Day 912: La Vie Boheme

“La Vie Boheme” is French for  “The Bohemian Life.”

Because I don’t speak French, my  associations with “La Vie Boheme” are “The unconventional, artistic, interesting, non-materialistic, challenging, creative, and probably poverty-stricken way.”

Do you have any associations with that?

“La Vie Boheme” is also a song from the musical Rent, which my son Aaron and I will be seeing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in August.

Here’s another association I have with “La Vie Boheme”: When the young  (and somewhat Bohemian) Rent creator Jonathan Larson died right before the debut of Rent (from an undetected cardiac condition), the heart-broken cast went on with  the show, but decided to sit down during  the performance. When they got to “La Vie Boheme,”  they couldn’t help themselves — they got up and danced, danced, danced.

Here’s “La Vie Boheme” (with lyrics but no dancing)  from the movie Rent:

Here’s “La Vie Boheme” from a stage production of Rent, with dancing:

Yesterday, I heard “La Vie Boheme” on my walk to and from work. And here are the photos I snapped throughout the day, with “La Vie Boheme” on my mind:




What do you think is most Bohemian (or unconventional, artistic, interesting, etc.)  about all this?

Bohemian thanks to Jonathan Larson, the Longwood Medical area of Boston, Arlington Massachusetts, ducks, geese,  and every other person, creature, place, or thing  who helped me create this post. Special thanks to you — of course! — for visiting (from Bohemia or wherever) here, today.

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28 thoughts on “Day 912: La Vie Boheme

  1. Boheme…I loved “Rent”, but I loved “Hair” even more, back in the age of Aquarius that was the 1960’s. Thanks for triggering that off-off Broadway memory, Ann. It is on my list of prompts that I will enjoy writing about. ☺

  2. Good morning Ann! Great photos today and here is one of my all-time fave songs for you.<3
    Diana xo

  3. I love the arch with the shadows, and I love those ladybug puppets!

  4. Some very interesting, and well seen, artistic angles in the shots, here, Ann. Particular favourites are the meal on the bench, the jogger under the bridge, the sidewalks with the cones, and with the orange markings. Disappointed that Bohemian Rhapsody’s not available in UK

    • Thank you for this particularly kind comment, Derrick. I don’t know why Bohemian Rhapsody isn’t available in the UK; that seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

  5. My grandparents (well, two of them anyway) came from what is now the Czech Republic, formerly Czechoslovakia, formerly Bohemia when it was part of the Hapsburg Empire. Before I knew that I associated the term “Bohemian” not just with artistic freedom but with living a life immersed in the arts. And it made me happy to think of myself as both a Bohemian in that sense as well as a historical sense.

    And I look at your pictures and see Bohemians in every one. All those children, but also you. You don’t appear in your own pictures, but you see art all around you. You see art where those who aren’t living la vie Boheme would miss it.

  6. I looked up the word in the Free Dictionary and it said: “A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior.” So it reminded me of my modern art class I took while in college, and the theory of the avant-garde in the arts states that most modern artists from the Impressionist period belonged to the “bourgeoise” class, so they had to go to Paris and lead a “Bohemian Life” in order to grow as artists and evolve. To be “avant-garde” meant to attack “bourgeoisie” values, and that meant painting boldly, or expressing art in a bold, authentic way. It’s interesting to see how there’s always a division between the “craftsmen” and the “fine art” crowd, which I really dislike. I dislike social barriers, more so in the arts, nevertheless, they do exist because art begins to be like “fashion” or “trends”, so the “galleries” fall for this illusion and don’t necessarily promote the best art. The “gallery” world is not necessarily representative of the best art, I don’t criticize it, but it can
    benefit the more “trendy” or “fashionable”, instead of other art which stays out of the gallery.

    • I appreciate the art and insight in this comment, Maria. Many thanks.

      • I hope that comment was not too long Ann. On top of that, my mother is also Czechoslovakian, but left to Israel when she was 3 years old. She spent her summers at the kibbutzes!

      • Your comments are always just right, Maria!

  7. No matter what it seems, we don’t own the Earth, we only Rent it Ann. Duck!

    I eat pizza ’cause I’m hungry, and I love it.

    Vive le difference.

  8. Oh, Ann! The pictures today, more than any previous, made me Ooooh and Oh and WOW. Beautiful pictures! I loved listening to the song and feeling it in relation. I loved reading the comments from other readers and they resonate with me, with the pictures, with the song. When I was very little my grandparents lived in a town where there was a large Czech population. What I remember was the pottery and the food! There pottery was so colorful and artistic, and the food was so bready and … artistic. I had not connected the Czechs with Bohemia until I was older, and realized that the town I grew up in and still live has a large Moravian (Bohemian) population. The best part of this is that I have learned some of their culture, and thankfully, some of the old-timers shared their recipe for kolaches, which I love!
    Your pictures show the trueness of art in its infinite forms. It is all around. We only need to be aware.

    • Your lovely comment made me Ooooh and Oh and WOW with gratitude. Thanks, so much, for all you shared here.

  9. Well I certainly think respect must be paid to the little girl in the metallic dress!

  10. There is a lot here. Is this all in a days work or pleasure? If it is both, you are at the end of the rainbow and found the pot of gold.

    • This is all in one day, Gerard. I see so many things around me, on my way through life. So wonderful to see you here.

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