Day 897: Facts you should know, no matter what your age

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, here are facts you should know, no matter what your age:

  1. That is a very unlikely and uncharacteristic post title here, considering this blog is about letting go of judgment (including shoulds).
  2. That is a very unlikely and uncharacteristic post title here, considering I rarely write about age.
  3. That is a very unlikely and uncharacteristic post title here, considering its focus on facts (without feelings).
  4. That uncharacteristic and unlikely title was inspired by two signs I saw yesterday:

No matter when you were born, is there a fact you think others should know? If there is, you should know this as a fact: I would love for you to include that (or anything else) in a comment.

Since I do believe there are facts that can be helpful (although you should know, if you read my blog, that I avoid the word “should”), here are some things I do know, here and now:

  • There was rain, yesterday, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.



  • People (including me) often take photos near Fenway Park.

  •  Yesterday, there were only four candies and two colors in a candy bowl at work.

  • There is greenery (and pinkery) inside and outside in Boston, during this time of the year.

  • Stairs are still not easy for me, in June of 2015.

  • My discomfort with stairs may be a result of (1) my age, (2) my recovery from cardiac-related surgery last month,  and/or (3) the possibility that I should be exercising more.
  • My discomfort with stairs, last year, did not interfere with my enjoyment of the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This is a prediction (rather than a fact), but I believe that discomfort with stairs will NOT interfere with my enjoyment of the 2015 Festival Fringe, when my 17-year-old son Aaron and I return there, in two months.

Here’s another fact you should know (if you read this blog): I like to include music here.

Born from 1945 – 1965?    You might know this song.

Here are facts you should know: “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen is available for viewing at YouTube.

One more fact you might know: I end a post with thanks to whomever and whatever helped me write it and to you, especially, for reading it.

Thanks (no matter what your age)!

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38 thoughts on “Day 897: Facts you should know, no matter what your age

  1. yeoldefoole

    I think everyone should know this (from my favorite bumper sticker): “You can’t believe EVERYTHING you think!”

  2. Ann, I think everyone might like to know that we don’t stop playing because we grow old, but we grow old because we stop playing!

  3. It is a fact that I was not born within the title window. It did not stop me reading the fun post, though

  4. I was born a few years outside the window. On my seventeenth birthday a friend who was a few years older told me seventeen would be great and eighteen would be terrible, and he was right. Then a few years later I looked back and realized eighteen was terrible only because I allowed it to be so. And a year is a very long time. So there’s a fact I’d like everyone to know: every year of your life can be great if you make it so.

  5. I think I have heard that song, Ann, a time or 200,000, being born inside that span. And my birth year is a fact and the song total is a guess.

  6. I guess I was born to be alive…

  7. I’m going in reverse, with every year I age I know fewer facts.

  8. I know the song but don’t belong in the age range. Have I done wrong?

  9. A fact I do know is that having been born within that frame, I have remained a flower child until this day, More Flower Power to you!!!

  10. no matter when you were born. you should know this song. there? 😉

  11. I’m intrigued that there’s a healing center that has more than one floor. I wonder what a healing center is?

    • The fact is that a healing center is anywhere healing is taking place (no matter how many floors there are). Thanks for being here, Maureen.

  12. So many baby boomers on this here WordPress thing !! Gotta love that fact, Ann. ☺

  13. The fact is, I can’t start my day properly unless I read your blog. Just a bit late commenting today! ❤

  14. Fact it, I am thrilled you are going back to Edinburgh Ann. Its a fact that is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its a fact that I am a wee bit biased 😉
    P.s. If you can walk up and down Edinburgh you are in good shape!!

  15. Life is too short. Live it now!

  16. I know that I cannot change others expectations of me, yet I can appreciate who it is that I am, and I can love myself in spite of their disapproval.

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