Day 925: Yahoo!

As I was snapping my first photo yesterday …

… I was thinking:

  • That’s an exclamation of joy and excitement!
  • That’s an advertisement of a famous company, with just one word!
  • Somebody has placed a sticker in the first “O” there, advertising something else!
  • That’s a bus stop!
  • There’s another perfectly done reflection of me!
  • That word also means “a rude, noisy, or violent person”!
  • Didn’t Jonathan Swift make up that word in Gulliver’s Travels?!!
  • I’m early for work today, so I have time to take this picture!!

What are your thoughts about “Yahoo!” ?

For the purposes of this post, I am going to go with my first thought and definition:

… as an exclamation of joy and excitement.

I saw and heard many things yesterday that made me think or say

For example, I exclaimed joy and excitement when my excellente ex-sister-in-law Deborah texted me that she will be accompanying me and my son Aaron to Edinburgh Scotland’s Festival Fringe next month!!

Here are some other things, from yesterday, that might elicit a “Yahoo!” of joy and excitement:




My son, Aaron (playing the keyboard, above) causes me considerable joy and excitement. There, he’s practicing the joyful and exciting Fantasie Impromptu by Chopin.

Here is that Chopin piece, being played joyfully and excitedly by Yundi Li:

I am joyful and excited to pass on to you what Aaron told me last night:  the left hand of that Chopin Fantasie Impromptu plays 3/4 waltz time while the right hand is simultaneously playing 4/4 time!!!

What might make you say “Yahoo!” here and now?

Yahoo!  for Aaron, Deborah, bf Michael (who cooked that delicious meal), Chopin, Yundi Li,  the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, my favorite TV show “So You Think You Can Dance,” the Fenway Park and Longwood Medical territories of Boston USA, the t-shirts I’ve made for myself, the baby bunny in one of those photos, that particular pinkish purple color I kept seeing yesterday (and was also wearing in my hair), and an especially loud Yahoo! for you, my excellente reader.

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41 thoughts on “Day 925: Yahoo!

  1. Yahoo!! to you Ann!! It looks like a great Yahoo day 🙂 … not sure about the bright pink vehicle or the gout on your plate though … unless its beetroot. Then it would be yahoo!!

  2. gout reads goop!

  3. Yahoo was also a chocolate flavored drink in a glass bottle but I never drank one.
    Like your capture, including you. Yahoo!

  4. Jonathan Swift did indeed invent the name “Yahoo”! I was almost certain of that but went to the Oxford English Dictionary to check because I’ll take almost any excuse to dip into the OED. You never know what other words you’ll find, like “yaksha”, which is “Any of a class of demi-gods or nature spirits” from Indian mythology. And it always makes me think of an English professor who would always assure us that his big exams were easy enough that even a Yahoo could pass them. Chopin makes me say “Yahoo!” as an expression of joy and not a bestial human, as do the appearances of pink throughout your day. And you’re going to Edinburgh! That makes me almost too happy to be envious. If you have time and if they still offer it I highly recommend the Edinburgh ghost tour.

    • Yahoo!!!! for another awesome comment from you. Because I know you’re not a Yahoo, Christopher, I will take your recommendation and go on the Ghost Tour in Edinburgh.

  5. yahoo! yesterday my blog title included the word Yahoo because I was celebrating the fact, 10 days of Yahooing in our city was over.The Calgary Stampede is done for another year which, after ten days of yahoos yahooing all over the yahoo city, I was happy! 🙂

    But for you today and Aaron’s comment (really? who knew one hand can play a different tempo than the other?), I shall give one more yahoo! 🙂


  6. Sorry but what did you say that pink ‘goop’ on your plate is? Whenever I cook coloured vegetables they turn green or whatever colour nature intended them to be. I wondered if you added food colouring to get that vivid pink. It looks just like the car.

    • It was purple cauliflower, Carol, cooked by my boyfriend Michael. Michael says that the secret to keeping the color of a cooked vegetable is to wait until the water is at a roiling boil before adding it and then shocking it with cold water when done.

      • We had these great purple beans that we grew in our garden but as soon as we cooked them they turned green. I’ll try Michael’s suggestion. Thanks.

  7. Yahoo is a happy exclamation first, an Internet sensation second, and a drink third. And all three salute to you!

  8. This is a cheery post, Ann. Your attitude makes my say yahoo! That is my first definition as well, before an Internet company usurped a very joyful word to label many things, most of which do not particularly come with positivity attached these days. Yahoo! has morphed to align with the rogueish connotiation and all the spews, I dare say.

    I do hope that one rainbow concoction in your photograph on sale for $19.95 is a bit of a rebel. I don’t think any beverage anywhere is that special.

    Love your T-shirts. Haven’t got my company going yet. I’ll let you know. I still am!

  9. My boyfriend who is house sitting (rather, ranch sitting – there are 20,000 acres) will come visit me for the day. Yahoo!

  10. Maureen

    The pink makes me think you are taking Pride in celebrating, Ann — which is something to shout “Yahoo!” about. Love Aaron’s observations about the piano time signatures & have emailed to my piano-playing, math-loving youngest who loves things like that

  11. More excellent photos. Yahoo! makes me think of the e-mail chaos caused when they split from BT. And you’ve reminded me that they were unpleasant characters in Gulliver’s Travels.

  12. Yahoo for whatever that pink sauce is…maybe raspberry ?? Also…love your shadow under the spirits sign.☺

  13. Yahoo is what I like to say when I see you so happy Ann!

  14. LOVE the Chopin, how lucky you are that Aaron plays it. I liked the pink interlude in the photos too.

  15. I don’t see Yahoo as rude, it sounds very joyful to me – a sort of cry of delight. Delightful – just like your photos. Yahoo also makes me think of the Internet. 🙂
    A National Dance day sounds great, and so does the music played on the keyboard by your lovely son, Aaron. A great “Yahoo” post, Ann. Thank you for that.

  16. Yahoo to that fabulous looking dinner and yahoo to this post filled with fabulous images. It all made me say Yahoo! 😀

  17. Yahoo is what us cowpokes in Cowtown say during the Calgary Stampede Ann! When in doubt, say “Yahoo!” and not “Yeehaw,” which will quickly identify you as a term — a word that, incidentally, has its origins in cowboy slang for a greasy city slicker. Don’t be a dude. Be a Cowboy.

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