Day 914: What the hell is happening?

Last night, at a therapy group, people expressed fear, confusion, and concern about things they experienced around them.

Somebody asked, “What the hell is happening?” and that became the topic of

  • the group exercise and
  • today’s post.

What the hell is happening, in these photos?






What the hell is happening, here,  in the song “For What It’s Worth” by the Buffalo Springfield?

What the hell is happening where you are?

What the hell? I’m very thankful to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for reading it.

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53 thoughts on “Day 914: What the hell is happening?

  1. That is such a great question because it forces you/me/us to answer it and I am trying now to do so!

  2. Great question, great post. That disco ball thing looks awesome.

  3. “Young people speaking their minds, getting so much resistance”..For what it’s worth, Ann, this was the theme song of my teen years. And…it features 3/4 of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. (Nash came later). So much talent. Thanks for sharing. 💕

  4. What the hell is happening that it is July and it’s 68 degrees here and I’m freezing?! For what it’s worth I especially like the photos of the kitties and could pretty much tell what the hell was happening was that they took over your space. Kitties rock ❤ ❤

  5. yeoldefoole

    Parked at the burger joint, windows down, eating breakfast with a little sparrow on my mirror, chirping in anticipation…

  6. Love the way the ceilings reflect the baubles; with the first picture of balls, I am tempted…….:)

  7. I focus on the picture that says “Visit your screensaver” and wonder what the hell is going on there. Your screensaver comes up when you go away. It’s shy. It doesn’t want to be visited. And now I have Leonard Nimoy saying “They’re not the hell your whales” in my head. Why the hell would I? Because I’m happy to have stopped here, but it’s my day off and I’m going to go swim. Why the hell not?

    • What the hell is happening, Christopher? How the hell are your visits here always so wonderful and amazing?!?

      • Following yesterday’s post I think I must merely be reflecting the wonderfulness I find here.

  8. Hairless George? What the hell! Good visual aid using fireworks, Ann.

    • I think it says “Charles George” but what the hell!! I Ike your interpretations better.

      • I figured ! But it looked to me that the C was gone or faded, and there’s a trick of light between the A and the R that looks like a fitted I, so… Had some fun. What the hell!

  9. I love the “visit your screensaver” picture. My screensaver is a photo of Castle Culzean in Scotland and it’s there to remind me that I will visit there one day. The cats are gorgeous! What the hell is happening ? My husband has shanghaied my laptop for a work project so I’m reduced to writing, reading and responding from my phone, which sucks. 😊

    • What the hell, Kim! I’m going to Scotland next month, but I don’t know where the hell Castle Culzean is. Whenever the hell I blog these days, at least one of those gorgeous cats is around, as I’m typing on my hellishly small phone keyboard.

      • How the hell have you been? Culzean is on the Irish Sea near Maybole about an hour south of Glasgow (I think). Hell, we were supposed to get married there, but my father-in-law became very ill and we had to change plans. We will go there one day and get married again for the hell of it! I hope you have a helluva trip! And blogging on a phone is like the 7th circle of Hell.

  10. What the hell Ann. I have no clue about what the hell is happening some of the time. This makes me feel right at home … Not hell at all 🙂

  11. Sometimes it’s best to look at the cats and let them decide, Ann. Or dog. It’s not that I don’t know, or don’t want to know, for what it’s worth. It’s just that it’s a holiday weekend, and I worked on two projects from 7 a.m. to to 1 p.m. anyway and have been trying to catch up on BloggyVille blogs since and will be going to see the new Blythe Danner movie for my weekly film review at 7 … What the hell is wrong with that picture, Ann? Happy Fourth Weekend, my friend.

  12. Maureen

    I really have no idea. But I like how you ask the question.

  13. Ann,
    Wheat and weeds may grow together. Yet the weeds, more often than not, don’t give way to the wheat. And the wheat need not give way either. We are told that when the time of harvest comes, both are separted, the wheat is stored in the barn and the weeds discarded.
    “Whatever the hell is going on” around us matters not; because if we persist as the wheat, we will one day find ourselves safe in the barn.

  14. Maureen

    I think that this fits here:

  15. What the hell is happening in my world – I am working at putting my house back in order after a flooded house on 6/5. My youngest girls are enjoying some little fireworks fun and holiday weekend fun with neighbors!
    You have such a lens through which you view the world! So incredible!

  16. What the hell is happening to all the people?

  17. Even the two cats in the final photo appear to be pondering: What the heck is happening here? Here at our house, we have our eldest daughter, her husband, and their two adorable children. So what’s happening here? We’re all waiting for the grill to be fired up so we can officially celebrate July 4th. 😉

    • What the hell is happening? I missed seeing this comment from you until today, many months after you made it!

      • Sorry, Ann. I’ve been away – from my blog – for awhile. I’d suspect the shenanigans are caused by mischievous elves. Hope all is well. I will retire on May 25th and plan to resuscitate my blog this summer. 😉

  18. …I don’t know!

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