Day 927: Greens

What are your associations with the color green?

Mine include:

  • Plants and trees
  • Healthy food
  • Lack of experience
  • New growth
  • Envy
  • Feeling sick
  • A color I miss during the winters in Boston
  • A color I don’t usually wear
  • The trim color for the outside of my current home
  • Money

Yesterday was the day of my first appointment with my very experienced and non-green chief cardiologist — Dr. Deeb Salem — since getting my new cardiac device in the green month of May. My doctors and I have been hoping that my greenly new pacemaker/defibrillator might provide new and healing therapy for my 62-year-old — and extremely unusual — red, blue and not-green  heart. While you might be green with envy about my having such a special heart, there have been many times in my life when I’ve been greenly sick, dealing with my heart condition since the green days of my birth.

When I woke up yesterday,  I was feeling a little green around the gills with nervousness, because I have continued to feel greenly depleted whenever I climb stairs.  My green fear was that might be a bad sign, especially since one of the green doctors I consulted with — during the non-green months of November 2014 through April 2015 — had said to me:

“Ann, the only important sign of whether you’re going into heart failure is how you feel when you’re climbing stairs.”

To distract my green thoughts until my appointment with Dr. Salem yesterday, I made the green decision to notice the color green, all around me:


That’s Nancy, who used to be the harpist playing soothing music for the big green Boston hospital where I work. I haven’t seen Nancy since soon after I sang a song about a green jungle with the greenly new harpist, Allie, at a work party held during the non-green winter months.  Nancy, who was wearing such a lovely color green yesterday, told me she is half green, with her Irish-Jewish roots. She also said she listened to Allie and my performance of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” on YouTube and found it greenly new and delightful, which made me go pink with pleasure and pride.

That’s the hallway of Tufts Medical Center, where I’m on my way to see Dr. Salem. To the left of that red exit sign is the Mother/Infant Unit,  where I greenly gave birth and new life to my only child, Aaron,  seventeen years ago.

That’s another green painting, close to that same spot. Every time I notice it I wonder, greenly, who chose it for that corridor wall and why.

There’s the portion of the check-in station in Cardiology where people stamp their tickets for the validated and reduced rate, so they don’t have to pay as much green in the hospital parking lot.  At that point, I was  just a few green minutes away from seeing Dr. Salem.

It’s Dr. Salem! Dr. Salem, who was wearing no green at all yesterday, told me that how I feel on stairs is NOT the only measurement of how I’m doing.  He also used his non-green experience to state that even if I don’t feel better,  as long as my heart doesn’t  get greenly worse, I should stay around through many more green months and years. He also told me some stories about when he was a green medical student fresh out of only two years of undergraduate college, but he made me promise not to tell any of those tales  in today’s green blog post.

Any green questions or comments from my readers around that great, big, beautiful green-and-blue globe we all inhabit?

Here’s my pick for some green music, today:

You can find many performances of “Greensleeves” on YouTube, including that one.

Many fresh thanks to Dr. Salem, to Nancy (and other harpists who soothe our green souls), to my son Aaron, to our newer cat Harley (who sometimes looks to me like he’s turning anxiously green under his fur), to my downstairs neighbor Karen and her dog Faxy, to the green monster at Fenway Park, to all the other greens I saw yesterday, and — of course! — to you, for reading this green post, here and now.

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46 thoughts on “Day 927: Greens

  1. Ann you look so good, healthy and happy! I’m so glad you matched everything with green today, because it’s one of my favourite colors. Congrats on your visit to the doctor!

    • I am so glad that green is one of your favorite colors, Maria! By the way, I asked Dr. Salem your question about the special socks, and he said I should NOT wear them, because of my condition and the medications I take. Thank you, as always, for your lovely concern.

      • That makes sense, because you bruise easily right? Compression could induce internal bleeding?

      • Compression could create and/or contain a blood clot, and then when I remove the socks, that could send the blood clot some place we don’t want it to go!

