Day 919: The News

Is it news to you that the news in these posts includes what’s news to you and also to me?

New paragraph: What are your associations with “The News”?

Here are some new and old associations of mine, with “The News”:


Here’s news to me: the Woody Herman Band did a cover version of “I Got the News”!

News flash! As I’m typing this post on my iPhone, Oscar

is chewing on my arm.

The latest news: Taking that photo seemed to stop him.

Before Oscar starts up again, here’s all the news from the photos I snapped yesterday:

What news do you see, in those photos?

More news, before this post becomes old news:

  • This morning, I’m facilitating a therapy group in a new room, because there are too many people signed up to fit in my office.
  •  This afternoon, I am having an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy session, to have new, healthier reactions to old memories.
  • Tonight, I’m facilitating a planning meeting for my 45th high school reunion.

In case the word “facilitating” is news to anybody, it just means “making an action or process easy or easier.”

Final news of this post: Today, WordPress isn’t facilitating my use of quotes in text the way it usually does. I wonder if that’s headline news to anyone?

New thanks to my family, Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, the Woody Herman band, Oscar, everybody who attends my therapy groups, my high school classmates, the Fenway Park area of Boston, people who practice EMDR, Yarrow and other magicians, dogs, flowers, parkers,  WordPress, facilitators everywhere, and you — of course! — for whatever news you bring here, today.

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57 thoughts on “Day 919: The News

  1. Now, had that dog in the van got at you, that would have made the news. ‘Sidewalk Closed’ isn’t particularly newsworthy over here. It happens all the time. Steely Dan is OK but the original was enough for me. Have you ever seen the UK satirical TV news quiz ‘Have I Got News For You?

    • Now, Derrick, my understanding is that “Dog Bites Ann” would NOT be news but “Ann Bites Dog”would be.

  2. The news is – I love Steely Dan and Oscar’s eyes 🙂 My news is I’m off to teach my Wednesday morning yoga class and meet with a coaching client afterwards. Yesterday my middle dog got a tumor taken out near her eye. We should hear the news about is soon. In the meantime she’s protesting loudly to wearing an Elizabethan collar to prevent her scratching it.
    More news with every day! Don’t you love it Ann 🙂

    • I do love sharing news with you, Val. I hope your middle dog is okay.

      • She’s a trooper. Last night wasn’t easy as she spent most of the time trying to get the collar off. Today she is more accepting of it and doesn’t seem to be in much pain. xo Thanks so much for asking!

  3. Well, you’ve obviously printed all the news worth watching so I don’t have to turn on the TV — like you, I don’t watch it anymore for mental health wellness reasons!

    My news is Beaumont slept through the night, second night in a row! Woo hoo! 🙂 (which means I slept through the night too!)

    And tonight, I’m going to my mother’s Stampede bbq at the centre where she lives. Yee haw!

    Wishing you, and me, a non-newsworthy day!

    • Yay for Beaumont’s sleep and yours, too! You’re closer to that bbq as I’m typing this. Thanks for making the day newsworthy with your visit, Louise.

  4. The news is sad, Ann, that no one like Walter Cronkite is around anymore. He presented the facts with dignity and poise, and did not offer opinion or bias. On advice of my adult daughter, I stopped watching the news for a full week. I have to admit, I felt a lot better. But, I caved and went back, once a news junkie…

    • The news still gets through to me, Van, even though I don’t watch the news any more. I agree with your assessment of Walter and I’m glad you brought your news here!

  5. I too stopped watching the news for my mental health. It’s not new news to me that Oscar is a real beauty, but what was new news is the phrase “empower rather than enable” I love that and will try to remember it when I go back into the classroom in the fall.

    • That phrase was news to me also, Lisa, until I heard it from somebody who attends my groups. It’s good news for me whenever I see you here!

  6. It ain’t no news that I enjoy checking in on you Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  7. This blog is news to me and I’m glad you stopped by mine so I could find it. 🙂

  8. I don’t watch the news, my friend, and when hubby does, I excuse myself from the room. I only look for happy news in the world around me. I must admit I must dig deep at times, yet, I always seem to find happy. Hope your day is a great one, my friend! Love, Amy ❤

  9. The news has finally gotten through to me that you pass by the statue of Yaz on a daily, or almost daily basis. It’s probably not news to anyone that having noticed that reminds me of a Yogi Berra quote: “You can observe a lot by watching.” Or a William Carlos Williams quote: “It is difficult/to get the news from poems/yet men die miserably every day/for lack/of what is found there.”
    And the expression that then comes to mind is “No news is good news,” but it shouldn’t be news that the absence of news can be worse than bad news, or that your pictures, while they may not be considered newsworthy, still always seem full of good news.

  10. What a shot of Oscar!

  11. Great news, Ann, that you’re giving EMDR a try! I’ve been using it in my practice for many years, and it can be very helpful. I got some help with it from a colleague after 9/-1, so I know experience ally how it helps, too. Good for you! ❤ I do watch news and have the Breaking a www app on my phone so I know up to the minute what's going on in the world. Not ready to give it up, yet.

    • I get news through lots of sources, Sonnische, and you’re inspiring me to check out the news on that app. Love getting the news from you!

  12. Oh, the weirdness of autocorrect! After 9/11. Experientially. Breaking News app.

  13. lundygirl

    the news here today is all about the Budget and Greece- poor Greece.

  14. “The News” has a subtle negative feeling for me – like I should steel myself for what’s coming.

    • That sense of steeling oneself for the news is NOT news for me, Jay. There’s a lot of bad news that gets reported in the media.

  15. Ann,
    Smart move on your part: salvaging your mental health by not watching the news.
    No time in history has ever been more worthy of the saying: “No news is good news.”

  16. ‘Honeydew News’
    “Your beautiful images of your whereabouts
    Chime with details that make the difference.

    Show us your journey
    Your Heart’s desire

    Filling our glasses with psychic elixir
    To enjoy a ride

    In this cyber cafe
    of life-long choices

    To accompany you outdoors-
    and indoor’s, and meet sublime

    Memorabilia of stunning voyage
    Return to life just tonight,..

    and remind me of glittering lives
    Yes, of bursting golden, yellow, honey beehives.”

    -M. Firpi

    • Mainstreet News:

      • “In France They Kiss On Main Street” is one of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs. Thanks, Maria!!!

    • This new poem is AMAZING. I hope it’s not news to you, Maria, how wonderful it is. Many thanks.

      And, here’s some news about tomorrow’s post which I’d decided before I read this; there’ll be something about honey.

  17. How funny, I’ve had two pieces of good family news today, a baby and an engagement, so I am happy for all concerned.

  18. It’s no news to anyone that you write really interesting posts and take great photos. Hope the ‘facilitaing’ for your 45th high school reunion goes well. That’s a lot of years you’ve all kept in touch.

  19. Harley, Harley, I have news for you! Do you know what Oscar did???

    My name is Barbara Streitscat

  20. I still watch the news, Ann. It’s in my blood. Have to do it.

    I just adapt the message from another song from “Aja,” thank you Donald and Walter:

    I can’t cry anymore
    While you run around
    Break away
    Just when it
    Seems so clear
    That it’s
    Over now
    Drink your big Black Cow
    And get out of here

    Did they have Black Cow in Boston, Ann?

    • We definitely have the song “Black Cow,” Mark. It’s probably not news that I think of you whenever I share a Steely Dan song here.

  21. Oscar is always good mews… I mean, news.

    I hope the new room worked out well for you and that you had a good time with the other reunion planners.

  22. I always found comfort and security in Walter. I was pretty young, but there was something strong and trust worthy that even as a child I felt.

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