are a super fun and super accurate guesser.

      • Thanks Ann, I don’t know, the books for guessing were a bit difficult, but I still like guessing games. Ann, how did you feel up there?

      • It was SUPER FUN, Maria.

      • Ann, it looks like a mild ride, the challenge is the “vertigo” as it’s called, but otherwise it looks like a passive kind of ride. I rode on a roller coaster once and felt I was going to die.

      • I find roller coasters super non-fun too, Maria.

  4. Did you ride the Ferris wheel or try the car wash game?

    What is the display with the cross?

    • I did not try the Ferris Wheel, Maureen. I don’t like being stuck up on the top when riders are getting on and off. And I didn’t try the car wash game.

      The festival was put on by the St. Mary of Carmen Society, so that was one of their displays.

  5. Rockin robin is super fun! Thanks for posting.

  6. Were there any super fun-nel cakes?

  7. What a fun day. Home made gnocchi ? Yes, rockin’ food. ☺

  8. wow that really was a super fun day Ann! I am afraid of heights too so it would not be a super fun day for me to go on any of those flying high rides. I would stick to bumper cars or Twister which I did once. Did your super fun day include either of those? Hope your Sunday is a super fun as Saturday!

    • My super fun yesterday did not include bumper cars or Twister, although Michael and I had a conversation about how much super fun bumper cars used to be. Your comment helped make my Sunday even more super fun, Lisa.

  9. Love the super fun carnival … and video. The dancers make me smile, in a super fun rocking robin way of course!

  10. Definitely looks like a fun day! My fun yesterday included a visit to a peach festival where I picked peaches. Then a fabulous yard sale, then a walk in the rain. Woo!

    • I’m reading your comment after I picked some peaches at our local supermarket, Emilie. That wasn’t as super fun as your peachy experience, I’m sure. Thanks for your super fun visit!

  11. What a super fun day you had, Ann! That festival looks wonderful – and so many happy people enjoying it. The day would have done you the world of good. 🙂

  12. Hot dog and 2 corn on the cob please.

  13. Fun, fun by the Beach Boys

  14. It would be super fun for all of us if you told us which ride you tried, Ann, and also why you chose it.

    • Maria F. guessed it, Maureen, if you look at her first comment, above (which includes a link to it). I chose it because it looked like the most SUPER FUN of all the rides there. While I am afraid of heights, I’m also fascinated by them. Also, I like to avoid roller coaster-y rides. The ups and downs of real life are enough for me!

  15. Hell yes it does indeed sound like a great fun filled day

  16. I was going to guess that you climbed the rock wall, Ann, until you said guessed correctly with her link. I hope you didn’t feel any of the ride’s name! That wouldn’t be super fun at all! Seeing Boston’s Lake Street Dive for the first time yesterday was super fun for me.

    • Thanks for making my day more super fun with Lake Street Dive, Mark. I’m glad I didn’t take a dive from anything yesterday, particularly that Vertigo ride.

  17. This is just a super post!!!! My boys used to get so mad at me when I used to use the word ‘super’, but then I caught my oldest actually using the word ‘super’ the other day. Never fear, I did razz him about it relentlessly and I have to tell you – it was SUPER!!!!!!

  18. It sure wasn’t Vertigo. I know, cos I’m afraid of heights too. You obviously had super fun

  19. Just sitting by a river watching the birds flying, and the silver birch swaying in the breeze would be a super day for me.

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