      • Yes, I read and reread about their precautions when I researched them, particularly with CHF and people taking blood thinners. This clears my doubt as to why they are contraindicated for this condition. I’m not saying you have CHF, just that I read their contraindications for some conditions. Thanks for explaining this to me. Anyway, I’d still wear regular socks to protect your legs when you go on that trip. You look great! I’m green with envy now!

      • Oh, I also asked Dr. Salem about whether I could buy and ride a green scooter — which would be so much fun! — and he said, “ABSOLUTELY NOT” because I’m on a blood thinner.

    • Yes, it all makes sense to me now. So you are your own judge in everything Ann, and you’re doing great at it. If you have to climb stairs, just do it slowly, you’re in command Ann, and that makes more sense than using assistive/adaptive devices or equipments. Bless you Ann!

  2. Ann I love that photo of you and the Dr! When I think green I think fresh and nature and spring. And of course the new slogan going around Go Green!

  3. I’m so glad you have many more green years ahead. Since green is my favorite color there are so many things I associate with it including the first time I heard “Greensleeves” and fell in love with the tune. Robert Frost’s “Nature’s first green is gold,/Her hardest hue to hold” always seemed wrong to me. Green is the color of life. As a Boston native Edgar Allan Poe knew to put the green room right at the heart of Prince Prospero’s hideaway.

  4. Cezanne paintings for me. Why don’t you wear green often?

    • I don’t have a lot of green clothing, Alex. And I haven’t bought a green hair extension yet. I do love the color green around me, though. I guess I’ve had the idea, since I was a green lass, that I don’t look great in green.

  5. Rainy season in the desert Southwest means things turn from brown to GREEN! And they are turning, though slowly this year since rains have been light.
    And I am green with envy that you have good internet. Mine is out. Again. Living along the border in a small town is like being in a 3rd world nation when it comes to internet – except internet is BETTER in some of those 3rd world nations!
    So for the foreseeable future, I get to drive ten miles to use the internet. Gr-r-r-r!

    • Grrrrreen certainly brought up lots of associations for you, Emilie. I hope you can keep up your beautifully green and growing connections with us!

  6. Green to me also means in synch and renewable with nature, Ann. And I think Dr. Salem’s news means that your operation’s success signals that you, Ann Koplow, have gone green. 🙂

  7. Did you and Dr S coordinate maroon as a color yesterday? You look great! As does he 😉
    Green to me reminds me of the Ireland and Irish peeps!

    • This song was written by Joni Mitchell to her daughter which she had to give up for adoption when she was very young. It’s called “Little Green”. When Joni Mitchell was much older she reunited with her daughter again! So “Little Green” is also referring to herself because at the time she was much to young to raise her.

    • No colors were planned yesterday, Val, but I am loving your beautifully green comment.

  8. I’m afraid, coined by Matthew many years ago, bogies, in our family, are greenies

    • We call those greenies “boogers” here in the states, Derrick. Thanks to you for your blooming great and green comment.

  9. I’m sorry you have had an anxious time since your heart op and hope Dr Salem’s words have brought a comforting balance to your outlook. Green means everything to me as I am a Green by marriage and my beloved girls are little Greens. And I love Greensleeves AND the harp. Thank you.

  10. Glad to hear you are “greening up”.
    All good news, but a Jean Luc Ponty CD being used as a coaster?
    And that is you with Dr. Salem?

    • Things are not always what they seem, Ray. That is not a CD but rather a coaster made out of the center of a vinyl record.

  11. I love that picture of you with the doc Ann! Green makes me think of Green eggs and Ham. ❤
    Diana xo

  12. That’s all a rather neat set of green things to appreciate.

  13. I’m glad the news was good, Ann. But I hope that you do, over time, also feel better.

    By the way, my phone won’t load your photos in this room, so I will visit again.

  14. I enjoyed your green blog post today. I am slightly green with envy that you blog everyday. I don’t blog once a week, or even once a month, and that’s okay because I have other projects going, but still, it feels as though blogging daily helps you in many wonderful ways, and we get to enjoy it! Here’s hoping you enjoy your Friday!

  15. Forests and lush meadows.

  16. I was reminded of this green story when I heard Donald Fagen sing Green Flower Street and I remembered you like DF.

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