Day 901: FM

Friday Morning,

Feeling Mindful,

Freshly Motivated,

Found Myself the

Following Montage:



Found Music:


by Fagen (and becker), Man.

Found Message:

Fenway, Massachusetts:


Finding MASCO:

Finding Mazda:

Fine Mess:

Fancy Mercedes:

Floating Magnificence:


Fueled Machines: 

Furry Mousers: 

Funny Man, (boy)Friend Michael:



Friday Machinery:

Foliage. Meaning? 


Flags. Meaning?

Forlorn. Meaning? 

Flowers Multiplying:

Final Message:

Freeing Minds!

Fabulous, Marley.

Found Meaning in Friday Meanderings?

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43 thoughts on “Day 901: FM

  1. FM… No static at all. Now it is Saturday, meander onward.

  2. Great post as usual Ann 😀

  3. Those feelings are precious. Unfortunately, they just do not come often 🙂

  4. yeoldefoole

    I’ve clipped a slog here… isn’t it Daturday?

  5. Fond Memories…especially of that Helen Keller quote. ☺ Thanks, Ann

  6. Love the lemur on the calendar, Ann! They always bring me joy. And I must comment on the green calf brace. I have carpal tunnel in both wrists and wear soft wrist splints at night. The Velcro closures scratched and annoyed me and my DH and they are black and ugly, too. Then I had the brainstorm that there might be nicer, prettier ones out there and I found Armz! They are made by the good folks at and come in gorgeous patterns! They slip over the ugly splints, are smooth, lightweight and truly works of art! They make all sorts of covers for casts, braces, splints, etc. The ones I chose were a sort of Peter Max design in bright warm colors, and a peacock feather/animal print in purple and Blues. Love them!

  7. looks like there’s
    no static at all
    in Boston
    thru your eyes, Ann 🙂

  8. Ann … I love your Found Message – Helen Keller’s quote. Fantastic Moment. 😉

  9. More Fab iMages – I particularly like the early reflection and the abstract above Masco

  10. A Fine Mess you’ve gotten us into now, Ollie! — Stan Laurel

    No static at all, Ann, about the car situation.

  11. Friday finds its finale in Saturday’ meaningful awakening following the dawn

    Fondly I follow Friday’s meanderings and find meaning in my luxurious morning frivolously laying in bed.

  12. “Flowers Multiplying” is Fantastic Magnificent!

    “Funny Mice” wasn’t.

    I think I heard “Funny Mice” somewhere, and if that’s true, I’m going to run all my “Fabulous Memes” in
    an instant!


  13. Fabulous Friday Feast For Few and Far between. LOVE the free your mind, Ann, one which I am always doing things to do just that. You and Mark are too funny, so I joined in on the “f” FUN just for Friday Fun!! And today is Saturday at that!!! LOL Love to you, Amy ❤

  14. Great captures, Ann! 🙂

  15. Funny Moments, Ann.
    Here’s a Fine Message: Use your brain or someone will use it for you – Ruben Blades (one of my favorite musicians).

  16. Feeling grateful for the friends that dot my personal landscape.

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