Day 920: Honeys

First thing, yesterday morning, I snapped three photos of a honey of a cat:

Then, on my walk to a honey of a job, I captured a honey of a Fenway Park mascot:

At work, as busy as a bee, I met with people —  in individual and group therapy — trying to change unhelpful thought and behavior patterns (which can be sticky, like honey).

During my walk away from work — through a warm and humid afternoon — I heard a honey of a song:

“Slow like Honey” by Fiona Apple

… also here in a live version

… which was a  sweet match for the heavy mood outside, where people moved slow, like honey.

Later in the day, I discovered this honey of a poem that Maria F. — a complete honey of a WordPresser — had written about me in the comments section of yesterday’s post:

‘Honeydew News’

“Your beautiful images of your whereabouts

Chime with details that make the difference.

Show us your journey

Your Heart’s desire

Filling our glasses with psychic elixir

To enjoy a ride

In this cyber cafe

of life-long choices

To accompany you outdoors-

and indoor’s, and meet sublime

Memorabilia of stunning voyage

Return to life just tonight…

and remind me of glittering lives

Yes, of bursting, yellow, honey beehives.

-M. Firpi

I couldn’t copy that amazingly sweet, wonderfully beautiful  honey of a poem perfectly just now, with my iPhone keyboard.

Because of the work I am doing with a honey of an EMDR therapist — where I am letting go of my own sticky-like-honey, unhelpful thought patterns — I know that sweet Maria F.  will forgive those imperfections.

Here are more Heart’s-desire photos I captured, during my day:

Most of those photos were taken at the honey of a home of my honey of a classmate, Darlene. Several of us gathered outside, yesterday evening, planning a 45th high school reunion — protected from mosquitoes, ants, and other non-honey-producing insects by some fresh basil on the table (not pictured, my honeys).

Our honey of a class president, Peter, was there at the reunion-planning meeting, visiting from the land of Michigan — 877 miles away, as the honeybee flies.

Here’s some honey-tinged memorabilia — a 1967 photo of the officers of our 9th grade class:

I’m hoping that my honey of a friend, Lawry Siskind, who lives in the Bay Area of San Francisco (3000 miles away,  as the sweet honeybee flies)  can attend our high school reunion in September.

Okay! Are you going to leave a honey of a comment about this post? Bee yourself, please!

Sweet thanks to Maria F., Fiona A., George S., Lawry S., Darlene B., Peter M., all the other reunion planners from last night (including Peter B., Butch B.,  Tom O., Karen E., Maria C., Janice P.,  and Sandy T.), cats and dogs (with or without last-name initials), and special, honeydew thanks to you — of course! — for buzzing by here, today.

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40 thoughts on “Day 920: Honeys

  1. Any mention of honey reminds me of the time I was in the grocery and a couple asked my opinion about honey containers. He was a local apiary and was in favor of bear-shaped containers. She was in favor of containers with a honeycomb design. I said I preferred the honeycomb too because I liked getting a bit of honeycomb on my toast and bears are scary. And then after they were gone I was filled with regret for not asking where I could buy their honey.

    Instead of dwelling on the regret, though, I’m glad to focus on Maria F.’s poem, and also the model of the Red Sox mascot, which reminds me how much I want to be a mascot. Inside those costumes it must be unbearably hot and sticky. It must be hard to see, hard to breathe, even hard to move. But mascots make people so happy that I always think it must be a honey of a job.

    • It’s always sweet not to dwell on regret, Christopher, and I can certainly identify with the fear of bears. I am very glad for the focus of your comments today.

  2. What a honey of an orange tabby, with his honey colored eyes.
    I can’t hear the word honey and not think of Herb Alpert’s A Taste of Honey

  3. That’s a honey of a school photo, Ann. Late 60’s right there. I can relate.

    But also…basil keeps the creatures away ??? Really ? I have a huge plant on my back deck, and for the first time ever, I am harvesting my own tomatoes, undisturbed by nature. Maybe it’s the basil ? That’s a honey of a tip !! Thanks. ☺

    • That’s a honey of a tip I heard for the first time last night, Van! Thanks for all the sweetness in this comment.

  4. One of my neighbors gave me that tip about basil repelling the bugs that eat my tomatoes. I got two but they’re different and only the Italian large leaf version is actually working. I didn’t know they’d repel the skeeters too, cool!

    • I think they repel skeeters, Janey, and my proof for that is that I didn’t get bit (and usually I’m like honey attracting those pesky mosquitos).

      • Me too. I got eaten alive while camping this weekend! At my naturopath’s office this week though I learned about thiamine patches and I can’t wait to test those!

  5. George Sawin has space available for clients…in the ground? This is really going beyond the call of duty!

  6. Fiona Apple’s cover of Across the Universe is one of my favourite covers. Those shots at the beginning are some of my favourites. The cat had such a wonderful pose.

  7. Ann, thanks for posting the poem and for another sweet ride from your honeycomb!!

  8. Thanks for being so sweet!

  9. A song to match your 1967 photo, my dear friend Ann.

  10. Sweet!! Honey is one of my favorite words.
    You are a honeybun Ann 🙂

  11. Maureen

    I just saw the photo of you on your ninth grade executive. (Not all of your photos loaded for me earlier this morning when I dropped by.) Wow! How did you manage to avoid looking awkward and gawky in ninth grade, like most of the rest of us?

  12. From Abba, a Swedish group from the 1970’s.

    • A doubly sweet honey of a song! Thanks, Maria.

      • Ann, this sweet group ‘Abba’ is said to be the second best-selling music group of all times, after the Beatles, according to Wiki. I didn’t know they had been that successful. I didn’t like them when I was young, later on though, they started growing on me. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea though.

  13. I love that old school picture Ms. Vice President, Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  14. Look how sweet Ann and her classmates are! You’re life is a hive of friendship and spectacular visions. 🙂

  15. That was the bee’s knees of a day. This one might amuse you:

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