Day 909: I Heart Accuracy

Two days ago, somebody came to therapy wearing this t-shirt:

I ❤  accuracy,  but I would never wear that t-shirt. To be accurate, my heart (because of my congenital heart condition) does not look like that.

To be accurate, I ❤ many things, including:

  • Accuracy
  • My heart
  • Other people’s hearts
  • My son, Aaron
  • My boyfriend, Michael
  • Blogging
  • My readers
  • Spontaneity
  • Walking
  • My work, as a psychotherapist 
  • My friend Jeanette, whom I met at Film School in Boston in the 1980s and who lives too far away (in Philadelphia), which I do not <3.

Yesterday, I spent 1 hour walking, while my son was at his keyboard  lesson in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Then, I spent 5  hours with Jeanette.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I ❤ these photos:

I ❤ Spy Pond.

I ❤ signs.

I ❤ green and shadows.

I ❤ several things about that picture. 

 I ❤ that paw print and “Run!”

I ❤ loving couples.

I ❤ celebrating pride (at 11:30 or any time). 

I ❤ “Turn Around.”

I ❤ “Still movin? That’s right you are!”

I ❤ the 4th of July and how my late father used to ask people this question:

Does England have a 4th of July?

I ❤ people taking naps, although I usually don’t take them.

I ❤ Jeanette.

I ❤ Jeanette’s smile.

I ❤ those t-shirts, but I didn’t ❤ them enough to buy them.

I ❤ the way Jeanette and I riffed about the big-headed bird on that moving van.

I ❤ Jeanette,  at our home.

I ❤ Jeanette and our cat Oscar.

I ❤ Aaron, Michael, Oscar, and Jeanette (l. to r.)

I ❤  Oscar and Aaron.

To repeat, I ❤  Accuracy.

What do you <3? I would ❤ it if you’d let us know.

I ❤ that Neil Young is singing “Heart of Gold” on YouTube.

I do NOT ❤ how WordPress keeps leaving off parts of this post, as I’m trying to publish it.

I ❤ thanking Jeanette, Aaron, Michael, Oscar, my late father, Arlington, Belmont, people who show their hearts, Neil Young, and you — of course! — no matter what you <3. 

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31 thoughts on “Day 909: I Heart Accuracy

  1. I ❤ reading about what you ❤ and I ❤ the many photos you put into this post.

    • I wonder what the post looked like when you read it, Lisa. WordPress and I haven’t been loving each other this morning. No matter what, I ❤ your comments!

      • Some of the ❤ were missing, but as I am known to say, a ❤ feels a <3, so I knew what you meant even though WP left it out .

  2. and there WP left out one of my <3's

  3. INACCURACY!!!! 😀 😀

  4. So cool you went to film school. That’s a cool list of loves Ann 🙂 (oh and sorry for editing your comment. Hope you forgive me)

    • I forgive you, Alex! Many things have been disappearing mysteriously for me today, in WordPress (including parts of this post, every time I try to edit it). I’m just glad for what’s here (including you).

  5. ❤ your blog today! ❤ the purple striped sock in the road. ❤ the green and shadows. ❤ that it seems to have finally stopped raining here (NE PA) today so the tennis benefit for the local library can proceed for my DH!

    • ❤ this comment and all the ❤ in it, Sonnische! I do not ❤ that it's been raining here for hours and hours, with no sign of stopping (since I'm supposed to go to a work barbecue today).

  6. I ❤ this post and I ❤ you, Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  7. I ❤️ that you have a list of the things you ❤️, and that I ❤️ this blog, and ❤️ that picture of a sock on the ground made me laugh. I also ❤️ accuracy!

  8. I don’t love that ghastly accuracy T-shirt. And I don’t know how to apply a love icon. Anyway a heart is not an accurate icon for love. 🙂

  9. I love that I caught up on your two posts, Ann. ❤

  10. If grumpiness can be even more accurate, then I deserve to know about it.

  11. Accurately speaking, is it grouchy, or grumpy?

  12. I heart many things including your blog posts……………….just saying

  13. I heart the happy zest of this post!

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