Day 903: Would this face lie to you?

Yesterday, I saw this:

I know you can’t see that face nor my face, usually, in this blog.

I still hope you can believe that this face would not lie to you,  when I tell you the following:

  • I am recovering well from heart-related surgery on May 4.
  • My emotional recovery — from the ordeal of living with uncertainty and different medical opinions about my heart for a very long and difficult six months — has been going well too, especially since I finally cried and also expressed anger yesterday.
  • If you don’t believe this face when I tell you that it’s healthy and healing to accept all your feelings — including sadness and anger — please see the new Pixar/Disney movie Inside Out

Would the faces at Pixar or Disney lie to you?

Would any of these faces (which I saw yesterday) lie to you?

Those last two faces are Harley’s and Oscar’s. Those faces never lie, as far as I can tell.

Would this face lie to you, when it says I truly want to know what your face might say about anything in this post?

Would  J.J. Cale lie to you, with the song “Lies”?

Would this face lie to you when expressing gratitude to my boyfriend Michael (whose hand but not face is in this post — no lie), the late  J.J. Cale, Inside Out, all my feelings, Pixar and Disney, elephants, Pet Supply Outlet Store, Baby the Macaw, cats everywhere (including Harley and Oscar), and Children’s Hospital? And I’m not lying when I say special thanks to you, for bringing your face, feelings, and truth here, today.

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56 thoughts on “Day 903: Would this face lie to you?

  1. You have so much courage and I admire you to the sky!

  2. Well from the look on the faces of Harley and Oscar, their new toys don’t seem to be exciting them much. Unlike the look on my face when seeing Baby the Macaw- what a beauty!

  3. I don’t believe you would lie, but I do understand that you may have been withholding your emotions following your surgery. And that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes what’s on the inside has to stay there until you’re ready for it to be on the outside.

    Every time I see a picture of Oscar I think how much he reminds me of my cat Hugo whom I had to say goodbye to several years ago. Hugo was unfailingly honest. I believe he could also read the clock because he somehow always knew when it was exactly 5:30 and time to be fed.

    • Oscar can read the clock too, Christopher. I don’t believe you would lie, either, and thank you, truthfully, for your understanding.

  4. Rob

    I’m really glad your recovery is going well physically and emotionally! Wishing you continued good news in the future.

  5. Glad you had a good cry and let go of anger Ann! … and thank you for sharing it for us to learn from. Some of us are just too darn reasonable about life sometimes …. xo

  6. Good post, no lie ! ☺

  7. I don’t think you ever lie, Anne, and I’m glad you finally managed to cry and let out all the suppressed emotions you’ve been bottling up for so long. When you say you’re recovering well from the heart surgery in May, I know it’s true. I’ll make a point of seeing the movie “Inside Out” too. And I’m not lying when I say I enjoyed your post very much. 🙂

  8. You make this face smile, again and again. And that’s no lie!

    and yes — a good cry and letting go of anger is good for the soul, and heart!

  9. No lie here, either, when I say I enjoyed the post and the many honest faces.

  10. Lies are a human invention — if we can find our way back to our primal self, no one need worry about the way of the world!

  11. yeoldefoole

    Face it, things are getting better!

  12. happy to hear your recovery is going well, and that you are processing all of the emotions that come along with it, and with life!

  13. I am pleased you seem to be coming through all you’ve faced, Ann.

  14. Nice tuxedo cat coming up to greet you! Harley and Oscar appear less than thrilled with their new toys. I take formerly loved and cast aside toys and stick them into the container of catnip for awhile to recharge. No lie!

    • That’s a handy truth, Sonnische! Harley and Oscar often appear thrilled and less than thrilled — no lie.

  15. Jan Woodruff

    You’re welcome!!

  16. You have come though a major, and long-drawn-out trauma. It is good to hear you are making great emotional progress as well as the physical one. Keep rolling!

  17. Would you like to me, I don’t think so but some of those kitty cats would because lets be honest here cats tell us what they think we need to know and if they think it is needed would out right lie to you because that is what cats do…………….and they will do it with a straight face…………….just saying

    • Honestly, Joanne, now that you mention it, Harley and Oscar do everything with a straight face. So how would I know whether they were lying or telling the truth? Thanks for not lying, as usual.

  18. No lies. This is the real me.

    What could be more straightforward than this?

  19. Crying cleanses the soul Ann, glad you got that release. Also, scientifically speaking, I read that tears cleanse you of toxins as well! Double whammy!

    And just in case you’re not sure you can believe this face…

    Diana xo

  20. Would it be okay if I told the truth? I’m happy the tears and the anger came forth, that you could share the experience. Can I also tell you that each of us were so happy to see you thru those days and that we worried with you?

    Friends are like that. Yep!

    Thank you for walking us thru the journey. Thank you for showing up when some of us couldn’t.


  21. I’m glad to hear things spilled out, Ann. Face it, I care, no lie. I too loved Inside Out.

  22. The truth behind Grumpy Cat:

  23. It couldn’t, because it’s not a face!

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