Day 921: Messages

Has everybody gotten the message that I love my work — doing group and individual therapy at a Boston hospital-based primary care practice ?

Part of that work involves helping people let go of  esteem-damaging messages they’ve heard from others (and internalized), including

You haven’t accomplished enough

You’re never good enough

Parts of you are unacceptable

You’re not worthy of love

I encourage people to challenge these toxic and habitual messages with health-promoting, affirmative messages, such as

I deserve to be seen, heard, and loved, exactly the way I am.

What kinds of messages do you give yourself?

At work, I receive lots of messages, every day, through email and voicemail.

Yesterday, I received one of the best voicemail messages, ever:

My doctor said you were good at talking to people who are not good at talking to people.

What messages do you get from these photos I took yesterday, before and after I heard that voicemail message?



Here’s some message music for you all:

The first public performance of “Message in a Bottle” by The Police is still sending out messages here, on YouTube.

Any messages — bottled or otherwise — you’d like to cast up on the shores of this post?

I hope you get the message that I’m grateful for people I work with, for my bf Michael (who cooked me something delicious when I got home last night at 9 PM), for Edmund Bourne (who wrote a great book about letting go of unhelpful messages), for Yankees, for ducks, for dogs, for cats, for bicyclists, for  flowers, for bright colors, for The Police, and — of course — for you!

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39 thoughts on “Day 921: Messages

  1. Message received loud and clear. Gratitude to you Ann for taking time every day to send a message of acceptance and healing to the world.

  2. You really got a lot of good messages yesterday, from the wonderful voicemail to that fabulous looking dinner which sent a message of love. My message to you is to hope your day today is a great one too!

  3. My message to you…. that veggie stir fry is colorful and fabulous, and if someone cooked that for you…hang on tightly !! ☺

  4. Peggy

    From your photos, I think you’re also grateful for trees 🙂

  5. “helping people let go of esteem-damaging messages”
    It is great that people can turn to you for help.
    Thank you for these helpful messages and the beautiful photos!

  6. I got the important message from your blog today that I need to be kinder in my comments to my DH. In my concern about hearing and memory, I’m always saying he needs to get checked out, and I know it sounds as if I think he isn’t good enough. My effort isn’t doing any good toward that end so far. Gotta rethink it. Thanks for the messages!

  7. Beautiful message, Ann! We tend to be so hard on ourselves when we don’t “measure up”. Your post today reminded me of how I attempt to get hubby to see that what he does get done, is his best and to stop focusing on what he “should” have done “more”. Every day I have an “idea” of what I would like to get accomplished, and IF I do great! IF I do not, no problem, because I know I have done my best either way! Thank YOU for your Loving Heart, my friend!! May your day be glorious! Love, amy ❤

  8. Every post you do sends the message that you’re a caring person who loves her work and helping others to achieve self esteem. I also get the message that you love to take great photographs and listen to good music, and that you love your family and friends and are loved in return. The message that Michael cooks you wonderful meals is very evident, too. Have a lovely day, Ann. 🙂

  9. No mixed messages here–everything’s coming up roses, or at least geraniums and daylillies. Your words and pictures may vary, but what never changes is that the underlying message is always positive.

  10. I love all the messages in the Personal Bill of Rights. Good for everyone!
    Have you heard of Soul Collage? It can be very therapeutic!

  11. You are good at talking to people, Ann. Listening to people as well. That’s a message everybody who meets you gets. And people who want to meet you hear about it, too, obviously. Great-looking meal, Michael!

  12. A “Personal Bill of Rights”, that’s a new one for me Ann. Thanks for passing it on!

  13. Beautiful Messenger Doves drawn by Picasso in 1961:

  14. Amandine

    Super chouette article
    A bientôt

    • Your message got through.

      • Amandine

        ok, viens faire un petit tour sur mon blog, n’oublies pas de le commenter et de le liker, merci d’avance.
        Ok, come for a ride on my blog, do not forget to comment and the liker, thank you in advance

  15. I didn’t get around to my e-mails yesterday so now I am working my way through almost 300 messages. I’ve got the message that I must keep up. And I am pleased you love your work

    • That’s a lot of messages, Derrick! I hope you also get the message that I appreciate any time you spend here.

  16. Great messages there, Ann. Your beaming pic with that cuddly canine is more than enough to say the messenger is the wishes.. Raj.

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