Day 916: Get closer

Get closer

What are your associations with that simple, two-word phrase?

Get closer and I’ll tell you some of my associations with

Get closer

Every moment, we each get closer to the end of our lives on earth. Our best hope is to get closer to our authentic selves, to whatever we value, and to each other.

Yesterday — as the day was getting closer to sunset and my bf Michael and I  got closer to seeing  July 4 fireworks — I took this photo.

By the end of the day, I did get closer to Harley:

Before I get closer to showing you some photos of fireworks, please get closer — so you can see these earlier photos, closer and closer to where I live:


Which of those photos say “get closer” to you?

When Michael and I got closer to the Newton, Massachusetts fireworks last night …

… the Newton Police didn’t want us to get closer than that.

However, we were able to get closer to those fireworks than I did, last year, in Boston.

As I get closer to the end of this post, I continue to get closer to Michael, who just said,

If you already know, you can’t learn.

Does that help you get closer to anything?

Get closer, so you can see these photos I took last night in Newton Massachusetts, at that closer July 4th celebration:


Get closer, so I can get closer to explaining how I chose

Get closer

for today’s post title.

If you get closer, you’ll see that

Get closer

is in the lower right of our TV screen.

Here are more shots of the Boston fireworks last night, with

Get closer

always in the same place on the screen:


Now I need to get closer to choosing some “Get closer” music for this post.

The closer you get to me, the more you know I like guessing games. Which of those versions of “The Closer I Get to You”the original with Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway or the remake with Beyoncé and Luther Vandross — gets closer to 4 million views on YouTube?

I don’t think I can get closer to begging for a comment, do you?

In closing,  thanks to all who helped me create this get-closer post (including my downstairs neighbor Karen, her dog Faxy, and Karen’s daughter’s guinea pigs Sam and Pam , whose names get closer to each other’s) and even closer thanks to you — of course! — for getting closer, here and now.

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38 thoughts on “Day 916: Get closer

  1. I got closer to you by seeing your wonderful smile and patriotic hair. That dog and guinea pig getting closer to touch noses made my heart swell too. And of course close to you brought Karen Carpenter to mind….

  2. There is Ann looking great with that jean jacket, and the iPhone camera doing a fair job with those fireworks, but clever Ann getting closer to the TV screen and channel 4 to capture the event. As far as the song, Luther Vandross & Beyonce Knowles’ version seems to be the winner in YouTube!

  3. There you are!!! 😄
    Thank you for the close ups.
    When I think of get closer … I think of “snuggle up”

  4. Ahh, looks like you got a pretty good seat for the fireworks Ann! I love the pictures of the people around you, especially the one of that little girl. ❤
    Diana xo

    Here's a little closer to the heart for you.

  5. The fourth photo helped me get closer to my surname – albeit in a weird way! Is Franklin a guinea pig or a hamster? 😀

  6. I like the Faxy getting closer to the guinea pigs. Faxy was well behave in the picture and makes me wondering what the Faxy thinks.

    • I don’t know if I can get close enough to Faxy to really know what she thinks. But it’s fun to wonder, isn’t it?

  7. An excellent set of photos. Having been reared to suppress feelings I have spent a lifetime getting closer to expressing them. The reward has been getting closer to everyone who is important to me.

  8. Got real close and enjoyed your fireworks, both live and on TV! Thanks! Didn’t get closer than that to any last night, except to hear the pops and booms from unseen celebrations around us, scaring the cat who ended up under the ottoman near us in the den. Watched “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” last night and found it incredibly unsettling.

  9. Lisa, from “Daily Musings”, succeeded in getting me closer to this marvellous singer, Karen Carpenter, who died so early in her career. Rest in peace, and thank you Karen Carpenter!

    • The closer you get to Karen Carpenter, Maria, the more you realize what a poignant and beautiful voice she had.

      • Yes, I know, when Lisa posted this song (which applies so dearly to you), I became really emotional, and looked her up again. It seems some artists are like shooting stars, they come with all their glory but just glow for a very short while. Then they vanish, just as quickly as they came to be. Many talented people are born to give their best, but then have to die young. This has been proven to be true with many artists who either make it or not financially wise.

      • When you express something this eloquently and beautifully, Maria, I’m sure that everybody who reads it will feel closer to you.

      • Thanks for seeing eloquence in me Ann.

  10. Bob

    I called it Bob on the shelf. The self view you (the I see me).

  11. I have been closer than most of BloggyVille, Ann. You look great at the holiday display, my friend.

  12. It must be Barbara Streikit! This is how I get when that happens!

  13. Sometimes we get too close………………just saying

    • Thanks for getting close to that important point, Joanne. I was thinking of writing something about how good boundaries and limits help us get closer in a healthy and balanced way. I’m always glad when you get closer here!

  14. Maureen

    Wow! You gave us a gift — the gift of you, letting us get a little closer. (Although, all of us here at your blog are already close to the authentic you but it’s just that we started our journey on the inside.)

    Thank you!

  15. Cheers to your holiday celebration. The part of the post that touched me the most was near the beginning … Every moment, we each get closer to the end of our lives on earth. Our best hope is to get closer to our authentic selves, to whatever we value, and to each other. … powerful words.

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