Day 918: Tangled up

Yesterday morning, these earphones …

… got tangled up, and it took me a while to untangle them before I left for work.

Immediately, some music got tangled up in my head.

Then, those same earphones got Tangled Up in Blue (and other colors):

Next, I got tangled up in traffic,

… tangled up in some confusion,


… tangled up in love for my friends and co-workers Jan and Mary,

… and tangled up in many found objects  (some of which were blue):



Before I get too tangled up in today’s post, I want to untangle these things:

  • The  beautiful, untangled necklace was worn by Linda, one of my favorite people at the hospital-based Primary Care Practice where we work.
  • Mary, a clinical social worker like me, told me a few weeks ago, “I’ve been doing this experiment where I look for a specific color in my surroundings, and it’s amazing how everything with that color then pops out at me!”
  • I’m not sure whether my recent cardiac surgery is helping me feel significantly better, but I’m sure I’ll untangle that and other heart-related issues when I see my chief cardiologist, Dr. Salem, eight days from now.
  • As much as I admire the incredible accomplishments of Bob Dylan, I am  tangled up in surprise that I don’t love his music and lyrics more than I do.

What are you tangled up in, right now?

Tangled-up thanks to Mary, Jan, Linda, Bob Dylan, Dr. Salem, my earphones, cats, bunnies, and  everything blue (and non-blue)  I got tangled up in yesterday. Also, special thanks to you — of course! — for untangling yourself enough to visit here, today.

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43 thoughts on “Day 918: Tangled up

  1. I am tangled up in reading the Happiness banner that makes so much sense to me. I feel the same as you about Bob Dylan too!

  2. I got tangled up in these photos which I really loved today. Don’t untangle me!

  3. I’m tangled up in all the possibilities and wonderful things happening in your pictures, especially that of the rabbit. Rabbits seem to be everywhere this summer and I’m tangled up in the realization that they’re multiplying like some sort of animal that breeds prolifically.

  4. Sounds like you ended the day untangled! Have a great one!

  5. Wish you a happy day Ann, very nice post 😀

  6. I’m also tangled up as to why I don’t even own a single Bob Dylan album, and I like his music. I have a theory, and that is that Bob Dylan’s songs are really poems, and some of them extremely poignant ones and lengthy. He didn’t really have a voice, so my theory is he need an interpreter, at least for people like me, to make it sweeter. Here’s Joan Baez singing a Bob Dylan song, singing the chorus line in 5 different languages. Joan Baez is also credited to bringing Bob Dylan to fame.

    • Thank you, Maria, for sweetening this post with your insights and the wonderful music you bring. It’s very untangling!

      • Thanks Ann, I feel I may have insulted some Dylan fans, I think he’s great, just not for everyone, even Baez is a bit hard to swallow at times. I think it’s the “folk music” genre tempo, yet Neil Young is able to break it a bit and make it more cheerful.

      • If you’ve insulted some Dylan fans, Maria, so have I! Let us both untangle ourselves from such worries — I think the Dylan fans will forgive us.

  7. I’m also extremely tangled up as to why these things are being seen flying in the sky lately!

    • I’m glad that air sign didn’t get all tangled up in the sky!

      • You’re so funny Ann. I think this cat is not only selling cat food, this is a recent video and they’re going to use her for many other things. She’s only two years old, imagine, and her face untangles my heart. She’s just so adorably grumpy!

      • You’re adorable too, Maria!

      • Oh Ann, there you go again! You’re so nice…This whole Grumpy Cat idea is very Freudian, using ‘projection’ all the way, with the ‘memes’; everyone’s projecting themselves onto that “media pet”. Maybe I want to be adorable and am projecting myself. Thanks if it came out that way here! ❤️ 🐱 Adorable is your heart.💝

  8. Oh Ann, I’m tangled up as to why you’re no feeling better. Is it in a general way? After regular walks? Then, do consider a scooter…Sometimes energy conservation does help Ann. It can only be for a short time anyway. 💖

    • Thank you for your concern, as always, Maria. Dr. Estes (the cardiologist who performed my cardiac procedure in May) has already told me that I am not a “super responder” to the surgery. If I were, I would be feeling much better, already, in a very obvious way. At this point, time will tell whether that surgery will improve things gradually or whether it will have no effect. As can happen, I get tangled up in worries, at times.

  9. I’m tangled up in all the colourful and interesting things you photographed yesterday, Ann. A nice lot of blue in many of them. I do hope you feel a little more untangled about the way you’re feeling once you’ve seen Dr. Salem. From what you’ve said about him before, he’s wonderful at untangling and explaining about problems. Take care of yourself.

    • It’s wonderful getting tangled up in your observations, Millie. And, yes, you’ve untangled some important truths about Dr. Salem. I shall do my best to take care and I wish the same for you.

  10. Some Dylan songs I absolutely love, Ann. His “Blood on the Tracks” and “Desire” albums are two of my all-time favorites, for instance. Some of his later work, not so much.

    I hope Dr. Salem untangles any questions, Ann. No, not about Dylan, though he may. Let’s take your heart recovery to heart.

    • One of the other cardiologists I saw — at Children’s Hospital, about six months ago — was a huge Dylan fan. I look forward to seeing the untangling Dr. Salem this month. Many thanks for your untangled heart, Mark.

  11. Glad to know things are going knot too badly. 🙂

  12. Can’t be blue about your tangled up day Ann! 🙂

  13. cute- I see what you did here 😉

  14. I’m tangled up in fishing line from a weekend at the lake with my girls, I’m tangled up with the World Cup (I miss it!) and I’m tangled up in old feelings returning with a beautiful vengeance.

  15. I’m spilling the beans…

    I need to be in two places at one time, but that is impossible, so I’m tangled up in guilt and fear. Fear that someone will pass before I can see them again, and guilty that I have accepted a responsibility that requires my commitment for the sake of two small children and a precious eight month pregnant mom that desperately requires some help on an upcoming move.

    Life is not easy right now, but I found comfort in the banner, Courage.

    Thank you for allowing me to spill my beans.

  16. Tangled up in WordPress. Trying to catch up when you miss a day !! ☺

    Tranquility…a special favorite of those banners.

  17. I’m tangled up in the skeins of time and all its complications.

  18. I can unravel the Dylan conundrum. The poet can’t sing

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