Day 907: Groups

Where we live, we’ve been invaded lately by groups of tiny ants.

Yesterday morning, before I left to do therapy groups at work, I grouped these words together in an email to my bf Michael:

Subject: Cinnamon Girl

Hi sweetheart,

The ants were attacking particularly ferociously this morning, so I researched natural repellents for ants. Several people said ground cinnamon worked well. So if you see red sprinkles when you’re cleaning, IT’S MY FAULT. (People did particularly note that ground cinnamon was easy to clean up.)


Here’s a group of things I’m noticing now about that email:

  • If I had included a video of “Cinnamon Girl” by Neil Young, I could have added that email — as is — to my group of 906 daily blog posts.
  • I included a group of two of the same word — “particularly” — within a small group of words.
  • How does a group of tiny ants attack “ferociously”?

On my way to work, I didn’t notice groups of ants, but I took this group of photos:


Soon after I took that last group shot, the woman holding one of a group of Infiniti barriers stopped me and asked:

Are you with the group?

Here’s a group of things I could have replied:


What group do you mean?

We are all with groups.

Are you?

Instead, I grouped together a “No,” a laugh, and an eyeroll, since nobody has ever asked me that question nor has rerouted me before, in all the groups of times I’ve walked the same group of Fenway streets over the last four years.

Here’s the group of shots I took for the rest of the day, thinking about groups I do and do not belong to:


Here are some groups I belong to:

  • People who love groups.
  • People who love to walk.
  • People who take groups of pictures, every day.
  • People who cast shadows.
  • People who can read upside down.
  • People who love bright colors.
  • People who can worry.
  • People who have issues with sleep.

Here are some groups I do not belong to:

  • People who drink Coca Cola (or any other soft drink).
  • People who park on sidewalks.
  • People who ride bikes.
  • People who ride scooters.
  • People who tend gardens.
  • People who explain all their photos in their blog posts.

There is one group, of those listed directly above, that I wish I were a member of. Can you guess which group that is?

I’m going to group together another guess request, here and now. Can you guess which song — among the group of myriad possibilities — I’m including in this post?

Neil Young is performing “Cinnamon Girl” with a group of other musicians on YouTube.

Now I’m wondering what group of comments I’m going to get about this post.

Group thanks to all the groups in this post (even the ants) and special thanks to you — of course! — for reading this today.

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40 thoughts on “Day 907: Groups

  1. Is the gray building, (with the cyclist in foreground) the former, JS Waterman Funeral Home? I visited there back in the mid-1980’s and that looks very familiar.

    • I just did a Google search on “Waterman Funeral Home” and found a building, made of brick, that looks like that one. It’s close by, too, in Kenmore Square. It’s possible that gray building was another Waterman Funeral Home in the 1980s; I just don’t know. I guess there are groups of buildings that look similar in our vicinities, Ray.

  2. My guess is the tending garden group. Tending gardens can seem a foreign activity if you’ve never done it before. People who tend some gardens could get grumpy if they feel you’ve stepped on something or invaded the garden in some way. Nevertheless, gardening is an extremely rewarding experience, and I can tell you by experience. I can also fully understand why people who live in temperate zones such as Boston and all those northern states get very possessive about their gardens. It’s because they can only do this activity once a year, and it counts as an “outdoor” activity which some people need. However, gardening can also continue “indoors” in temperate zones throughout the year, either in special greenhouses or potting plants and “overwintering” them inside the house, but you need space. I think there is so much satisfaction in watching plants grow. They don’t have to be flowers; they can be merely green plants. Some of the benefits one gets with gardening is patience and silence, plants don’t talk and only respond to light. Another one is witnessing that life continues beyond the human sphere. Some plants and trees will outlive us. It’s somewhat relaxing watching this process as it personally connects me to Nature and old mother earth.

    • I appreciate greatly, Maria, your being a member of my group of readers. Actually, your response helped me realize that I AM part of a group that tends gardens, since I tend several plants in my office, which have been going strong for several years. Many thanks for helping me realize I belong, even more.

    • I also thought of scooter and bikes, but with scooters it’s a very personal decision. If one starts using a scooter one begins to like it and stops walking, which is cardiovascular and healthy. Nevertheless, scooters are useful for long distances and are “energy conservation” vehicles. They may make you feel safer in outings with your camera which you know are going to be lengthy and exhausting. The regular bikes are a no-no with you anticoagulants and you might already have a stationary bike at home. So maybe the scooter idea is good but can be a double-edged sword, as they say. Why doesn’t grumpy cat make the decision?

  3. I think you wish you could ride a scooter AND park it on the sidewalk, Ann. Two new groups for one guess!

    I was a little persnickety yesterday with a group of four golfers, which you can read about at my blog come Sunday. So I might have answered to the Lady in White, “Why, are you the Boss of Me Now?”

    Finally, I wonder, my friend Ann, does Counter Cinnamon also deter ferocious ants?

    • Yes! The one I had in mind was the scooter riding group, Mark. You helped me realize I would then become a member of yet another group, too.

      I think you should be the boss of everybody.

  4. You’ll have to report back how the cinnamon worked! I haven’t tried that one yet!

    • My data is inconclusive, Kate, because Michael belongs to the group of people who like to clean thoroughly once a week, on Thursdays. The cinnamon is no longer there (but the ants still are) (although in lesser numbers).

  5. Even though I’m sure you had other things to do saying you weren’t part of the group feels like a missed opportunity. Who knows what adventures you could have had? Sometimes following the group is a good thing. I once got off a bus in downtown Cleveland. I had plans to visit the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, but I’d left my directions in the hotel. So I started following groups of people and found my way there. Normally I wander off on my own, but for once I was glad I went with the group.

    • If I was going to choose a group for spontaneous adventures, Christopher, you would definitely be part of it.

  6. Ants are numerically ferocious! I love shadows too and I read all the sheet on sleep – my sympathy.

  7. Since I have a Phd in Grumpiness, I can say this:
    No scooter for Ann yet; let her walk. NO!

  8. I would say you would like to be part of a group who tends gardens- it fits with your nurturing nature. Which I just realized would make you a nurturer of nature. I had not thought about being part of or belonging to a “group” as it smacks of separation and exclusion- I would rather say I enjoy taking part in such and such activity with like minded people.

  9. The ants are bad here too this year. (Ontario Canada)

  10. I’d say: expaining the photos in you blog.

  11. This post calls for a group hug Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  12. (Neil Young is one of my favs…his song, Harvest Moon, makes my heart sing.

    Try Bay leaves. Cinnamon failed me. 😦

    Meet me in the garden.


  13. I expect the ants were not red. I think you belong to the group of bloggers

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