Day 924: Territory

When I just looked at the dozen pictures I snapped yesterday — searching  for a common theme — the word “territory” came to mind.

Harley’s territory — and sense of comfort and safety — includes that blanket, which came home with him from the territory of the adoption center where we found him.

Oscar’s territory seems to be inches away from wherever I am.

Harley is in Oscar’s territory there, standing by his water and food dishes (but Oscar didn’t seem to mind that invasion of his territory).

That, my dear readers,  is the territory of Doug Clark, who sold me my most recent car several years ago.

As you can see, two more images from the territory of Doug’s office are now the territory of this blog.

I took that photo very near the territory of Doug’s office, because the first sentence — There’s no substitute for honesty”  — sounded like my territory.

There’s Doug, still thriving  and happy in his territory. While I was at Mazda Gallery yesterday (in the territory of the  Automile, Massachusetts, USA),  Doug’s  co-workers (not pictured) told me that Doug (1) graduated college as a chemical engineer before he found his career territory, (2) has sold cars to generations within territorial families, and (3) is the most awesome of salespeople (which agreed with the territory of my past experiences with Doug).

I didn’t recognize Doug  when I first saw him, yesterday, because

  1. He used to have more hair in the territory of his head and upper lip and
  2. I didn’t assume he would still be in the same territory,  so many years after he sold me my current car.

After I drove the 40-or-so miles back to my home territory, four more photos became my territory:

Any thoughts, feelings,  or questions about the territories  covered in this post?

Before I leave for the territory of my work as a group and individual therapist, I need to choose some music that fits the territory of “Territory.”

When I test-drove a  Mazda yesterday in Doug’s territory, the radio was tuned to the territory of country music, which I changed  to the territory of classical music.

That’s a performance of a concerto J. S. Bach wrote about the territory of Brandenburg (which you can find here, in YouTube territory).

Territorial thanks to Bach, Harley, Oscar, Doug, my beloved 2007 Mazda (which might eventually become the territory of my 17-year-old son Aaron), Michael (for cooking us omelets in the territory of our kitchen), all the territories I visited yesterday and you — of course! — no matter what territory you’re inhabiting, here and now.

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19 thoughts on “Day 924: Territory

  1. Thank you for sharing your territory with us. I’ve always thought of people’s blogs as their home, or at least an extension of it. It’s a reminder to be respectful, to not take it for granted that, unlike a real home, it’s easy to wander in uninvited.

    • It’s a pleasure to share territories with you, Christopher, and feel free to wander in whenever you choose — you’re always invited.

  2. Glad to came over to your territory this morning Ann!
    The territory of Doug’s head will stay with me today….
    I’m going to be on the look out for other’s territory as I teach class this morning 🙂

  3. I am glad you are not territorial in a way that would prevent you from sharing so many wonderful parts of your life- Harley & Oscar, your BF Michael, your son Aaron and all those wonderful photos. From my territory to yours wishing you a good day Ann! (and thanks for the Bach)

  4. Ahhhhhh….Bach. Exhale slowly. Thanks for filling my personal territory with that beauty, Ann. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  5. More excellent pics, especially happy Doug

  6. May


  7. You know that my dear wife Karen and I have a Mazda CX5 in our territory, Ann, and we love it. Doug’s less hair is right in my territory as well. So is passing a car down to the offspring. I would have kept the test drive station on country, though.

    • If that particular country song had been playing in the territory of the Mazda I test-drove yesterday, Mark, I would not have changed the channel. Always great to see you in this here territory!

  8. I like see your territory just saying, mine is…………….I don’t know what mine is………………my brain is as cold as my feet and not working that well atm

  9. That territory must be like “My Secret Place”, a song by Joni Mitchell (in the 1990’s) with Peter Gabriel and a stunning video:

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